How is silence associated with knowledge?


We humans have very busy minds and have not been well enough taught about ‘what’ comes into our minds, or ‘where’ it comes from; so that we can learn to ignore a vast majority that ‘appears’ in our minds!

We live in a field that our minds can, and often do, sample. Much of that field consists of the anguished thoughts of those who are experiencing unpleasant ‘things’ which can be thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions of others, or inputs from the universe, etc. When we latch onto them, they become ours; but many should be ignored and are not at all useful to us! However, since few have been taught this, we mull most of them over and are changed by even that unwise action.

So, to truly understand what is going on, we have to learn how to quit ‘thinking’ about what comes into our minds, from others and, when we are quite enough we may hear the softer talk from the universe (and the source of this marvelous universe).

What we ‘get’ directly from the universe is useful knowledge and the universal source of wisdom as well. All humans can do this but we are inferentially taught not to do so; since many in society rely upon our staying ignorant; so they can more easily control us!

Both meditation and ‘contemplative prayer’ are useful; even necessary, for us to quiet our minds. This is a vast amount of useful advice on meditation on the web and we can sample what is there to find out what works for us. What works best will change as we grow!


We are sentient beings. We are sensitive to objects through 5 doorways. Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. Only one of these doorways is loud. If there is the precise understanding of one reality (through vipassana) then at that moment there is silence because sound is not the object.

For example. At the moment of smelling there is only smell, nothing else, no person, no outside world so smell is silent and dark when it is the object of insight. At that moment there is only smell.

  • There is only one type of knowledge associated with silence, and that is not the common knowledge of things in the world of concepts but that of knowing you are/exist. You cannot know your true nature while being controlled by a noisy mind.

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