If everything in life appears to be a problem, what could be the real cause of the problem?

  1. The real problem is, people are self-centric and don’t use their education.

We are self-centric to an extent that we consider ourselves as the Centre of the universe. The most important person in this world is us. And we rarely think about this because it is our default setting. As with a large chunk of other things, which we are certain of, it turns out to be wrong. We all have learned this grand delusion the hard way but we again and again go back to our default setting.

This default setting hinders the real goal of education: awareness. Education is not developing the capacity to think. The fact that you asked this question is in itself an evidence that you know how to think. But, choosing what to think unleashes the true potential of being educated. Easier said than done. It is extremely difficult to stay alert and attentive. All because there is a constant monologue inside our head. Brain, a terrible master. It always restore us to our default setting.

In a mundane life when we repeat things days after weeks after months after years, everything in life looks like a part of a problem. A hindrance to our life, because we all are self-centric. The man who cuts you in traffic, the bank clerk who had an attitude, the shopkeeper who handed candies instead of returning the change, the women who is gossiping loudly over phone. Everything seems so infuriating. Because the default setting says, “Hey! it’s all about ME. MY desire to reach home quickly, MY desire to be in less traffic, MY desire to find peace. Everyone seems to be in MY way”. All of them seem repulsive, stupid and cold and rude.

This is where choosing what to think kicks in. May be you need a little more compassion to think that everyone is equally self-centric. May be you are a part of their problem. May be, it is you, who is the hindrance. Or we can chose to think that everyone faces frustration at their home, college and workplace and are operating at their own default setting. May be all that is not true. It all depends on what we chose to think.

This is freedom. This is being educated and deciding what to think. The opposite is unconsciousness, rat race, default setting and a constant feeling of having lost something. All we need is simple awareness which is so plain and before us like air that it is hidden and we never feel it. We need to keep reminding ourselves of it, again and again.

2. Problems are mismatch between expectations and the reality. However if you have a bird’s eye view, you would be able to understand everything better.

Animals have a problem, a huge problem. They have to get good every day, and they have to go and drink water every day. Although many animals have learned the art of storing food, when it comes to water, they are much more helpless than plants and trees.

Imagine a Jungle, where there is only one lake. Tigers, Lions, Leopards drink from there. Goats, Cows, Zebras etc drink from there as well. Now, there is a huge problem for herbivorous as they risk their lives only to drink water.

But is that a problem – Not really. It is a natural way of things. But as per the herbivorous, that is a problem. Humans faced this problems ages back, and they learned to store and transport water effectively.

Water is an example. Almost everything never happens the way we want it to happen. Most of these are the natural way of things.

Life is all but a struggle. The places which have no life have no problems. The places which have life have problems. Life has to struggle to get better, get stronger, to survive.

If you look back, life has fought through huge number of problems and become stronger. In an effort to become even stronger, it faces problems. We have to reduce the infant mortality rate. Infant mortality isn’t even though in other species, especially turtles. Turtles give 1000s of eggs and only a few survive. That’s a natural way of things.

Humans moved from 4 legs to 2 legs so that they can give more birth in a lifespan. Then they learned that instead of giving more births it would be better that the ones who are born don’t die. Then they would learn something else. However in each step, they identified to be better and overcame a problem.

These were evolutionary problems. Many students face education related problems. Problems which make them fear about their secure future. By overcoming the education related problems, a nation gets smarter and more knowledgeable citizens.

The list would go on. Life means overcoming problems. Till you are alive, you would face problems. These problems exist only to make you better and because we have the ability to write and talk, it is advisable to pass on our experience to the next generation.

So that the original problem – of evolution, is solved. By making humans stronger, eventually.

3. To classify everything into a problem is the real problem. Whereas you can live in the present and enjoy the moment, considering everything around you in life to be a problem and creating a mental image that problems is what are going to surmount all through your life, you can’t really see through anything in life. Don’t wait for a problem, see what you can do proactively to avoid it or try to blow the bubble before it becomes too large, with too many problems inside it.

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