Is it fair to say that everyone is politically correct based on their ideas as to what is PC? Just like rejecting moral norm and going your own way is not antithesis of morality but to create your own version of morality?


No, I don’t believe that’s fair to say. I’m not saying it’s “unfair” – it might be unfair to you, because it will cause your meaning to miscarry. It’s not a fair rendering. It’s a pretty large distortion of how the term “politically correct” is used.

Political correctness is outward-facing and pertains to an established set of proposed norms: proposed as desirable for common and normal use. Someone who conspicuously adopts and uses the newest attitudes, euphemisms and buzzwords (for this or that group, behavior, condition or state of affairs) is being politically correct.

Most often, “political correctness” brings to mind the action of those who are correcting others, or otherwisepromoting the spread of new and approved terms and values, and the rejection of old terms and values.

So really, to refer to someone who speaks and acts without reference to current trends in what’s established-as-acceptable as “politically correct” would be deceptive, inaccurate and confusing. “Politically correct” – as it is used – means a participation in particular shared ideas for what’s acceptable. Even the term “political” should cue you what’s involved.

The moral comparison doesn’t hold. Morality can involve systems and tenets and paradigms held in common, but as you note, there’s no reason it has to. That consensus nature is not morality’s core or essence, merely one of its expressions. Morality is ultimately personal: we can choose what we choose to believe. We choose what and who we’ll obey, so we are responsible for our acts of obedience. Morality may rely on the counsel or guidance of others or of tradition, but it can equally be founded in our own conscience and judgment. Often it’s a potent mix of both.

Not so with “political.” “Political” necessarily entails coming together with others, working towards agreement and consensus on issues. Aligning in sides to advocate and decide.A correctness that is only one’s own, that relies on nothing others have shared and agreed in, is apolitical.

Someone who goes their own way could be apolitically correct, maybe.

Nobody would know what the hell that means. But trust me, if you use “politically correct” to mean that, nobody’s going to know what you mean, either. They’ll pretty much assume you mean what everybody else means by this generally-understood term in common use.


Not quite. The problem with that is, that the entire idea of declaring things or people to be “PC” or not, is a false narrative.

It is a good bit of progress for you to recognize that many people who point at others and declare them to be adherents to “political correctness,” are doing exactly the same thing themselves, but calling it something else.

That’s the kind of realization that it TRUE, but if one tries to stay with the “PC or not PC” picture of society, it won’t be USEFUL.

Similarly with the concept of morality, it is a step forward to recognize that there are a wide variety of “moralities” in the world, but if all you do with that recognition, is declare that therefore there is functionally NO “morality,” you’ve opted not to USE YOUR INSIGHT, and instead to become a passive victim of it.

Instead, I suggest you pursue your thinking further, for example, into learning WHY some people establish rule sets (which critics call political correctness by way of rejecting them), and as well, why those who oppose those rules, do oppose them.


We humans are complex beings in a very complex universe, about which we have been taught very little that is true in a cosmic sense!

There is Truth in the universe, but societal truths are usually false!

Our Egos, who think they ‘know it all’ tell us that we also ‘know it all’; but we don’t even know how little that we know. As a result, we usually follow our Egos and quit learning! After all, we already ‘know it all!’ How much is there to learn after that?

To think that you know enough to develop your own version of a morality is full proof that you have no idea that you are largely ignorant of how little that you know.

There are Cosmic Truths and the only morality that counts is based upon those Truths!

  • Healthy people constantly entertain new ideas to compare their world-view with reality. When they do not match they do the hard work of modifying their world-view with an absolute commitment to truth. Sick people avoid any ideas that conflict with their own so they never get their world-view challenged. Evil people are so afraid of having to change their world view that they attack anyone presenting an opposing view so they NEVER have to grow up. The current PC culture is evil people taking over the conversation in an attempt to get everyone outside reality with them.

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