What is wrong with Social Justice Warriors? And why do people having an issue with them?


Let me first start by saying that there is nothing wrong with social justice. We, as a society, should always strive to treat our fellow humans with compassion and fairness.

The term “social justice warrior” is a reference to somebody who does not genuinely care about social justice. What they really care about is painting themselves as being virtuous without really doing anything that involves sacrifice on their part. SJWs are all about whining and complaining about the problems of the world without actually doing anything about them. For SJWs, it’s a big contest to see who can whine the most to gain more status among the herd. They build up their credibility by finding things to complain about over social media, then post about them to see how many likes they can get. SJWs usually complain about things like racism, income inequality, homelessness, etc. But they don’t really DO anything to address those problems by putting their own money towards it, or donating their own time to solving the problem. SJWs are usually White people living in largely White, low-crime neighborhoods pretending to care about minorities in low-income neighborhoods. You’d think if they cared so much about the issues in those low-income, minority neighborhoods that they would actually move to those neighborhoods themselves. But no, they have no interest in living among low-income families in a high-crime area. At the very least, you think they would sacrifice some of their personal time by volunteering to do tutoring in those neighborhoods, but they don’t do that, either. They’d rather just complain about it on social media to show how virtuous and caring they are. They love to do things like attend marches, because this gives them the opportunity to take pictures of themselves marching with their picket sign to post on social media as a way of saying “Look at me! I’m showing that I am doing something!” After all, it costs nothing to attend a march, they can score points by posting photos, and they don’t have to make any further commitment, unlike volunteering to work in a soup kitchen every weekend.

In many ways, SJW culture is also a game of King of The Hill, as trying to shoot down others in their herd is a good way of propping themselves up in status, which is why they constantly eat their own. This is usually done by finding anything a member of the herd said or did that even slightly goes outside of the strict lines that they are expected to follow, then calling them out and getting the rest of the herd to dogpile on them.

For a SJW, no matter is too trivial to turn into something about “privilege”. Even the most positive things in our society can be turned into negatives in the mind of a SJW. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you a perfect example: Little Free Libraries.

In case anybody isn’t familiar with Little Free Libraries, it was all started by a man named Todd Bol. Todd was a man from Wisconsin whose mother was a teacher for many years, and she had a great love for reading. When she passed away, as a tribute to her, Todd built a little wooden structure in the shape of an old schoolhouse and filled it with books, then put a sign on it that said “Free Books”. This was the first Little Free Library. Todd got a lot of positive feedback from his neighbors, who also asked him to make ones for them as well, which he did. Before he knew it, the whole thing blew up and caught on like wildfire. Todd trademarked the Little Free Library and started his own non-profit organization under that name, and people can now buy their own online from his website, or just make their own, and if you want others to be able to find it, you can pay to register it on the Little Free Library website so that anybody can look it up on there to find one near them. Not only do Little Free Libraries help promote literacy, but one of the biggest impacts people have mentioned is that it helped them get to know their neighbors, as putting one up on their property got them to socialize more with the people that would stop and look through the books. In a world where in person interaction has decreased greatly, you would think that such a thing would be a nice change.

Now, you would think that with all of these positives, you’d say to yourself “How could anybody take something like that and turn it into a negative?!” Oh, but you underestimate the ability of the SJW herd to twist a positive thing into a negative.

According to SJWs, Little Free Libraries are a sign of privilege, as most of them exist in neighborhoods where people can afford to buy and register them. Of course, the average person would then say to themselves “Well, if that’s the case, then did the people complaining about this start pooling their money together to put more Little Free Libraries in poorer communities?” Of course not! Because that’s not what SJWs do! They just whine about the problem to portray themselves as actually caring about the issue. God forbid they should actually sacrifice their own money and free time to make things better!

BTW, while the SJWs moan and complain from their computers, Todd Bol has been making efforts to put thousands of Little Free Libraries all over Africa by teaming with another non-profit, Books For Africa, as well as making efforts to get more Little Free Libraries in low-income neighborhoods in the United States. You can read more about that here: Out of the Midwest: Books for Africa and Little Free Library Promote Literacy


Nothing is wrong with the social justice warrior thing but when different agendas come into play along with this then it becomes destructive to society and the people involved in these “social justice “ don’t even realize this as they get so consumed in their agendas .

At last these “warriors “are just pawns and played by big people for channeling their motives. Some take things like equality to such an extent that it poses as a threat to other gender (clearly I am talking about third wave feminism). Who doesn’t want these things to go away? If you come up with genuine innovative methods and steps everyone will welcome it with open arms and if they don’t THEN you have all the rights in the world to penalize them, even public will support you …. Isn’t this way better than shouting at each other without any conclusion? You can bring your steps in front of people as prospective for law and then everyone has to abide by them. But everything needs to discuss and everyone should be listened with respect, this way you can find even your flaws to improve.

But there are selfish propaganda all around and people are making business out of them. Be in media, politics, NGO this mindset is now very deep rooted. Just imagine this, you and me are good friends and good people in general and we respect everyone BUT due to these few people and their agendas, their fights, flashy news on social media, Provocative language and polarizing speech, we, good friends, who had nothing to do with them and their agenda, who were good in our life and already living like they “want to make the world”, we became enemies! We’ll start having debates and heated arguments, we’ll search and see on the internet only what we want to see thereafter.

And guess what, THEY GOT SUCCESSFUL IN WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO. Now they have more pawns to fight for them on posting just one video and more people to come on roads just for the sake of their agendas, these guys play such pawns buddy. None of them will ever meet you but you’ll remain loyal than a dog for them in your heart. Nowadays good and bad both talk humbly, “nicely”, they appear good people, it gets difficult to judge. But be in control of what you’re going to do, that’s all in our hands.

We need to look at a bigger picture, what do we want to make out of it? A peaceful and happy world equal for everyone? Then live it by example! It won’t come by creating groups and fighting, no one listens in debates.

Debates don’t have conclusions, that’s why have discussions, not debate.


Social justice warriors are often insincere, narrow-minded, but good intentioned activists without clear or working solution to an issue. The main problem here is not their insincerity, the method, the short reactive thinking process, nor their demographic makeup, but the result of their actions.

People in the social media gave them excessive attention, because social justice movements are often designed to guilt-trip bystanders for not supporting. It is high-pressure sales tactics that you all hate. Except, this time, they are not selling Multi-Level Marketing nonsense, they promise “something better”.

You know what it is like?

First comparison:

Charity muggers can take the enjoyment out of giving

-The Guardian

At least we know that “Chiggers” are paid. But we also know that they serve charitable purposes. So what’s the difference here?

SJWs often feign sincerity by being independent from monetary interests, which is all the more suspicious.

I briefly fundraised for several charity organization, from local ones, to global ones like WWF or UNICEF. You may or may not agree with their methods, the conduct of their caretakers, the lavish lifestyle of some of their expat “volunteers”, but we also see them work. We groaned that it takes millions of dollar to vaccinate a thousand kids in a remote village, but they are vaccinated nevertheless

SJWs barely achieve anything. I normally disagree with the anti-tech cartoon, but this is in line what SJWs are doing:

Giving likes to be people in need funny sad reality cartoon – PMSLweb

Your social media posts, cyber-bullying activities on “the deserving”, the speeches, all made difference. Yeah, right. There are even SJW movements that asked for donation. A Korean American gathered Asians, ask for our sympathy and donation, and so she can continue to give speech about racism to college campuses across the US.

I’d rather donate wasteful millions of dollars to UNICEF, knowing that there will be vaccinated, educated kids and water pumps build, than giving a cent to political cause peddlers.

While there are people who work hard on the real solution of the problem. SJWs rarely have any concrete solution or achievements.

Let me get back to my favorite past time: bashing USA.

US SJWs are the worst. They are as systemic and politically dependent as their military industry complex. They came to Vietnam in droves, occupy every 55 km from any direction with firebases, and just sit there doing nothing besides maintaining presence and occasionally picketing a 4-man patrol behind enemy lines to lure out VCs or NVAs. So, are you going to finish off communist Vietnam or not? Nope, we fear all-out war with China or USSR – well don’t do that in the first place!

Then there is the hypocrisy

The Nazis were once proud banner holder of the peak of white race. Such haughty attitude ought to be reflected in their armed forces, they should have the highest morale, discipline, tactics, aggressiveness, and maintenance. But along the way, they accepted literal sub-human scums among themselves, the Mengele’s, the Dirlewangers, the Freisler, the worse of the “proud Aryans”. They bragged so much about their racial purity and superiority only to be proven otherwise.

It applies to SJW movements. There is no vetting process here to join the activities, so unlike the SS. But there is strong cancel culture attitude among them as deterrence for people with impure records trying to preach sanity. So there is that. Hypocrisy ran rampant, what absolutism, internationality, everything is muddled to achieve basically nothing.

At least the evil Nazi had their model society. SJWs practically has none that they can even agree among themselves.

Amber Heard, a week after she recorded that confession audio with Johnny Depp, attended 2020’s Women’s March. While it doesn’t change the righteousness of the cause, it does raise a question about the people behind the movement. Can a hypocrite represents and be given a platform over actual victims?

Ricky Gervais said this in January 2020 Golden Globe ceremony:

So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.

So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent, and your God and fuck off, OK? It’s already three hours long. Right, let’s do the first award.

Time for another America-bashing, especially their celebrity-worshipping culture.

I have a problem with Hollywood-started me-too movements. Everybody there are well aware about Weinstein and the pervasive casting couch culture. But they all stayed silent and accepted the money. And what has been happening through those years:

But you all look lovely all dolled up. You came here in your limos. I came here in a limo tonight and the license plate was made by Felicity Huffman. No, shush. It’s her daughter I feel sorry for. OK? That must be the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to her. And her dad was in Wild Hogs.

I am glad he said it.

There is nothing smart, strong, scheming, or powerful in propping up a sex offender before “taking him down” from the inside. You are not an undercover agent, but an unwilling profiteering victim, a complicit participant that helps spread his influence in the industry. Any ambitious aspiring next generation of actresses have to go through the ordeal, thanks to those not saying “no.”

Why? There are actresses who said no, and were ousted because of it. They suffered. Their dreams crushed. But they did the right thing.

So for those other who came to the awards using limousine services, thanking Weinstein for the movie he produced, you should self-reflect more.You can’t complain about being “jailed” when you are quarantined in a multi-million dollar mansion.

I can’t say that I am completely 100% innocent when my government doesn’t make the right choice for certain people. Therefore, I should know my place before I say big things in front of other people, unlike Amber Heard for instance. People cynically call them “actress” for a reason, sometimes they act. But it would be unhelpful for an actual victimized actress, this is why they should shut up and not overcrowd the emergency voices.

Then there is this “equity, not equality”

I am speaking as a non-white third world, there is no way I would like to be placed in a “handicap” on a platform that gives me “equal footing” with the whites. If any, the western education I received should taught me that I should be proud with I have achieved, especially when I wasn’t cheating.

Equity applies like this:

When we set up the basketball rim, it stands at 10 feet. Everybody back then has to do 5 lay ups as part of national physical education curriculum-mandated exam. Sink all 5s, you got perfect 10. Each misses will deduct your score by 1. But this only applies for male students. Female got automatic 10s if they score at 3 out of 5 tries. The lowest they can score is 7, while male students can go as low as 5.

I don’t mind at all. My fellow high school basketball team were even taunted to perform the lay ups or dunks with style to “even out” the academic playing fields. Initially, we negotiated for an automatic 8. We can’t just shot under the ring or football carry the ball all the way like most other students, we need to dribble the ball in, avoid traveling or double dribble then flick the ball with either one-handed push or finger roll or dunk it in if you jumped high enough.

Other physical education exams are also structured similarly, a 100 meter sprint is 15 seconds for male, and 20 seconds for female. The football exam, the volleyball exam, the athletic exam, the gymnastics.

Equality should be what we are aiming for, and “fair” distribution of equity is how we shall achieve it. So, what is the catch here?

There is no such handicap application for other classroom subjects. There are no considerations for let’s say, if you are “mathematically gifted”, and therefore must be given a more challenging set of exam questions.

Social Justice Narrative has turned this effort to achieve equality into victimhood competition.

Some people do deserve it more than the others. But when it comes to equity, everyone blurs the picture and tries to paint themselves as the short guy. It is the system we are exploiting, not the outcome that we are aiming for. I mean, does a person like Donald Trump deserve all the wealth and popularity that society has given him? Not every person has the right character to be trusted with certain amount of power or wealth. So, equity seems like a nice idea, until everyone lies.

There is no incentive for working hard when whining is accepted as a form of effort to achieve your goal.

Paul Feig just blame it on controversy for his Ghostbusters (2016) remake, Elizabeth Banks begged “men” to see Charlie’s Angels (2019), and blame them for their sexism of not wanting to see “strong female character” made into a trope. People can’t no longer honestly voice their opinion without being second guessed for their non-SJW compliant point of views.

So what, do you think girls can’t score 10, just because they are females?

Well, why don’t you make a good female movie in the first place?

You may not have to score 5 layups to get 10, like I do, but creativity is a field where the playing field is almost level regardless of your gender or identity. There is no systematic belief about the inferiority of strong female character when Patty Jenkins blows Zack Snyder and David Ayer away for her DC movie. You don’t need extra testosterone to grow more muscle in order to write a good story.

Cleverly construed sociological excuse about “systemic preconditioning” with a lot of exceptions is not a good enough explanation. You are bound to repeat the same mistake. Your failure to cash-in on the SJW popularity and act, based on your marketing team’s observation of the significant activities of their cyber bullying, should be a reminding lessons for businesses trying to pander.


Martin Lloyd pretty much wrote what my answer would be, but his explanation is good enough for me. I have little problem with the core concepts behind feminism and social justice. Not all SJWs are the same, and neither are all feminists. I’m a men’s rights activist (a real one) and there are feminists I have more respect for than many men’s rights activists and antifeminists.

My most concerning issues are the people, irrespective of their labels, who use rhetorical arguments. This is concerning to me because conclusions are already made in advance no matter what the circumstances are. There has been a huge empathy gap in most cultures regarding the issues boys and men face, hence I see little ‘social justice’ where the latter is concerned.

I have always felt that economic class and hyper masculinity are the real culprits behind most of the world’s woes and I think there’s overwhelming evidence for this claim of mine. You know, there was a time when I used to think that despite our differences, most of us generally want the same basic things such a peace, tranquility, stability, etc. Today I now think that was a load of crock. I lost my motivation to write about these issues in detail, or at all, anymore.

We are now living in the information age, and instead of that bringing enlightenment, what we now have is another era — the age of gas lighting and misinformation. And I’m still trying to figure out how the increasing popularity of idealist-based New Thought and its positive-thinking mantra among the progressive crowd is in any way compatible with the concept of social justice. The former tells you to be positive and accept things as they are, while the latter is supposed to fight against injustice and support change. People such as Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson really boggle me.

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