What are some examples that explain “Knowing oneself can make a person accept his/her strengths and limitations and helps one to deal with others better.”?

The Road of life is littered with Potholes

When Socrates said “know thyself,” it was this experience of inner light he was speaking of. The experience of the soul. The true self is not a knowledge of our faults, but of a higher power capable of taking us beyond our faults.

You have a car that’s in good shape. You can drive through most weather conditions without any trouble. You encounter a pothole and your car will most likely help you avoid those hazards.

When emotionally healthy, anger and fear will work together. Your anger sets a good boundary so that fear can pilot through life without drama. If your car is a clunker with bad brakes, foggy windows, and old streaky wipers you have to be extra careful, just to make it through the storm.

Imagine driving down the road, lost in thought rejoicing in the music that uplifts. You hit a pothole. You know what a pothole means, aside from being holes in the road. Potholes are situations or conditions that hold you back.

A rut a defect in the road of life, a setback, and something that halts or jars us. These situations stop the flow of life

They prevent you from accomplishing what you’ve set for your life. In life when we’re moving too fast, we don’t stop to think about why (our) potholes occurred. As a result, we head for even larger ones perhaps getting stuck.

Fear is like a pothole. Fear can show up at the worst times. What do you do in those moments? How do you seize opportunities when you feel inadequate or intimidated?

Potholes are a part of life. Go over or around them, but keep moving. A pothole, like a living creature, continues to grow until its death. While a pothole has no parents, it is born from wear and weather. Day in and day out, roads have the burden of supporting the weight of thousands of cars.

This constant force eventually fractures the road. After continuous wear, cracks begin to emerge, and the weather begins to take its toll.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 19 million people in the United States have mental illnesses that involve persistent, outsized fear responses to seemingly ordinary stimuli.

A door slam becomes a gun’s report to a shattered combat veteran, for example, while smoke from burning leaves might trigger smell–based memories for a genocide survivor.

Marianne Williamson said this “Miraculous transformations occur. Change your thinking from, fear to faith and love. “

Dishonoring fear is something many of us do from early childhood. This can lead to anxiety disorder. We all learn to devalue and disable our fear. Witness this sensation of fear by feeling it, and take the courageous step to do the very thing you fear. Do not fight your ego. Witness it. This is the highest form of human intelligence, to observe yourself without judgment and transform fear into love.

  • problem solving is about Knowing oneself: how one feels; the experiences we have; the explanations that go with each experience; and the options we try, to change; and the strength to do it all, again and again.
  • As we know more out self, we realize that it is our judgment that creates impression whether good or bad.
  • Our opinion of others is reflection of us and that’s why I believe knowing self leads to deal with others much easier.

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