If everything in life appears to be a problem, what could be the real cause of the problem?

  1. The real problem is, people are self-centric and don’t use their education.

We are self-centric to an extent that we consider ourselves as the Centre of the universe. The most important person in this world is us. And we rarely think about this because it is our default setting. As with a large chunk of other things, which we are certain of, it turns out to be wrong. We all have learned this grand delusion the hard way but we again and again go back to our default setting.

This default setting hinders the real goal of education: awareness. Education is not developing the capacity to think. The fact that you asked this question is in itself an evidence that you know how to think. But, choosing what to think unleashes the true potential of being educated. Easier said than done. It is extremely difficult to stay alert and attentive. All because there is a constant monologue inside our head. Brain, a terrible master. It always restore us to our default setting.

In a mundane life when we repeat things days after weeks after months after years, everything in life looks like a part of a problem. A hindrance to our life, because we all are self-centric. The man who cuts you in traffic, the bank clerk who had an attitude, the shopkeeper who handed candies instead of returning the change, the women who is gossiping loudly over phone. Everything seems so infuriating. Because the default setting says, “Hey! it’s all about ME. MY desire to reach home quickly, MY desire to be in less traffic, MY desire to find peace. Everyone seems to be in MY way”. All of them seem repulsive, stupid and cold and rude.

This is where choosing what to think kicks in. May be you need a little more compassion to think that everyone is equally self-centric. May be you are a part of their problem. May be, it is you, who is the hindrance. Or we can chose to think that everyone faces frustration at their home, college and workplace and are operating at their own default setting. May be all that is not true. It all depends on what we chose to think.

This is freedom. This is being educated and deciding what to think. The opposite is unconsciousness, rat race, default setting and a constant feeling of having lost something. All we need is simple awareness which is so plain and before us like air that it is hidden and we never feel it. We need to keep reminding ourselves of it, again and again.

2. Problems are mismatch between expectations and the reality. However if you have a bird’s eye view, you would be able to understand everything better.

Animals have a problem, a huge problem. They have to get good every day, and they have to go and drink water every day. Although many animals have learned the art of storing food, when it comes to water, they are much more helpless than plants and trees.

Imagine a Jungle, where there is only one lake. Tigers, Lions, Leopards drink from there. Goats, Cows, Zebras etc drink from there as well. Now, there is a huge problem for herbivorous as they risk their lives only to drink water.

But is that a problem – Not really. It is a natural way of things. But as per the herbivorous, that is a problem. Humans faced this problems ages back, and they learned to store and transport water effectively.

Water is an example. Almost everything never happens the way we want it to happen. Most of these are the natural way of things.

Life is all but a struggle. The places which have no life have no problems. The places which have life have problems. Life has to struggle to get better, get stronger, to survive.

If you look back, life has fought through huge number of problems and become stronger. In an effort to become even stronger, it faces problems. We have to reduce the infant mortality rate. Infant mortality isn’t even though in other species, especially turtles. Turtles give 1000s of eggs and only a few survive. That’s a natural way of things.

Humans moved from 4 legs to 2 legs so that they can give more birth in a lifespan. Then they learned that instead of giving more births it would be better that the ones who are born don’t die. Then they would learn something else. However in each step, they identified to be better and overcame a problem.

These were evolutionary problems. Many students face education related problems. Problems which make them fear about their secure future. By overcoming the education related problems, a nation gets smarter and more knowledgeable citizens.

The list would go on. Life means overcoming problems. Till you are alive, you would face problems. These problems exist only to make you better and because we have the ability to write and talk, it is advisable to pass on our experience to the next generation.

So that the original problem – of evolution, is solved. By making humans stronger, eventually.

3. To classify everything into a problem is the real problem. Whereas you can live in the present and enjoy the moment, considering everything around you in life to be a problem and creating a mental image that problems is what are going to surmount all through your life, you can’t really see through anything in life. Don’t wait for a problem, see what you can do proactively to avoid it or try to blow the bubble before it becomes too large, with too many problems inside it.

What is it called when someone doesn’t necessarily lie but they don’t tell you everything?

  1. This is tricky. We could be talking about 2 very different things, when it comes to people who don’t necessarily lie, but don’t tell you everything either.

On the one hand, some people are what you might call “private” and “discrete”. This is usually seen as a good thing, or at least it used to be (maybe in our more gregarious, social medial saturated world, being private is slowly being pathologies). People tend to respect those who are discrete, and see them as having good judgment. Discrete people don’t blurt out private information indiscriminately. They are mindful people in that way.

On the other hand, there’s another type of person who doesn’t tell you everything, someone you might think of as “suspicious” or “cagey” … someone you don’t fully trust, but can’t put a finger on why, since they’re not actually lying. Often their speech patterns fall into the “lie by omission” category, as other answers have pointed out. They are what I ironically call “technical liars” – those who are technically telling the truth but actually lying through their teeth.

In the case of the cagey person there is an intent to deceive, to weave a false image as a distraction. In the person who is simply discrete or very private, there is no intent to deceive. The intent is to preserve people’s dignity, and respect the privacy of information, that is all. You actually have to know more before you can decide what you want to call it, when someone won’t tell you “everything.

2. Typically it’s deceit. It’s a form of deception without the full label of outright lying. We all have engaged in this at one point or another. You don’t sit down with your new boyfriend/girlfriend and tell sordid details that you know might hurt them. You omit the small stuff and stick to the big picture. It’s a communication that can be used for good or evil really. It all depends on the info being omitted. Sometimes it just benefits all, and sometimes it makes the difference between deception and trust. I’d rather someone omit details than outright lie. At least by omitting, I feel their intentions were to spare me pain. But like if I had a bf that omitted he was incarcerated on DUI -AND- spousal abuse charges, that’s deceit. That type of stuff needs to be aired. But telling me he loved an ex but it didn’t work out, sparing me the details of how when they kissed they cried and made love feverishly is straight up being kind and considerate of my feelings.

3. It probably means you are not respecting their boundaries. Only anxious insecure people feel a need to know everything and they are often the very people who don’t disclose everything. So you may be setting a double standard. Just relax before you destroy your relationship.

When one partner starts getting paranoid it’s a form of manipulation. Don’t do it.

  • Depends on relation between two people.

Discretion: If those two are not in any close relationship or in legal situation to share the information of interest.

Deceit:If the two people are in a relationship that depends on the honesty, i.e., Business partnership, Romantic relationship, State-individual relationship etc…the key is again relevance of information to the relationship.

  • In deception it’s called ambiguity.

In a formal, often political lie, yes which is deception, it’s called poultry. Truths selected specifically to cast a lie of conclusion.

And if not telling everything to cover or absolved yourself. It’s referred as lie by omission

  • In the Catholic Church they call it “Mental Reservation”. That’s when you don’t tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, but want to delude yourself into not thinking you lied.

The Unrequited

NOTE: Please be aware that this book deals with sensitive topics like cheating. 18+ Only. Layla Robinson is not crazy. She is suffering from unrequited love. But it’s time to move on. No more stalking, no more obsessive calling. What she needs is a distraction. The blue-eyed guy she keeps seeing around campus could be a great one—only he is the new poetry professor—the married poetry professor. Thomas Abrams is a stereotypical artist—rude, arrogant, and broody—but his glares and taunts don’t scare Layla. She might be bad at poetry, but she is good at reading between the lines. Beneath his prickly façade, Thomas is lonely, and Layla wants to know why. Obsessively. Sometimes you do get what you want. Sometimes you end up in the storage room of a bar with your professor and you kiss him. Sometimes he kisses you back like the world is ending and he will never get to kiss you again. He kisses you until you forget the years of unrequited love; you forget all the rules, and you dare to reach for something that is not yours.

Breaking Hearts: The Two Sides of Unrequited Love (Emotions and Social Behavior)

Throughout history, unrequited love has inspired ballads, arias, poetry, drama, and literature. Almost always, however, the tale of the “star-crossed lovers” has been told from the point of view of the heartbroken pursuer. This illuminating new work explores unrequited love from both sides–that of the aspiring and eventually brokenhearted lover, and more unusually, that of the beloved, unwilling rejector. Based on systematically collected first-person accounts, BREAKING HEARTS shows how radically different and often contradictory the two experiences actually are.

Blending scientific research with vivid narrative, the book utilizes current psychological theories about relationships, interdependence, attachment, and communication to provide careful analysis of the sometimes amusing and often heartrending stories people tell about their love lives. The central focus is the subjective experience: What it feels like to love someone who does not love you in return, and what is it like to be pursued by someone whose attentions you wish to discourage. Demolishing pat theories about human fulfillment coming from loving or being loved, this valuable counterweight to traditional studies explores the other, darker side of love to show that it is the mutuality of affection that is crucial to happiness.

A particularly valuable feature of BREAKING HEARTS is its unprecedented treatment of the rejector’s experience. Known only from the unreliable perspective of the would-be lover, the elusive “heartbreaker” has remained an enigma. Here, perhaps for the first time, rejectors tell what it is like to be loved in vain. They describe their inner turmoil, pervasive uncertainty about how to act, and distressed reluctance to inflict harm. They grapple with the paradox of believing themselves to be morally innocent yet feeling profoundly guilty, and describe powerful feelings of exasperation and helplessness when the admirer refuses to take no for an answer. Contrary to stereotypes, the rejectors describe their experiences more negatively than the heartbroken lovers. For the would-be lover, the encounter was a high-stakes gamble, with possible outcomes ranging from tortured pain and humiliation to ecstatic bliss and fulfillment. To the rejector, it was a no-win proposition that offered only vexation and trouble.

Throughout, chapters deal with the separate roller-coaster ordeals of two people–the ups and downs of self-esteem, struggles over guilt and justification, and the systematically discrepant versions of what actually occurred. Lessons people learn from being either willing or unwilling participants in unrequited love are discussed, as are the ways in which they change following such episodes.

BREAKING HEARTS presents careful research in an engaging style that will be accessible to all. Social scientists interested in marriage, family issues, emotion, self esteem, guilt, and human coping will find the book illuminating. It will obviously be of interest to anyone who has experienced unrequited love, and is fascinating reading for those seeking new insights into the tragicomic mystery of romance.

How can I get rid of the pain of unrequited love?

  1. What’s wrong with the pain? It’s affecting your daily life. Other than that? It takes your time and energy.

Pain is nothing bad. Sadness is a deep emotion. Please don’t avoid it. It’s a blessing in disguise. It must end by its own accord.

Acceptance is the key

It doesn’t mean to settle for lower standards. Never. Acceptance, when you accept the situation totally, there’s no suffering created. It simply means to see the situation as itis.But, the question is not about how to accept?Let’s try to see what’s distorting your reality. Most probably -your ego. I’m this, I’m that. Still I’m rejected…. Or The opposite… I’m worth nothing. That’s why I’m rejected. Or. I have planned everything so well, I thought it would work perfectly, but still I got rejected.

Whatever we call as self-image or self-respect can turn into a self-sabotaging tool unconsciously.May be we will feel good about ourselves for some time. But pain won’t work according to your ego. It will anyway come if there’s an unfinished business. First step is to dissolve this egoCry if you want to cry, just ask, who am I now? We own no one really. It’s all an illusion. Even when we’re in love we know that. Because the layer of illusion is just skin deep. After all, do you own yourself? It’s just a temporary residence (your body and mind).

When you are finally free of your identifications which are causing pain, you will see it yourself.

It was compulsion, not lies. It ended just some moments later. Just as me, they were also compulsive. But when they were finally back to senses – the rejection. The rejection may also be a compulsion….. Who knows?

If I can’t forgive her compulsions, how will I forgive my own?

Not because you did something wrong or right.Wasn’t it there with yourself too? If not in this affair, before sometime? Do you have any idea of how others might have been affected by you the same way? May be others moved on without even taking any pain. But we can’t deny we had created similar situations in the past. If never happened in the past, can you deny you won’t do the same in future? The seeds of rejection, jealousy and lust is there inside everyone. They did nothing big, it’s just what you could have done. It doesn’t deserve all the suffering you are creating unnecessarily.

When you adopt the mentality of double standards, you are digging your own grave

After all, don’t settle for temporary solutions. That’s a big trap. Pain will simply multiply after sometime. Maybe your friends can help you forget it for some time. But what’s the point? Face it head on. May be it need more energy than before. Whatever it costs face it head-on.

The pain will go, be patient. You are suffering your own LOVE. Should you even suffer that?

2. All this starts with attraction. You see a girl, she fits your love map (a type of preference for features in terms of voice we will talk, walk side by side, we will share each other’s joyous and sad moments, all this is piled up in your mind. When you put it to practice, start approaching him or her, she may like it or may get offended. The chances are she will reject, because it will make her feel best and she will think twice why this one, why not to get someone better, if this dude (which is you) is dreaming and dying for me, there is possibility others will also.

The important point to be noted here is, you took her too serious at first place, this seriousness makes a person desperate and desperation kills attraction.

You may try to behave in the ways that you are not desperate but she will catch your natural facial expressions and many other clues.

The more serious and unrealistic you become the more she will run away

Now let me tell you why it pains.

  • Because it hurts your self-esteem.
    • Because it shatters your imagination that other person will come up with magic wand and wipe away all your problems. It is real essence of immature love. We feel we are incomplete, worthy without other person, my personal experience.
    • Because you have developed the mindset, there is only one girl on this planet….only one ….Love really makes us blind. This type of love…
    • You may have low self-esteem. That can also become a catalyst for breaking your heart, when rejected

Now let me give you solutions, mind them well ……smarty…..dude.

  • Be at least realistic to understand, that as much desperation you will show up….the same will be intensity of heartbreak. Understand man …and trust me .If she loves you back ….with same desperation …it may make you feel good for few days, but later you will lose attraction slowly. This is the difference between love and attraction…love grows attraction fades away.
    • You don’t realize you can make any girl beautiful than her love you back, but with right kind of approach. First of all don’t give a damn…if you liked someone, you did your part, expressed. Now it’s their role to either accept or reject. Why you should be bothered. Are you going to say to someone, please love me, read once more how cheap and nonsense it seems. I am sorry to say but we all do the same, in one sided or so called unrequited love.
    •  Don’t be desperate man. Just start working on your weaknesses, the more you grow the more you will love yourself. You won’t become victim of this kind of love. But people will approach you, and even if you want to approach, it will be health and mature.
    • Make a journal…and write down everything whatever comes to your mind. Also make a two columns journal on one side right your negative thoughts and on other think the realistic options right them down.

Last we fall many times in unrequited love ….till we become mature….

Remember don’t wait for anyone, anything.” every moment waited, is a moment wasted and every wasted moment degrades your clarity of purpose”

Stay Strong…you are the special 

3. I would agree that this is a difficult situation to deal with -for both parties involved. I believe I told this whole, long winded story in a previous answer, so I will keep this brief and on point.

The best way to handle unrequited love is -as another answerer stated “prevention” -and if you can’t prevent it, then purge it.

Create as much distance between yourself and that person as possible. This can be difficult if this person is a friend, coworker or someone who has done no wrong by you.

However, if that person betrayed your trust (as in my case) it can be much easier to let go. At least physically -mentally may be another story. But that is just me.

One way to look at it is this: just as your romantic feelings went unrequited, they’re feelings of platonic friendship (if genuine) must be unrequited by you as well. When you both are on two different wavelengths, no communications can exist. And unless one of you can come to a compromise -there is nothing more that can exist between you two.

In my case, my unrequited love lasted way longer than it should -and when I finally let go of her (as in ignoring her attempts to ‘keep in touch’ with me) we both benefited in the long run. She is now married to the father of her child and things (I hope) are looking up for her. I am still alone, but I feel way better now, two years later, than if I kept in touch as she wanted.

I will close by saying that some say unrequited love is ‘bullshit’ given that you cannot truly ‘love’ someone that doesn’t love you back. I will agree that in most cases the ‘love’ is more akin to ‘lust’ and ‘sexual attraction’ and thus can go away quickly. But when you put someone’s feelings ahead of your own and wish them happiness no matter what they’ve done to you -then that is love -unconditional love.

To this day that is what I feel for her, despite everything. And I have no regrets for loving her or letting her go.

4. “How can I get rid of the pain of unrequited love?” You don’t. I think if you want to avoid pain or try to get rid of it, the more painful it becomes and the more difficult it is to come to peace with the pain. Because you don’t have a friendly relationship with the pain that is obviously abiding in you.

As a woman my experience of unrequited love was painful. I went from wanting to control my feelings and desires for the beloved to trying to convince myself of all reasons not to like him anymore and trying to rationalize or intellectualize the pain away.

For me, what helped was telling him that I had feelings for him. Even though he responded that he did not feel the same for me, which hurt a lot, I am still glad I shared it with him as it helped me to slowly deal with new, albeit painful feelings. There were some instances where I also shared how I was still having feelings for him. What helped me was that he would continuously say indirectly how he did not feel the same for me which helped me a lot too, because I had hopes.

I chose to remain friends with him than ‘blocking him or staying the hell away from him’ because I knew if I did that, the feeling will grow stronger and persist.

It was difficult to continue talking and even through just talking I think he sensed that I still liked him and started to take a distance from me, which of course hurt. But I’m glad I followed my feelings and now that we are a lot more distant, I guess this is what it is.

In actuality, there is nothing really that could take the pain away depending on how strong the feelings are.

But one thing I did was to allow myself to feel desire and fondness for this person. I allowed myself to obsess, hold on, text, show love, etc but I have also done the ‘acting cool’, trying to show that I’m over him and just being a friend.

You can stay busy, meet and date other people, but if you’re the lingering kind, it won’t be easy to quickly move away from your beloved. Give yourself time. Most importantly, allow yourself to feel all those things you feel towards the beloved eg love, anger, frustration, hate, desire, affection, interest, fondness and feel it to the maximum. Drain it out. Try not to control or hold back too much.

4. Here are few tips to feel better and to let go of an unrequited love.

STEP 1 : do some inner introspection.

  • Realize thatfalling in love is NOT a conscious decision. I’m talking about romantic love. We don’t get to choose who we develop these feelings for.
    “The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of…” – Blaise Pascal”.
    It can be a real frustration, but asking the other to love us when it’s not in their control is egoistical.
  • Understand that nothing is wrong with you. Most of the time, when we can’t get over an unrequited love it’s because we have poor self-esteem. We believe that if the other person didn’t love us, there must be something wrong with us. Especially when the other person is nice, caring, intelligent, and owns many qualities, we assume that we are not good enough if they didn’t reciprocate our love. We convinced ourselves that we will never find someone as great/awesome as him/her. Please replace these negatives beliefs by positive thoughts.
  • Stop fantasizing about you and him/her being/ending together this is really hard but you won’t get over that person by still holding on hopes.
    Furthermore, you are creating a wrong/false image of the person. The fact that someone doesn’t want you, is a red flag and makes you fundamentally incompatible which means it’s time to opt out, process the loss, and accept.
  • Stop thinking that this person is your only source of happiness.You don’t imagine your life without them. You know you would be SO much happier if they were in your life. Please, stop this already. You must be happy with yourself first. You were happy before you met them. Go find your true self. The happy you.
  • Ask yourself these questions. What are you avoiding in your life to be so hung up on one person? Why can’t you let go of that person? Sometimes, we don’t want to let go of a person who doesn’t love us” because we don’t want to get love from someone with the capabilities to treat us with love, care, trust, and respect – we want to get it from someone who feeds into our beliefs and mirrors our pattern and so when someone doesn’t want us, it confirms the negative stuff that we openly and quietly think about ourselves.” (I can’t believe they don’t want me by Nathalie.) We get the love we think we deserve.


Take some distance from the other person. Head up and tell that person (text or face to face), that you can’t have them around and that you need to grief. You can’t move on if the person still text you or hang out with you. I personally can’t. I did this and while I was in contact with that person, I still held onto hopes that he would realize that I’m the one for him. WRONG.


focus on you. Do you dislike something about you? Work on it to make it better. Did you ever dream to take drama class, to learn a new language, take a trip alone? Go get there! Get out of your comfort zone. Focus on improving yourself. You will feel SO much better. But you need to be consistent with it. Have a real discipline.

Is unrequited love the most painful feeling?

  1. Its both a yes and no…

From personal experience… The feeling is so intense and pure… you are head over heels over someone… You are in deep love… Its pains so much knowing that it’s just you…

But that pain… Yes that overwhelming unbearable pain I am talking about… Which is the ultimate pleasure you can have…. You are dying inside… But that smile over your face when you see her… That jittery feeling when you are near her…

It’s all so good…. each day I fall in love with her… Each day I talk to her… Hug her… Make her feel special… kiss her… Take her out with me everywhere I go… She is everywhere with me… But only in my head…. That pleasure of having her only to me… Each and every moment of togetherness…. That pleasure is the best kind… And then reality hitting you so hard…. That excruciating pain is the best feeling…. That moment when you are about to cry… Instead you smile… That’s the best feeling….

And my dear friends… When I whisper “ I LOVE YOU “ to her, with my eyes closed and she giggles… That’s the best feeling…

And when everything mentioned above and much more than this happens with you… Every single day… Either busy or free… Every single moment… For more than years… That’s what requited love is…. And that is the best feeling in the world….

And someday… She will be mine… We will be together…. Either today… Or tomorrow… Or the day after… Or maybe years later…

Or maybe not today…. Not tomorrow… Not day after that… Not years later… Maybe never…

Or maybe forever….

2. It is definitely very painful emotionally. There is nothing you can do about it. The best thing to do for yourself is to acknowledge that your affection for the loved person is never going to be returned. Once you have managed to give up hope, you will be able to free yourself from that desire. It’s difficult but it CAN be done. Whether the pain of love not returned is the most painful feeling, I would say no, there are many things that cause much more emotional pain e.g. the death of someone you love. Eventually you will get over this and find someone else to love.

3. It can be if you let it. What you feel depends on what you allow yourself to dwell on and as a result feel. When you invest so much emotion and expect the other party to return the affection, but find that it was all for nothing, it is disappointing. The degree of disappointment more or less correlates to how much you loved. Despite this pain know this: Your true strength and character shines when you feel strong despite feeling unrequited or rejected. You are loved unconditionally and truly. That is fact. The day you feel it within, you will not need to seek it without.

4. Well, getting eaten alive by wild animals would be a hell of a lot more painful, but from personal experience, unrequited love is extremely hurtful. What many people forget, actually, is that the object of unrequited affection can be hurt in the process as well; not just the person with the feelings.

Is there any humor in politics?

  1. I think that there really is. The humor is in persons (and pundits) continue to expect the small population of those individuals that still continue to put themselves up for election should be any different than the population at large. That absolutely cracks me up.

Apart from the, I believe incorrect, assumption that only people who are egotistical, self-serving and/or greedy seek political positions. Nothing could be further from the reality. I believe that, contrary to the radical exhortations of POTUS, the vast majority of persons involved in public service are well meaning in their intentions. By vast majority I mean maybe 80 to 90 %. Just know that in a world of, possibly too much news and analysis, only the most egregious actions ever surface on most ‘ratings driven’ news and information sources.

If you believe that most people are crooks and takers, then my argument stops for you. If you believe that most people are fundamentally good and fair, then something must be intervening to dissuade them to act with bad behavior.

I believe that the reasons for this behavior are multitudinous. One fundamental fact is that because of the rate of change that has occurred, over the last few decades, there has been tremendous social and economic upheaval. For the first time in human history there are potentially 4 distinct generations in the workforce. Prior to the Atomic Bomb governments (spell Tyrants) would just enlist young men into forced conscription and start another war which would keep them (stupidly) engaged and receiving a paycheck (those that managed to escape death from a bullet/sword or infection). Because the first casualty of war is truth, and few were keeping records (too embarrassing) coupled with a believable need for secrecy only a few great historians have ever put some of the facts to paper, and often decades later.

The two most impactful things that occurred after WW2 were the Nuclear Genie and the other was the development of Antibiotics. They have together combined to take the globe from 2.5 Billion beings, coincidentally alive, to our current 7.8 Billion. That is an unsustainable level of population growth.

To your specific question, I can only say that if you do not see humor in our ‘world politic’, what you would call it. If you want humor watch one of the great late night talk shows. If you think that you can change behavior without changing your level of participation, I believe you are wrong. But if you think that human nature is different than it has ever been, think again. Maybe our expectations are too high. Maybe with all the chatter in the news and the ‘digital onslaught’, that we all face daily, we should find a way to filter it to better meet our ‘evolved coping skills’ (not very evolved).

Given the fact that we are mostly better off, in most important ways, than our ‘great grand parents’ (WW2 populations) we should put in our ear buds an play the music of our preference, not podcasts. We are all human, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

There is lots and lots of humor in politics – mostly the sarcastic type. Mostly involuntary – like Joe Biden and most of the left, but also with standup-comedian-types like Donald Trump. He has both warmth and sarcasm.

There are YouTube channels partly dedicated to show the hypocrisy of the left, so we can laugh at their absurd lies and ideas.

Mark Dice: Mark Dice

Liberal Hivemind: Liberal Hivemind

Just two of the political humor channels I follow.

We on the right believe there is an objective discoverable reality/existence that we can make sense of – the benevolent universe. If we are mistaken, it is mainly not because we are lying, but because we were in error measured against that reality. Misinformed, etc. Consciously lying is going against that reality we on the right believe in – that is just silly. We usually don’t do that. We can exaggerate, but not outright lie. It is frowned upon by our own.

Those on the left does not believe in an objective, discoverable existence. They believe that the existence is malevolent, malleable by the mind and must be formed by the mind, not discovered by the mind. So when they speak out against reality, as they usually do, they actually believe what they say – things that are in sharp contrast to the observable existence – so for us on the right – this is incredibly funny. We say they believe their own lies, but many times they are not lying – they simply reject a benevolent, observable existence. And that’s very funny:-)

A great recent example is the “peaceful” demonstrations carried out by the domestic terrorists of Antifa and BLM. While the talking head journalist is in the foreground talking about a peaceful demonstration for something good – we can see the whole town burning in the background. But the guy is not lying. He actually believes some bigger narrative, that what he is saying is not bad and is infect peaceful, because he believes it will lead to peace.

Just like socialists/communists murdering 100 million in the 20. Century. After the first 50 million were murdered – they still believed their system was most peaceful and prosperous, while people were starving. This is the left – they are extremely ignorant, and that’s why politics is both funny and tragic at the same time.

And the funniest sarcastic line ever spoken in political satire is this:

“It wasn’t real socialism, so we try again”:-)

2. Well, let’s see. I am certain there is a kernel of humor amidst the current carnage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, reflecting his future, fell up a flight of stairs.

A small, rabid minority of voters who still intend to vote for Trump, have been filmed at the outdoor entrance to a Trump rally running for the entrance—forgetting that Trump hasn’t been on time for his own rallies since he took office in 2017—like a herd of red-capped cattle stampeding for the prime rib carving station at Golden Corral.

Some of those voters believe there are Lizard people, deep-state moles who spy on Trump, and physicians who inject humans with alien DNA to allow demons and witches to rape them, and as I have read at least once on other social media, a “Qabal of billionaire Democrats who wander the world raping babies and eating human flesh”; that JFK Jr has risen from the bottom of the Atlantic as Q to warn them all… but, always the fish-eaten optimist, to send word that Trump (a pedophile who claimed he had [phantom] bone spurs to avoid the draft, when he was in reality mentally unfit to survive a boot camp PT test due to syphilis, later bragging about it on national radio]) is the true Savior! Who will stop the Qabal. Ha. Ha-ha. HAHAHA – sorry, couldn’t hold that in.

The leader of the [former] most powerful, independent nations on the planet has stated that we should inject bleach and shove UV light bulbs up our asses to cure the plague, I suppose the added benefit being the death of alien DNA that would otherwise course unabated through our bodies and sending up a beacon for demons and witches who need to get their freak on.

The same leader believes that the biggest hero of the Civil War was Andrew Jackson, Frederick Douglass is still alive, and the founders nearly lost the Revolutionary War because Hartsfield International Airport was a bitch to maintain thanks to pesky union strikes.

President Covfefe has recently used his public appearances and speeches, while on camera, up close and personal, where he addresses adoring crowds… to feature his nose as a focal, an elimination point when his body shoots out all the powdered Adderall his brain is no longer able to absorb, having reached full saturation.

Trump encourages his blue-collar Q-loving supporters to keep the Confederacy alive, foments a race and/or political civil war… because, of course, a civil war has always been the most pressing issue for every conscientious, [phantom] bone spur-free U.S. citizen who is able to set aside Grandma’s and Uncle Nester’s deaths, and their sons’ and daughters’ strokes, which they suffered just in time for their 8th and 11th birthdays, respectively, and their nieces and nephews and siblings who haven’t been right since recovering from encephalitis, or able to breathe from the pulmonary fibrosis in the aftermath of COVID-19—then complains that those same blue-collar workers are “disgusting” and apparently, in his warped mind, have some cootie whose specifics he has yet to disclose, and he talks smack about the only people who like him better than any common, two-faced leader and Putin asset of the [former] free world-slash-kindergartner.

Evangelicals are counting on Trump—who has paid for multiple abortions and would do so tomorrow if his next rape victim were to get knocked up—to stop abortions, but clearly never made it to The Book of Revelation, having completely stopped reading and thinking because Trump said not to do it, or they might not like him very much.

In contrast, every ‘Heretic, burn in Hell for laughing!’ agnostic rational fan of the movie This is the End silently asks no one in particular every day upon rising to face another day in this show (1) if anything the churches of their youths ever taught them was even remotely related to God; (2) if, aside from the ever-changing number of pages within the propaganda-pregnant books some call “bibles,” any of the ideas contained therein were fixed in reality let alone based on the original texts; and/or (3) if the gold leaf their church elders used to write the names of new recruits inside the front covers of each indoctrination bible was real gold or merely the first of many frauds perpetrated to convince the little recruits they were more special and more entitled than the reality all around them while they learned to tithe 10 cents of every dollar on Sundays and then obsessively calculate how much they’ve spent to make ‘religious’ people and politicians rich as they struggle to pay the rent.

The rest of us out here who still believe that everyone benefits from moderate government are watching this unfold while we secretly cry and laugh our asses off, because we finally understand with certainty that most of the hypocritical religious groups in our communities, up to and including their religious leaders, have never taken a moment to understand even one sentence of the religious texts they claim to follow, but the politicians we voluntarily put in office manipulate the crap out of the dogma to manipulate everyone and now openly encourage people to continue voting for the Antichrist as he savages our country because, “what have you got to lose?” Aside from the Constitution and all the protections that allowed them to elect a president who has destroyed our credibility across the globe, I wonder the same thing.

This might not be popular comedy, but the above is FACT. Evangelicals who believe they’re going to benefit from supporting a malignant narcissistic personality-disordered man-baby have completely failed to re-read Revelation: They are the End Times. What good are End Times and extremist political and religious views without extreme irony? Should we survive this, I will be writing a screenplay. Likely a musical with sweeping dance scenes.

3. There’s a certain sort of humor in politics, yes. Some politicians have quite well-known senses of humor.

The Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, when he was (I believe) still opposition leader was involved in a particularly memorable exchange in Parliament. The government of the day was a coalition of the Liberal and Country Parties, and one of the members of the latter began a speech with the words “I am a Country member…” to which Whitlam immediately rumbled “Yes, we remember”.

More recently, another former Australian PM – Paul Keating – was notorious for his put-downs of opposition members. His descriptions of John Hewson (who holds a PhD in economics) as a “feral abacus” and Peter Costello as “all tip and no iceberg” are particularly famous.

Other politicians are quite good at sending themselves up. Christopher Pyne, on making his farewell speech before the 2019 election, played mercilessly on the view that he was impossibly posh and prim.