How can I trust myself when I know that I‘m too lazy to accomplish anything? It‘s like I don‘t have self-worth and so just stay lazy.

  1. First of all, “you know that you are lazy” because your mind has convinced you so! It has already created a mental pattern that says “I am lazy”, “I cannot accomplish anything”! It is a mental pattern that is connected with very low self-worth!

So, I think you need to develop more self-love and self-respect! You need to change your mind set to start thinking that you have value and you can be productive!

It is possible because I have done it, but after a long time and with lots of effort!

But how?

Well, you have to start with small and “silly” things to praise yourself! For example, my favorite one that I am doing and has helped me a lot to build a better relationship with myself is:

  • When I wake up, I say every day 3 things that I am proud of!
  • When I wake up, I ALWAYS fix my bed!
  • When I wake up, I go to the mirror and say to myself: I LOVE YOU!

I know it sounds silly but it hides lots of power! To change mentality and way of thinking takes lots of time and effort! Even years!

So, just try those few suggestions for a couple of weeks, and see how it will affect your mind!

2. YOU NEED TO TRUST YOURSELF. There is no one in this world that can give you happiness except YOU! It’s all about YOU! You’re accomplishments, you’re happiness…Everything in your life starts with you, when you decide to dream, you’ll dream and when you decide to accomplish that dream you need to do hard work…

“HARD WORK PAYS OFF” (you may not see it immediately but it’ll pay off)

How can anyone value you if you don’t give a chance to them to value you? And don’t mix up lazy and self-worth because if you don’t have self-worth you will be depressed not lazy! See some motivational videos, meditate, Spend time with your loved ones, think calmly about what you need in your life, if you need a thing to be accomplished check yourself that Are you doing at least one thing a day that may take you to your goal ? Ask yourself questions every day before sleep! Maintain a journal, write in that what you did today. And lastly ‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for’ and never doubt your self-worth.

3. Start with looking at why you don’t have any self-worth or trust yourself. Who taught you that? You learned that as a child. It is not the truth. Everyone has worth. You just haven’t discovered yours.

You can learn to trust yourself by knowing what your limiting thoughts are. For the next several days, write down every negative thought you have about yourself.

You’ll see the same ones coming up over and over. You can replace these thoughts. I suggest you start telling yourself “I am worthy” and “I trust myself to do what I need to do.

You will gain self-worth by doing what you can, with what you have right now. Every time you write down a negative thought, you are building your self-worth. Every action you take, every task you complete will build your self-worth. You are worth the effort.

  • In a way you certainly can trust yourself. You can be sure nothing gets done. You are very reliable. But you may think a little deeper: what goal are you so reliable to? And how does this goal relate to you. For many people by the way doing nothing makes sure they won’t fail and are protected against disappointment, it is a kind of risk-avoidance. Or in another way, you know for sure you will fail, no risk involved, no insecurity. The self-worth is just a side effect. And here too, failure is a loyal friend.

4. Work on not being lazy? Baby steps.

  • Self-worth has to be worked on first because you’re not going to be motivated if you’re in a negative state of mind. Trusting yourself is trusting that you are positive and logical mindset can get you through conflict and tough times? But you have to build up that mindset first. Takes a while and lots of effort. So either you want it or you don’t.
  • I don’t think it is that you know you’re too lazy, I think it is that you have internalized toxic messages, and I would suggest allowing yourself to observe the contradictions in your personality and the internalized messages.

Likely this will cause some anxiety, especially initially, but it’s no big deal because it’s just cognitive dissonance that will take care of itself while you keep on keeping on and I believe in you.

  • Well, find something that interests you and focus on succeeding in that. Even if it’s something like keeping your room organized, helping Mom, working part-time. If you are faithful in the little things, you can build up your confidence.

Many people argue that humans aren’t naturally monogamous. If that’s true, then sex really isn’t a big deal and that in reality we should all be sharing each other. What do you think?

  1. I think that people should think about if we are going to bypass morality and everything think about protection first and foremost. Now in reality let’s say we are talking about a threesome. Do you know what a safe threesome would entail? If it was two girls, it would require a condom change each time the person entering a female, the male would have to change the condom every time he switched partners. Using one condom only would contaminate each female to each other he would be safe but they would not be.

From another Health perspective would be that if we just all had sex with each other there would be a lot of pregnancies and Sexually transmitted disease. Now I have always looked at things in a more practical perspective and way to lose my virginity until I knew that I was old enough to take care of a child if that happened.

From a moral standpoint I would say that it would have to be up to each individual person and there’s no conclusive studies on whether human beings are completely monogamous or not. Some human beings are completely monogamous and some beings are not. That’s the issue we are so varied that nobody can ever really get that answer.

The only thing that we can do if someone does not want to be monogamous is protect ourselves and others by using condoms correctly and following the directions lubrication and properly cleansing ourselves before and after sex.

After a woman has sex it is imperative to use the bathroom and to clean out her area with water like a spray hose or a washcloth and to always wipe front to back. I know this all sounds very rudimentary but it is all practical advice.

I just wanted to add that if anyone has anal sex then a condom and lube need to be used as well period anal sex is a very easy way to transmit sexually transmitted diseases.

If performing oral sex on a man use a condom if an active oral sex on a woman other than someone then you are regular tested partner then use a dental dam or a piece of clear film.

2. Humans don’t naturally use computers either, but we enjoy it. We don’t ‘naturally’ consume cooked foods, and yet we do just fine now eating them almost all the time.

Just because we might not ‘naturally’ all be compelled to do something (and I do argue that monogamous pair bonding has happened all through human history and that therefore something about it must be natural for many people), doesn’t mean that some people don’t choose to do it anyway.

Sex isn’t a big deal to some people, and we should allow those people to enjoy themselves (provided they are doing it safely and consensually).

Sex is a big deal to others, and we should allow those people to enjoy sex within whatever context makes them comfortable (provided they are doing it safely and consensually).

If a group of people want to get together and all-share each other then that’s fine by me. And if two people decide they only ever want to have sex with each other for the rest of their lives, then that’s also fine.

Personally, I feel that I am entirely naturally monogamous, in that it is not in my nature to cheat, have multiple relationships, or to have casual sex outside of committed relationships. That just how I’m built – I’d never be comfortable enough to do that. For me, sex and love are intrinsically linked, and I’m not really built to love more than one person like that.

My thoughts are that we should allow consenting adults to enjoy sex in whatever way works for them, not trying to say that there is only one way to ‘properly’ enjoy sex or relationships.

3. Why would you base what you “should” do in life based on what is or isn’t natural? What does it mean for monogamy to be natural or not? Pre humans and other animals don’t seem concerned with that so much, they just want to procreate. Males would often run around and just jump on females and do their business. Human societies have different rules and customs throughout history. The last few hundred years, there is a particular emphasis on individuality and smaller family structures and cities, which has also impacted the way we deal with sex as a society. I think it lead to people being skittish about it, less familiar with getting close to a variety of people maybe?