Is there any humor in politics?

  1. I think that there really is. The humor is in persons (and pundits) continue to expect the small population of those individuals that still continue to put themselves up for election should be any different than the population at large. That absolutely cracks me up.

Apart from the, I believe incorrect, assumption that only people who are egotistical, self-serving and/or greedy seek political positions. Nothing could be further from the reality. I believe that, contrary to the radical exhortations of POTUS, the vast majority of persons involved in public service are well meaning in their intentions. By vast majority I mean maybe 80 to 90 %. Just know that in a world of, possibly too much news and analysis, only the most egregious actions ever surface on most ‘ratings driven’ news and information sources.

If you believe that most people are crooks and takers, then my argument stops for you. If you believe that most people are fundamentally good and fair, then something must be intervening to dissuade them to act with bad behavior.

I believe that the reasons for this behavior are multitudinous. One fundamental fact is that because of the rate of change that has occurred, over the last few decades, there has been tremendous social and economic upheaval. For the first time in human history there are potentially 4 distinct generations in the workforce. Prior to the Atomic Bomb governments (spell Tyrants) would just enlist young men into forced conscription and start another war which would keep them (stupidly) engaged and receiving a paycheck (those that managed to escape death from a bullet/sword or infection). Because the first casualty of war is truth, and few were keeping records (too embarrassing) coupled with a believable need for secrecy only a few great historians have ever put some of the facts to paper, and often decades later.

The two most impactful things that occurred after WW2 were the Nuclear Genie and the other was the development of Antibiotics. They have together combined to take the globe from 2.5 Billion beings, coincidentally alive, to our current 7.8 Billion. That is an unsustainable level of population growth.

To your specific question, I can only say that if you do not see humor in our ‘world politic’, what you would call it. If you want humor watch one of the great late night talk shows. If you think that you can change behavior without changing your level of participation, I believe you are wrong. But if you think that human nature is different than it has ever been, think again. Maybe our expectations are too high. Maybe with all the chatter in the news and the ‘digital onslaught’, that we all face daily, we should find a way to filter it to better meet our ‘evolved coping skills’ (not very evolved).

Given the fact that we are mostly better off, in most important ways, than our ‘great grand parents’ (WW2 populations) we should put in our ear buds an play the music of our preference, not podcasts. We are all human, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

There is lots and lots of humor in politics – mostly the sarcastic type. Mostly involuntary – like Joe Biden and most of the left, but also with standup-comedian-types like Donald Trump. He has both warmth and sarcasm.

There are YouTube channels partly dedicated to show the hypocrisy of the left, so we can laugh at their absurd lies and ideas.

Mark Dice: Mark Dice

Liberal Hivemind: Liberal Hivemind

Just two of the political humor channels I follow.

We on the right believe there is an objective discoverable reality/existence that we can make sense of – the benevolent universe. If we are mistaken, it is mainly not because we are lying, but because we were in error measured against that reality. Misinformed, etc. Consciously lying is going against that reality we on the right believe in – that is just silly. We usually don’t do that. We can exaggerate, but not outright lie. It is frowned upon by our own.

Those on the left does not believe in an objective, discoverable existence. They believe that the existence is malevolent, malleable by the mind and must be formed by the mind, not discovered by the mind. So when they speak out against reality, as they usually do, they actually believe what they say – things that are in sharp contrast to the observable existence – so for us on the right – this is incredibly funny. We say they believe their own lies, but many times they are not lying – they simply reject a benevolent, observable existence. And that’s very funny:-)

A great recent example is the “peaceful” demonstrations carried out by the domestic terrorists of Antifa and BLM. While the talking head journalist is in the foreground talking about a peaceful demonstration for something good – we can see the whole town burning in the background. But the guy is not lying. He actually believes some bigger narrative, that what he is saying is not bad and is infect peaceful, because he believes it will lead to peace.

Just like socialists/communists murdering 100 million in the 20. Century. After the first 50 million were murdered – they still believed their system was most peaceful and prosperous, while people were starving. This is the left – they are extremely ignorant, and that’s why politics is both funny and tragic at the same time.

And the funniest sarcastic line ever spoken in political satire is this:

“It wasn’t real socialism, so we try again”:-)

2. Well, let’s see. I am certain there is a kernel of humor amidst the current carnage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, reflecting his future, fell up a flight of stairs.

A small, rabid minority of voters who still intend to vote for Trump, have been filmed at the outdoor entrance to a Trump rally running for the entrance—forgetting that Trump hasn’t been on time for his own rallies since he took office in 2017—like a herd of red-capped cattle stampeding for the prime rib carving station at Golden Corral.

Some of those voters believe there are Lizard people, deep-state moles who spy on Trump, and physicians who inject humans with alien DNA to allow demons and witches to rape them, and as I have read at least once on other social media, a “Qabal of billionaire Democrats who wander the world raping babies and eating human flesh”; that JFK Jr has risen from the bottom of the Atlantic as Q to warn them all… but, always the fish-eaten optimist, to send word that Trump (a pedophile who claimed he had [phantom] bone spurs to avoid the draft, when he was in reality mentally unfit to survive a boot camp PT test due to syphilis, later bragging about it on national radio]) is the true Savior! Who will stop the Qabal. Ha. Ha-ha. HAHAHA – sorry, couldn’t hold that in.

The leader of the [former] most powerful, independent nations on the planet has stated that we should inject bleach and shove UV light bulbs up our asses to cure the plague, I suppose the added benefit being the death of alien DNA that would otherwise course unabated through our bodies and sending up a beacon for demons and witches who need to get their freak on.

The same leader believes that the biggest hero of the Civil War was Andrew Jackson, Frederick Douglass is still alive, and the founders nearly lost the Revolutionary War because Hartsfield International Airport was a bitch to maintain thanks to pesky union strikes.

President Covfefe has recently used his public appearances and speeches, while on camera, up close and personal, where he addresses adoring crowds… to feature his nose as a focal, an elimination point when his body shoots out all the powdered Adderall his brain is no longer able to absorb, having reached full saturation.

Trump encourages his blue-collar Q-loving supporters to keep the Confederacy alive, foments a race and/or political civil war… because, of course, a civil war has always been the most pressing issue for every conscientious, [phantom] bone spur-free U.S. citizen who is able to set aside Grandma’s and Uncle Nester’s deaths, and their sons’ and daughters’ strokes, which they suffered just in time for their 8th and 11th birthdays, respectively, and their nieces and nephews and siblings who haven’t been right since recovering from encephalitis, or able to breathe from the pulmonary fibrosis in the aftermath of COVID-19—then complains that those same blue-collar workers are “disgusting” and apparently, in his warped mind, have some cootie whose specifics he has yet to disclose, and he talks smack about the only people who like him better than any common, two-faced leader and Putin asset of the [former] free world-slash-kindergartner.

Evangelicals are counting on Trump—who has paid for multiple abortions and would do so tomorrow if his next rape victim were to get knocked up—to stop abortions, but clearly never made it to The Book of Revelation, having completely stopped reading and thinking because Trump said not to do it, or they might not like him very much.

In contrast, every ‘Heretic, burn in Hell for laughing!’ agnostic rational fan of the movie This is the End silently asks no one in particular every day upon rising to face another day in this show (1) if anything the churches of their youths ever taught them was even remotely related to God; (2) if, aside from the ever-changing number of pages within the propaganda-pregnant books some call “bibles,” any of the ideas contained therein were fixed in reality let alone based on the original texts; and/or (3) if the gold leaf their church elders used to write the names of new recruits inside the front covers of each indoctrination bible was real gold or merely the first of many frauds perpetrated to convince the little recruits they were more special and more entitled than the reality all around them while they learned to tithe 10 cents of every dollar on Sundays and then obsessively calculate how much they’ve spent to make ‘religious’ people and politicians rich as they struggle to pay the rent.

The rest of us out here who still believe that everyone benefits from moderate government are watching this unfold while we secretly cry and laugh our asses off, because we finally understand with certainty that most of the hypocritical religious groups in our communities, up to and including their religious leaders, have never taken a moment to understand even one sentence of the religious texts they claim to follow, but the politicians we voluntarily put in office manipulate the crap out of the dogma to manipulate everyone and now openly encourage people to continue voting for the Antichrist as he savages our country because, “what have you got to lose?” Aside from the Constitution and all the protections that allowed them to elect a president who has destroyed our credibility across the globe, I wonder the same thing.

This might not be popular comedy, but the above is FACT. Evangelicals who believe they’re going to benefit from supporting a malignant narcissistic personality-disordered man-baby have completely failed to re-read Revelation: They are the End Times. What good are End Times and extremist political and religious views without extreme irony? Should we survive this, I will be writing a screenplay. Likely a musical with sweeping dance scenes.

3. There’s a certain sort of humor in politics, yes. Some politicians have quite well-known senses of humor.

The Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, when he was (I believe) still opposition leader was involved in a particularly memorable exchange in Parliament. The government of the day was a coalition of the Liberal and Country Parties, and one of the members of the latter began a speech with the words “I am a Country member…” to which Whitlam immediately rumbled “Yes, we remember”.

More recently, another former Australian PM – Paul Keating – was notorious for his put-downs of opposition members. His descriptions of John Hewson (who holds a PhD in economics) as a “feral abacus” and Peter Costello as “all tip and no iceberg” are particularly famous.

Other politicians are quite good at sending themselves up. Christopher Pyne, on making his farewell speech before the 2019 election, played mercilessly on the view that he was impossibly posh and prim.

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