People often treat you the way they treat themselves. So try not to take it personally and ignore people who disrespect and insult you” Do you believe this is true or just another white lie?

The first part is vague. It’s a generalization. Could be true in multiple ways I’m sure, none of them particularly useful. Pointless I’d call it.

The second part is advice. Advice is not true or false per se. It’s just advice. Submitted for your consideration: if you see the use of it, try it out. See how it fits your life. Discard it, if not perfectly satisfied. If you don’t see the use of it, don’t bother about it.

Same as anything else anyone says. Use your judgment, take what’s of use, and discard what’s not.

“People often treat you the way they treat themselves. So try not to take it personally and ignore people who disrespect and insult you.”

Sure, some behave in ways that reflect some lack in themselves, which they pass on to you, the customer. For example: disrespectful people don’t respect themselves, either – if they had any self-respect, they wouldn’t lower themselves to act that way! And yet who cares? How does the advice follow from the premise? Even if we grant the premise? Let’s say a person is treating you the way they treat themselves. So? Should you then ignore all they do because of that?

How does how they treat themselves come into it? They can treat themselves anyway they please. It’s their privilege!

They cannot treat you anyway they please. You are not theirs. If they wrong you or insult you – you may have something to say about it. That’s if you care to. If you have a grievance you may level the charge. If you don’t care to, that’s your business.

Point is: how they treat their own self gives them no permission, latitude or excuse for how they treat yours. How you treat me, I have a stake in that. Where there’s stake, there’s say.

Say, though, is voluntary. Just because you have say doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re the sort to let a slight pass – maybe you disdain conflict, or you recognize the worth of their opinion? – You are free to let their crack be beneath you. Big time.

If on the other hand you’re moved to speak, to object – some are. We are all free to do so. Just as we’re all free to respond.

Ignoring someone’s worthless contribution is an option, as you wish. “Worthless” here just means worthless-to-you. You are the one deciding what response of yours its worth, if any. Entirely your call, respond or ignore.

2. The Golden Rule is a fallacy because one cannot treat the other one like one because everyone is a unique one that is not the one being treated like someone else’s one that is not itself.

If I do not want to be treated like a slave, do not enslave me, and if I do not want to be like you, do not call me primitive. Because that is not how you treat you like a primitive. Do not invade my lands and do not claim discovery to me. Do not name me yourselves I had a name before you became aware of me I was being without you

That said, the one with the greatest respect is the one with the most pride in the self because you cannot make someone who is proud of who they are feel disrespected to the point of disrespecting you because they are too busy doing what makes them proud of themselves a d that thing is not about you being disrespectful toward them.

The notion of humility then is a would be brainwashers tool because the proud do not do something they are not proud of because pride is all they have to give you can never take who they are even when you claim you own them

  • You should have a baseline inside, if you are upset hurt happy bla bla you will return to that if given the chance

People test each other when they meet and figure out a hierarchy subconsciously it’s almost always done it’s very strange to me but it’s really normal

Some initial confrontations seem necessary for people to feel comfortable with their roll, people will test you and you will both put each other in the right place… humans are odd rats do this lol

So initially if someone seems confrontational give it a minute great friendships can come from it, people are just weird 🙄

If someone is constantly insulting there better be some perks!

I went off question how odd lol

People can treat you better than they are able to treat or think of themselves for a wile if it is in there nature to be that way in the first place, everyone has a breaking point though

3. This is true to some extent but there is one more aspect to it, how much so ever we are worthy of respect, but our worth is communicated correctly by our body language, vibe and attitude which comes out of self-confidence, till our worth or image is communicated correctly to the people, they may find difficulty in respecting us.

So, problem is not that we are not worthy of respect but the problem is that we are not able to communicate that we our worthy of respect without even speaking.

So the key to get respect from all the people around is that if you are worthy of respect then develop self-confidence in you so that your expressions, body language, words, tone, everything clearly communicates that you deserve respect.

Now such self – confidence comes from Self- awareness and Self-love, which we need to learn and practice.

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