“Don’t take a decision unless there is disagreement”, what if people discourage you, won’t it make you indecisive when there is disagreement?

  1. Me? No. It won’t make me indecisive..

If I don’t see any compelling reason to choose one side over the other thatwill make me noncommittal. But it will because I suspend judgment pending compelling demonstration. It won’t be because I’m sitting there “oh, I can’t decide! Too many factors!” It’d be more like “Neither of you sides have jack nil reason within you why I should favor either one.”

I mean, if we’ve come to a fork and decision is forced, where action’s required and we have to do one thing or the other, I won’t have any trouble deciding. I can always lean to one side and assume it as a premise to act from. The action itself will be a test of the assumption’s validity. In such a case I decide only to test. To see what we get, acting from this premise.

Anyway, I’ve never noticed that anyone trying to discourage me came into it. Why would it? That person’s attitude towards me isn’t likely to weigh in the real decision.

In case it matters:

“Don’t take a decision unless there is disagreement”,

…all this means to me is that until something forces you to decide one way or the other, there’s no value in premature decision. As long as you don’t have to decide, you keep gathering Intel on the desirability of all options.

I don’t really see where discouragement comes into it. The only decision that should factor into is your decision to keep company with people who discourage you.

  • Your personal understanding about the Truth of your position should be coming from you growing ability to shut down your noisy mind and listen to the consciousness of the universe.

There are Cosmic Truths and you can access them after learning how to first quiet your noisy mind, but then go beyond the silence to access Consciousness itself.

To only go to the silence is failing to comprehend your place within the Universe and your ability to communicate it in a conscious fashion!

All of us unconsciously communicate with the Cosmic Mind to allow our own minds to make sense of the information streaming into us from both our five physical senses and our sixth senses (which many deny even exist).

Once you can access the consciousness of the universe, you no longer have to, or even can, be indecisive! Anything less is just an emanation from our Egos!

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