I have a high-paying, yet very stressful job. I want to quit, but I cannot get anywhere a similar pay. What can I do to feel mentally better about it?


Prioritize your mental and physical health for a few months. Do not spend any more time at work than your allotted hours. Many people get super stressed because their working hours start exceeding 40 hours as they try to keep up with what they perceive as the “workplace normal “culture. If anything is said about it ( obviously keep a record of your attendance so you can prove that you are putting in the time they’re paying you for- log in 5 minutes early and log out a couple of minutes past your official end time- just don’t give them more than a few minutes a day). Point to your meticulous records and say something nondescript like” I have developed a serious health issue and have to take care of my body better” ( true)

Start exercising- preferably a vigorous session early morning- and a relaxing walk in the evening – Eat only whole foods- preferably homemade- don’t put junk in your body. I’m not saying you are doing these things, but if you are you are ruining your own life: Quit drinking alcohol- cut it out completely. Quit smoking/ vamping using tobacco or drugs. Lastly quit watching pornography or any other “rubbish” on your computer. Break your habits of wrapping up your entire life in the technology. Learn to meditate. Reconnect with your spiritual side. Find God again. Imagine how your “best life” looks and work towards it. Keep a journal of your life- just a few words a day is enough.

Talk to your medical professional if you find yourself getting depressed or anxious. Take medication if necessary to help your brain “re-set”. If you can afford it, take a vacation to the sea shore or the mountains (whichever you prefer) to help with the turn around.

In the meantime work at work like you love it. Allow yourself to feel how rewarding it is to complete a project before you worry about the next. Say good morning to people and mean it. Smile. Find gratitude for the paycheck if nothing else.

Give this plan about 6 months of your best efforts. If you still find yourself not happy with your work after your body and the rest of your life is in control and progressively getting better, then it’s time to admit that the job- however well paid- is not working for you (pun intended). So begin the job search but with a de-stressed body and a clearer mind – which will enable you to find an equally (or higher) paid position that suits you better. 


I think unfortunately…. this is one of those situations where you will have to decide what is more important. Health or wealth. But if you really can’t bear to work for less money try and make a list of the positives that this job brings, such as security or health insurance, good holidays or similar. If you can recognize the benefits then it might become more bearable. Also look at stress management techniques and perhaps look at yourself. Are you taking on too much, are you doing more than your colleagues, is there any part that you could drop without it affecting the end result. 

  • It’s hard to work a stressful job. The key is to compartmentalize. In other words, when you’re at work put blinders on. Don’t let anyone into your private life at this job. You don’t like it so making friends there probably isn’t a good idea. If you say one thing negative regarding your job to someone your work with may cause you more stress.

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