What is the solution when you feel depressed and low? You feel like you are messing up everything you come across, and suddenly you don’t feel like yourself?

  1. Yes, you heard that right.

The feeling of depression leaves one feeling lonely and isolated. Whatever you do, it just goes wrong somehow and you end up blaming yourself even if you aren’t responsible for it. You feel, nothing is right. You don’t feel like getting out of your bed, meet people (not even friends), or do anything that makes you happy.

However, that’s only increasing your depression. If you are facing something similar or even worse, please talk to someone whom you are close to, someone who you can trust and can understand your issues without judging you for anything. That person can be anyone; you are parents, your sibling, your friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your teacher, your colleague.

Sharing and discussing your problems might not solve your problems at one go if you expect so. But, it surely gives you a bit of a relief and leaves you with a state of mind where you can think of some or the other ways to get over this feeling.

At such a stage of life, you might even receive free suggestions from a lot of people, even those who hardly know you. The tip to avoid them is to hear but not listen what they say. You’re the best person to know and understand what works best for you.

Don’t run away from your problems. Because this feeling of depression is a result of stressful situations occurring in your life. If you do not know how to face them, consult someone who can give you the right advice.

And, if the situation is worse, psychiatric help will certainly help you get over this feeling and add a new dimension to think and act from a different, perhaps, better perspective. People say, one visits a psychologist only if they’re mad. However, these are narrow-minded, orthodox people who still live in stone-age. You’re NOT supposed to believe them.

I have been living with this feeling for over 2 years now, so I understand what you do be going through. I do what I feel is right for me and makes me happy. Take actions that help you solve your problems, bit by bit, one step at a time, and gradually along the process, you’d feel the improvement in yourself.

I believe, there’s nothing wrong if you are in depression. It occurs because you are a bit more sentimental and think more than others normally do. We all are different. We all tackle situations in our own ways. So, don’t worry. You cannot appreciate the beauty of a sunrise until you’ve felt the intensity of the dawn.

2. Felling depressed is a part of our day to day lives. We often feel depressed and low because of certain reasons. When you feel depressed you also feel like everything is going beyond control beyond your hands this happens because in that state our mind remains in such a low consciousness that we don’t realize that the things we think are going beyond us are actually normal. Nothing is out of the control it feels like that just because of the depressed feeling. The best solution for this is remove your stress. This feeling is common nowadays. I will say that have just half an hour for yourself and sit somewhere u will be alone with no one to disturb you when find such place think about yourself only. Your achievements, your failures, your goals, things that can motivate you. After this just work like that only.

  • Monitor the thoughts that are making you feel depressed and low. Is there a reason or is it an irrational worry. Examine the root cause and replace the worrying thoughts with positive action.

3. Depression occurs if you are an emotional guy with weak mind….if you face repeated failures and things are happening against you

Then slowly depression finds in , subject to your mind is weak… it will not occur immediately for a case of 1 or 2 failures…to overcome this you need to develop a strong , calm mind… you need to develop the following attitudes for a strong, calm mind…

  •  Everyone gets an opportunity
  •  Life is a circle, those who are up will have to come down , those who are down will have to go up…
  •  Everything is temporary…
  • Attitude of learning from the failures and are the stepping stones for success…
  • Never expect anything for the duties you do…
  • Always visualize and think positively and accept the worst with cool.
  • Think about the worst for a fraction of time and give your acceptance with cool…
  • Even some one’s criticism will be forgotten by them, as long as you don’t remember it…

To develop all these attitudes you have to have a calm mind which helps you to understand and adopt it…

Calm mind can be achieved by practicing meditation and breathing based pranayama’s.

Everyday visualize positive things are happening and write down positive things as if it happened… start visualizing that you are beautiful and smart and it will lead to being liked by yourself….then you will get big confidenc

4. When you feel like you are messing everything up, then stop for a while. Set a timer of 15 minutes and think about how much you have messed up and what was the reason behind that.

Think logically about the solution. Remember: no exceptions while solving the problems. Don’t think too much. Because that will eventually make you more depressed. And lastly have nice-cream while listening to music to clear your mind.

This too shall pass. Think of similar situations in the past, and you don’t think about those or let it impact you today. This will not impact your future.

We create our own reality by imposing a framework of our thought process on reality. Change the frame of reference, and you will be able to see things with a new perspective.

If it gets really bad, consult a therapist. There is no stigma in seeking help. It is a temporary condition, and will pass.  

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