Why do people have tendencies to hurt others?

  1. Twenty out of twenty responses, each of which resorts to some sort of natural scientific materialist answer from psychology or mind science. Never before have people been so spiritual blind and ignorant. I guarantee that any higher-level witch knows that demons or evil spirits are involved. People have been indoctrinated to believe lies.

Here is how this world works: Witches cast spells. Lying spirits are sent out while information sources controlled by witches promote these same lies so that doctrinal conformity to witchcraft lies is created which peer pressure then serves to reinforce and enforce. All of this is designed to create a state of spiritual blindness in the society by establishing a worldview that is limited. Then when someone has spiritual experiences, and everyone does, though these can be limited by controlling people through fear and hard physical, mental or intellectual labor whereby spiritual experience is avoided because people are too busy working hard to merely survive. Don’t you know that even the emotions we experience come from our spiritual being? Isn’t it obvious that these are not physical pains or pleasures or feeling? How can love or hate or anger or peace, comfort or security be defined by the five physical senses? Do you not see how ridiculous it is to believe these spiritual emotions are somehow caused by physical sensations?

Then when a person hears thoughts they did not will, why does a person not realize that (s)he did not will or initiate these thoughts or ideas? How does anyone not know that spiritual voices are speaking to the person?

Of course, psychology’s explanation is that anyone who hears such voices or thoughts must be crazy, right? Well, everyone hears these voices, so everyone is insane, then, right? Well, we do live in an insane world because people reject spiritual truths and try to fabricate these naturalistic explanations to explain them away, but it doesn’t work because they don’t go away. Not believing in spiritual beings in no way prevents a person from hearing these spiritual voices and thoughts that influence them, and not believing in these spiritual beings does not prevent these evil spirits from projection fear into them and thereby controlling their behavior.

With the vast majority of the population indoctrinated into these false worldviews, anyone now speaking the truth is labeled, rejected, avoided, perhaps even locked up somewhere to prevent others from being influenced and learning the truth. Thereby is this simplistic and limited worldview propagated and promoted while its dissidents are controlled and prevented from having a voice even though the spiritual worldview is the only logical explanation that explains people’s actual experience. Unfortunately, people’s limited worldviews have limited their thinking to these illogical psychological explanations that don’t really explain anything, but only pretend to.

For example, how does psychology explain unreasonable thoughts and behavior or insanity itself? It doesn’t. It has no good explanation for such things at all. How does it explain the voices a person hears in his or her head? The same circular explanation — insanity, which explains nothing. How does psychology explain suicide or other self-destructive tendencies or behaviors? Evolution? I’m hurt, so now I want to hurt myself more. How is that an explanation? I’m hurt, so now I wish to hurt others, so I can have company for my misery and we can all die together. Is that a reasonable explanation? How gullible are we supposed to be? Extremely gullible, obviously.

Well, some few of us know better than this. Why? Because we have met God. High level witches know, too, not because they have met God but because they have met demons and fallen angels. Witches travel through the spiritual realm and sometimes even through Satan’s dark kingdoms. They operate as Satan’s agents on earth here to steal, kill and destroy, to carry out the devil’s work among humanity, and it is these evil spirits sent out through spells by witches that influence and control people’s behavior to cause people to hurt other people. It is the demons controlling the person, always the mind, but sometimes even the body without the person’s awareness of what is happening. This is called full demonic manifestation or total possession, and this explains certain murders committed by a person’s body without the person who owns the body being aware of the experience or event.

The Christian worldview recognizes humans as very complex and as being composed of three parts, not two as witchcraft teaches and not just the physical as modern psychology tries to collapse everything into the physical domain:

We do seem to be bombarded with thoughts and emotions on a continual basis, but recognize that our own thoughts originate in the mind, which is located within the human soul, not the brain. The soul is one of three components of our being — spirit (has potential access to the highest spiritual dimensions through intermingling with God’s Holy Spirit or with other spirits), soul (In the spiritual dimension where our true spiritual self is currently located), body (physical dimension where our physical bodies are. Thus, as we grow spiritually and overcome evil powers we gain more spiritual authority and access to higher spiritual abilities and higher spiritual influence and authority, and perhaps even gain access to higher spiritual dimensions.). The body is the outer shell or house, as the demons call it, for the soul, while the soul houses the human spirit which can be energized, enlightened, inflamed by the Holy Spirit or by other foreign invading spirits called demons, which redirects a person toward the light from the spiritual kingdom of darkness or demonic kingdoms.

All thoughts and/or emotions we receive do not come from self, only those thoughts we initiate and only those emotions plucked (because emotions are spiritual frequencies that emanate from our heart strings) by actions we perform or events or circumstances we experience. Thoughts and emotions can be projected toward us by spiritual beings, and we do hear their communications (which we generally call telepathic because spiritual communication does not require physical sound vibrations) just as emotions can be projected at us which will also resonate with our heartstrings, but when such thoughts or emotions are projections that do not originate from within we can reject them. We do not have to accept them as true or acceptable for us. If we do this, then we will feel them but they will not persist long, because we then go about our business behaving in a contrary manner to these thoughts and/or emotions which we have received, and our minds and emotions will then respond with the thoughts and emotions generated by our actions and the circumstances created thereby.

We can also choose to be still, to not think and to not emote. By thus remaining still, we put ourselves in a spiritual place of peace and of receptivity to hear from the Holy Spirit or other spirits. Then we need to exercise spiritual discernment to distinguish the source to know whether to receive or reject these communications or the emotional message content we receive. We must learn to distinguish between self and other if we are to be spiritually healthy, and most people have not learned to do this.

Self is not my physical body. That is just the container (or house) for my soul, which is the real me. I am a spiritual being. When I die my soul will depart from this body, so it is the real me. Therefore, when I will to speak or to act, this is my soul purposing or willing to perform this action. Whatever I (my soul) does not will, then, does not originate with me. I should not own or identify with some thought or action that is not mine! I must, then recognize that any thought or action that I do not will comes from a source other than me, and is a projection from some other spirit. In common parlance, we call this a communication, not a thought, because this is something received by my spiritual ears, not something I have spoken, not something that has originated in my will.

People who are not spiritually healthy get confused and make the mistake of believing that these projections from other spirits originate within oneself. This is probably because they do not believe or do not understand that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies, and that spiritual beings are all around us that we do not perceive with our physical senses trying to communicate with us in order to control us. We can, however, perceive this spiritual world when we “walk in the spirit,” our human spirit united with the Holy Spirit of God, which is when we crucify the flesh through fasting and prayer and by walking with God.

God does not control us, but evil spirits try very hard to do so. God will work with us if we allow Him to do so. If not, He does not impose His will upon us. Evil spirits do impose and do deceive, because that is the only way anyone would ever accept their control and allow them to interfere in their lives. If we actually saw these evil spirits in their truly horrible forms we would never come under their influence or allow them to manipulate us.

2. Is this something that seems to be prevalent in humans? I am not aware of that is it is. When I think about this happening and try and put myself in that position, I think of it this way. I know that I have been hurt by people and sometime very much, I have never been able to strike out but I did have the desire to. The emotion that I felt seems to come from a simple reaction to want to hurt back, I wanted to see them taking the emotion blow that I felt and see their face so to make them understand how I felt. My few lame attempts have actually been just that-lame. And never gave me any of the satisfaction that I thought I would feel. So the only answer I have the experience to be able to give you is the tendency to hurt others would come from a need to lash back at someone who has hurt them. To compare some of the things that I have read about people doing to others, it seems like there has been some horrendous amount of hurt inflicting on others. (SIDE NOTE: If this is a snowball effect it certainly explains some of the things that happen in our world, doesn’t it?)

  • The primary reason people have a tendency to hurt others is unstopped revenge.

Revenge is a negative emotion you feel when you’re harmed by a rule breaker – somebody cuts you off in traffic, a co-worker spreads gossip about you, a neighbor wakes you with noisy parties late at night. You keep feeling revenge’s negative effect until you retaliate against the rule breaker.

In many situations, victims cannot retaliate – the rule breaker is their boss or parent, for example. In these situations, the victim keeps feeling revenge’s negative effect on an ongoing basis.

People feeling unstopped revenge try to stop it by retaliating against others. The classic example is the man who has a boss who is mean to him on a daily basis. The man cannot retaliate and stop his revenge because he will lose his job. Instead, he takes it out on his family when he gets home.

Bullies and pet abusers are motivated by unstopped revenge. They pick victims who cannot fight back.

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