Is unrequited love the most painful feeling?

  1. Its both a yes and no…

From personal experience… The feeling is so intense and pure… you are head over heels over someone… You are in deep love… Its pains so much knowing that it’s just you…

But that pain… Yes that overwhelming unbearable pain I am talking about… Which is the ultimate pleasure you can have…. You are dying inside… But that smile over your face when you see her… That jittery feeling when you are near her…

It’s all so good…. each day I fall in love with her… Each day I talk to her… Hug her… Make her feel special… kiss her… Take her out with me everywhere I go… She is everywhere with me… But only in my head…. That pleasure of having her only to me… Each and every moment of togetherness…. That pleasure is the best kind… And then reality hitting you so hard…. That excruciating pain is the best feeling…. That moment when you are about to cry… Instead you smile… That’s the best feeling….

And my dear friends… When I whisper “ I LOVE YOU “ to her, with my eyes closed and she giggles… That’s the best feeling…

And when everything mentioned above and much more than this happens with you… Every single day… Either busy or free… Every single moment… For more than years… That’s what requited love is…. And that is the best feeling in the world….

And someday… She will be mine… We will be together…. Either today… Or tomorrow… Or the day after… Or maybe years later…

Or maybe not today…. Not tomorrow… Not day after that… Not years later… Maybe never…

Or maybe forever….

2. It is definitely very painful emotionally. There is nothing you can do about it. The best thing to do for yourself is to acknowledge that your affection for the loved person is never going to be returned. Once you have managed to give up hope, you will be able to free yourself from that desire. It’s difficult but it CAN be done. Whether the pain of love not returned is the most painful feeling, I would say no, there are many things that cause much more emotional pain e.g. the death of someone you love. Eventually you will get over this and find someone else to love.

3. It can be if you let it. What you feel depends on what you allow yourself to dwell on and as a result feel. When you invest so much emotion and expect the other party to return the affection, but find that it was all for nothing, it is disappointing. The degree of disappointment more or less correlates to how much you loved. Despite this pain know this: Your true strength and character shines when you feel strong despite feeling unrequited or rejected. You are loved unconditionally and truly. That is fact. The day you feel it within, you will not need to seek it without.

4. Well, getting eaten alive by wild animals would be a hell of a lot more painful, but from personal experience, unrequited love is extremely hurtful. What many people forget, actually, is that the object of unrequited affection can be hurt in the process as well; not just the person with the feelings.

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