Why do we need ethics and morals?

This is an interesting question, so I’ll try and provide you an answer from the perspective of evolutionary science.


Firstly, from an evolutionary perspective, it isn’t the survival of the individual or the transmission of an individual’s genes that is most important, it is about the gestalt survival of the species, first and foremost. Competition and individual drives for procreation are a good way of having that happen. But let us remember that evolution is not just genetic, or physiological, but also occurs at a social level. Social strategies for evolution are wildly successful in the natural world, just look at ants, baboons, and Canadian geese. All of these animals have developed social strategies to help with the task of survival and propagation of their species.
In a similar vein, humans have developed social constructs in a dizzying variety that has made us wildly successful as a species as far as survival goes; we live in a vast variety of environments. Cooperation has demonstrated its survival value countless times in our history as a species, and from that we’ve developed some formalized standards of how to go about cooperating in a society. Some of these are expressed in abstracts like justice, good and evil, or examined and debated as ethics and morality. These values also change as our societies and civilizations have changed, and we continue to evolve as a social species.
Clearly, there are differences between cultural ethics and morality in our world, as we are in a state of experimentation and conflict that has be brought on by globalization, information technologies, and the shifting political demographics of various regions of the planet.

From this perspective, if everyone were to go and murder each other in competition, the survival of the species is far less certain than through cooperation. Imagine 7 billion people suddenly no longer working together and instead turning on each other, when general cooperation has been so incredibly advantageous for some 200,000 years or so.


We live in a universe where everything and everyone is connected, at the deepest levels; but have not been properly taught about that.

Here on planet earth, we humans survived and became a powerful species by cooperating in ever-larger groups, ‘groups of groups’ and then ‘Groups of Groups’.

Recently, a perversion of the ways we interact, called competition, has some Fear-driven ones trying to control all of the rest of us by keeping us just barely surviving in the many weak states of Fear; so they don’t have to face retribution for what they have done, and are doing, to get and keep their power and vast riches.

Unless we learn how to live Love-focused lives, and to cooperate with each other again, we will continue to destroy those parts of life on the planet which allow us to survive.

In the end, the planet may no longer be able to allow us to survive as a species.

So, do you want you, and any of your descendants, to be forced into extinction; or do you want to choose to go back to Love-focused living, with a chance to even improve existing ethics and morals!


Literally, because your life depends on you being moral according to the Objectivist Ethics derived from observations of the nature of reality, the nature of man, and the nature of life by the philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand. In other words, using morals and ethics as the same referent in reality, man needs a code of values because he needs values in order to sustain his own life and a code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality. What Ayn Rand observed was that all living things are capable of self-sustaining, self-generative action, and that they do this in order to live a successful life — and man is no different except that man has a volitional consciousness (free will) and must therefore *choose* to live ethically to sustain his own life, which is the standard of morality. That which benefits a living being is good, that which is detrimental to it is bad, by its own type of life as the standard. It would not be good for you to get high on drugs, go up to the top of a skyscraper, and jump off, because you would die; on the other hand, choosing to eat nutritious food is good, because you will remain alive.

Here is what Ayn Rand said about values and ethics and the need to have them:

“Ethics is an objective, metaphysical necessity of man’s survival. . . .

I quote from Galt’s speech [in her novel Atlas Shrugged]: “Man has been called a rational being, but rationality is a matter of choice—and the alternative his nature offers him is: rational being or suicidal animal. Man has to be man—by choice; he has to hold his life as a value—by choice; he has to learn to sustain it—by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues—by choice. A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality.”

The standard of value of the Objectivist ethics—the standard by which one judges what is good or evil—is man’s life, or: that which is required for man’s survival qua man.

Since reason is man’s basic means of survival that which is proper to the life of a rational being is the good; that which negates, opposes or destroys it is the evil. Since everything man needs has to be discovered by his own mind and produced by his own effort, the two essentials of the method of survival proper to a rational being are: thinking and productive work.”

-Ayn Rand Lexicon

And part of what she was talking about was teleological measurements that is what living things do to remain alive — they get more out of an action to obtain values and to use them than it takes to get those values, as I wrote about in my essay on teleological measurements:

“Within Objectivism, the term “teleology” refers to the fact that some things that exist are alive and capable of acting towards sustaining their lives by a process of acting towards a goal (the means) to further promote their life (ends). It does not apply to the universe as a whole, since there is no evidence the universe is alive and acting towards anything, and it doesn’t apply to some sort of historical force in man’s life as if all of history is aimed at achieving some end. The term teleology basically identifies the fact that a living entity must act in a manner consistent with its nature in order to gain values so that it can continue to live its life. Ayn Rand gave the basic identification of life as self-sustaining, self-generative action; in other words, a thing is alive if it is capable of acting in a manner to promote its continued existence. At this time, this only applies to biological entities, as no one has come up with any sort of artificial life, like a self-repairing robot of some sort. By the very nature of life, to stop acting towards the goal of living one’s life is to begin a process of decay, at least for man. While some living beings can go into a state of suspended animation or hibernation and metabolic shut-down, man is incapable of doing this and must continuously act towards the goal and purpose of living his own life by pursuing those things which are life-promoting.

In her discussion of teleological measurements – the method of measuring if something is promoting its own life or not – Ayn Rand settles on one fundamental means or standard by which to judge teleological processes: Does the living entity gain more time to live its life by doing what it does? Because life is self-sustaining and self-generative action, and because time is a measure of motion or action (from Aristotle), she integrates the concept of life and of time and realizes that time is the most fundamental way of measuring if something is alive or not. So long as it still has time to promote its life and can go through the process of generating the actions necessary to live its life, then it is still alive.”

Teleological Measurements — Life is the Key


I once attended a lecture by Objectivist philosopher Tara Smith, and at the end of it she said, “Close your eyes. Think about everything you love. All the things you value and make you happy. What you want to achieve.”

“Think about them for a while…”

That is why you should be moral.”

To explain. Ethics and morals are not rules imposed from above for the arbitrary desires of a deity or society. Fundamentally, we need ethics because we are thinking beings, who have to decide how to behave: and we need principles by which to decide.

And just as our nature sets our need for ethics, it sets their content. Our lives (and for the same reason, our happiness) depends on us acting in accordance with reality, including our own nature. That is the link between reality and ethics. Or to put it another way that is what makes ethics objective, not subjective (personal whim) or imposed from above.

To cut a very long story short, because we are thinking beings, the effective use of reason is our chief tool of survival, and therefore rationality is our primary virtue. And that can be expressed in other specific virtues, all to do with consistency with reality: such as honesty, integrity, justice, productiveness and pride.

So we need ethics and morals not for some arbitrary purpose outside us, but for our own life and happiness.


Ethics are nothing but Morals with societal perspective, and vice versa, Morals are nothing but ethics in personal capacity.

Morals and ethics are hypothetical constructs that serve as the instrument of behavior regulation.

As man is a social animal, who prefer to live in society. To regulate the behavior of man we give legislative support to some explicit ethical norms which are called laws. While, some implicit ethical norms are responsible for our behavior. But laws cannot be complete in itself and where law ends, ethics begins. These values are necessary to bring about social integration, and control the deviant behavior.

Now u tell me, would you prefer to live in a society like Syria or Iraq where moral and ethical values are at their lowest, or in a society like Australia or Norway?

Without the ethical issues, society would result in chaos. Charles Darwin gave the evolution theory, ‘survival of the fittest’ which proved the point that competition is good for the society as can be seen by comparing Indian society in pre and post liberalization period. Although this competition should be in good sense to give positive results.

It is to make the behavior of men more acceptable on society’s level that we need ethics, which derive itself from Morals. By keeping the moral fabric of society intact we are increasing the survival rate of its members.

  • Ethics and morals are necessary for civilization because without them people as a whole would descend into chaos. They give people guidelines to live by so everyone isn’t running around killing and stealing to get whatever they want. Even though evolutionary theory says we can just take what we want they’re other things in society that we’ve grown to require that make ethics necessary. For example discoveries of all kinds benefit from cooperation between people, if there were no morals and ethics people wouldn’t be able to come together and create new technologies because we would be singularly focused on what we need by evolution standards. To sum it up morals and ethics are necessary for societal progression if we are only focused on what we want we would be nothing more than animals and would live as such.

Is personal freedom natural in terms of human interaction?

  1. From my ongoing study or the universe and how it is continuing to evolve, everything and every living thing (an maybe even inanimate ‘things’) in the universe was given Free Will, so:

‘Personal Freedom is ‘natural’ in this universe!

Many, with a very poor understanding of Science, but none of Philosophy, declare that there is no evidence of Free Will; but we humans cannot usually ‘see’ what we refuse to ‘see’! That is a norm for us. Just because it is there does not mean that we will perceive it!

Persona freedom is natural according to the universe; but some humans deny that it applies to others!

We don’t have to accept their myopic viewpoint, but would have do get off our butts and do something about their trying to take our natural Free Will away from us!

In the USA, many US Americans have agreed to give their Free Will away to a madman!

  • Kind of sounds like an oxymoron to have personal freedom in the company of others. What kind of freedom do you speak of that is personal? The right to an opinion? The right to perform actions? The right to attack others and take what they have. : Freedom is natural in its most primal way. If you are strong or wise you can take from others or you can negotiate with others and get what you need or want. Or others can be strong and take from you or weak can unite against the strong and take from them or the strong can force many weak to work for them. Words can be used to convey truths or lies to inspire or manipulate. All these freedoms exist in the natural human world. There is no forever law other than natural laws that we must eat to survive. That we must multiply to continue the species. That we must shit to expel waste from our systems. Socializing can be good or bad depending on where you stand in the group. Self-reliance is best and when you need the company of others to present a unified front as in the case of war then it is good to be in the company of other competent people. When trying to build some aspect of society you can have personal freedom as long as the whole is provided for and your needs are satisfied. Divided fronts and too much self-interest will destroy a society.

We should all cultivate:

  1. a strong self
  2. a strong family
  3. a variety of skills that we are good at that can serve ourselves and the greater good in a useful way

Beyond all this you can do whatever self-serving side activity you like as long as the family or country is defended. If you only seek to defend yourself that is fine so be it but don’t be surprised if a unified group decides to destroy one lone wanderer.

  • No. That’s why there’s TWO TERMS, the “Superior” “Human” “People” and the “Inferior” “LESS-THAN human” “nonperson”.

And as if THAT ALONE Weren’t a punch in the nose enough, the kick to the groin is that the “Superior” “Human” “People” are the ones that REFUTE and DENY anything like “freedom” Exists at all and that the “bizarre” “absurd” Hallucinatory DELUSION of the DANGEROUS Threat labeled “freedom” demands MUCH in the way of STRICTLY CONSTRUCTED un-opposable CONSTRAINTS to Control lest, of course, “chaos and anarchy ensue”

  • Free will has always existed but the consequences for using it have been far more constraining in the best (in general).

So today you can say outlandish things and even protest and riot and call the President a fool or worse….with no consequences.

That’s doesn’t happen In China, for example….or many 2nd and 3rd world countries.

So it’s not the freedom that is unique, it is the protection of law that allows you to express/utilize those freedoms that is unique, IMO.

How can you know yourself through neuroscience?

  1. Never. What neuroscience can only study is the brain and its mechanisms. The self is spiritual in nature and cannot be scrutinized under the microscope or neuroscience. Dr. Wilder Penfied had an interesting accounts/studies of the brain in connection with the mind through his study on epilepsy. He found out that the mind is not a product of the brain’s neuronal interactions but totally independent, distinct from it.

The person, the spiritual self is also distinct from the mind and the brain and even from the whole body. Psychology used to be the study of the self, but then they can’t locate or see the self, so it was reduced to the study of the mind. But then, the mind is very elusive and cannot be contained, so psychology was even reduced to the study of cognitive behaviors.

There was a fascinating discovery of some neurologists when they found out that some people have no brains or have very little gray matter inside their skulls. This is due to hydrocephalus or anencephaly. Only cerebral fluids fill the skull. Some lived into adulthood and only found their conditions later on.

Neurologists where baffled and declared the phenomenon a mystery. The mind communicates directly with the senses bypassing the brain (or the lack of it). These people lived normally, exhibiting normal traits like people with full brains. Neurologists were trying to locate the self in the brain. They have dissected every millimeter of it and found nothing but cells, neurons, blood and molecules. No self.


Science is not a useful tool for learning how to know yourself because you are so much more than just an Energy/matter being and Science is only a useful tool when it is restricted to Energy/matter issues!

For more than that you have to use some of the tools which are available within Philosophy, or you can learn how to access your consciousness by quieting down your noisy mind to the point where you can hear the quiet messages from the universe and its creator.

Eckhart Tolle has a free four part program on Awakening Your Inner Light which is an introduction to becoming more conscious.

While both meditation and Contemplative Prayer are useful in sufficiently quieting your noisy mind, there are many more useful techniques on the web for learning which techniques best allow you to meditation. Note that, as you grow, your best method may change significantly! In this universe, everything is changing!

  • You cannot know yourself through neuroscience at all. The object of understanding in science is always an idea but NEVER a reality. For example, in science temperature is understood in science as the average kinetic energy of the molecules. This is thinking about temperature, however the word temperature represents a reality which can be directly experienced through the body sense. You can only get to know the nature of that reality by studying it directly as in vipassana. YOU consist of different realities, science only ever studies concepts not realities.
  • I would throw out the ‘neuroscience’ label and simply begin the organic quest that carries one into the inner depths of their own being … for within the sacred chambers of the human heart lie riches and wisdom beyond human comprehension … and most beautiful and wondrous of all … this pristine journey is so pure, so absolutely reliable that it needs no endorsement or leverage to be qualified … one simply needs to inquire within, and there rest, sitting there in silence without presupposition bias or expectation … for within the silence the heart does speak, and ‘it’ is your best, truest, and most reliable teacher 
  • If you are talking about the human being not just as the body and mind but as a spiritual being, each soul is uniquely connected to our universe and higher dimensions. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize our existence (the body, mind, and spirit/soul) through science. Alexander Evens (former neurosurgeon) could give us a convincing testimony.

Where do we draw the line between an opinion and the truth?

When does an opinion become the truth?

  1. That can happen only when we go through the difficult process of learning how little we really know and develop an understanding of why so much of what we think we know is just societal opinions and not Cosmic Truths. There really are Cosmic Truths!

All Great ones in their field of expertise are humble because they both know how little that they know, but have found the courage needed to go ahead and add to what is known; after coming to grips with the depth of their ignorance.

Wannabe’s can’t ever do that because they still listen to their Egos which falsely tell them that they already ‘know it all’!

There are a few who go beyond opinions, but they will be Adults who found the needed courage and are no longer just large, older and still-frightened children.

The wisdom of some older ones comes from such processes; but presently there are some young and brilliant ones who can deal with their own and their teacher’s ignorance and still keep on keeping on!

We live in interesting times and some of that is Great progress!

Dr. David R. Hawkins developed both a method for determining Cosmic Truths, plus a Scale of Consciousness (using a log base 10 tool)) to organize results and a large number of verified ‘Truths’, but many part of society assembled millions to discredit him, his Scale and his results.

Most of Society deeply Fears Truths since they use falsehoods and even purposeful lies to control others within society. Many sects of many Religions helped pay for that ‘ruining of his credibility’ process!

David’s widow still keeps his website open and products available at

Home | David R. Hawkins

And humans who both believe that there can be Truths and are willing to learn the procedures can determine True statements for themselves.

If you don’t believe that there can be Truths, the method will not work for you! Seems fair!


All depends. If it remains an opinion – very subjective/abstractive/postulation or even speculation, never “the” understood for all. That does not mean that it is not “a” truth for the subject. He simply understands a thing that he cannot explain.

By example, some people experiment energies perception, and a non-neglect able part of the population heard spirits (“voices”) at some events in their life. I think to remember that the people who dared to admit it were already 10 %, on a statistical enquiry base. Maybe higher if some people experienced this without daring to admit.

But if another person becomes aware about that, and never (remember to have) experienced that, he will most probably call it a hallucination, as we expect.

Hence, the considered experiment/experience, can be true in the referential of the subject, but not universally or for several other people, and hence, remains “a” truth, rather than “the”.

“A” truth becomes “the”, when it can be easily be reproduced as often as possible (meaning as an under text: rather often), and this point is surely the first postulate of experimental sciences, (and accordingly: multiverses of such sciences are worthless, on the other hand, so it is agreed in a wide and random manner, by the scientists – all depends if they can justify their job and salary with such deliria).

As another example, many people experiment difficult sleep with the full lightened moon, even if they have the windows blinds closed. Nowadays science does not recognize this. So even the widely experimented thing does not make the affair “scientifically” and hence to be “the” truth.

As a summary, to be “the”, it has to be reproducible easily and often, and benefit a clear mechanism to underline it. Many “science” theories nevertheless make exception to this rigor; notably: electrical charge, magnetism, and quantum physics, as understood by the mainstream. So, once again, all depends – additionally (and most often: sadly) – if you can get funds form the State or from a benefactor, with such things.


How do will determine the truth from an opinion?

This easiest way is this when it comes to news cycles and can be ported into validating your own beliefs also…


Bias is the biggest sticking point between truth and opinion – see CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc. who have a ‘base’ to please and satiate and so the ‘news’ as they report it is generally slanted (heavily) toward their particular political allegiances and therefore the ‘base’ to such a degree that the news cycles ONLY have articles against say a president they don’t like or a political opponent which are only skewed in the favor of the bases ear. By example, when did you last see CNN etc. give Nancy Pelosi a hard time apart from Wolf Blitzer a few days back? What they’re saying in a freaky unanimous fashion is that every action the people they support is completely correct and in the best interests of the base versus everything their opposition does is so incredibly wrong. Fair and just reporting is quite dead or seemingly so as the new cycles are saturated with either leaning news toward that particular base. They (The Main stream news) have directly limited the information and facts of the matter and have directly diminished your reasoning and stifled your logic. The best example for me is I have had two separate conversations in which both people do not know each other but firmly believe that if Trump is reelected then they personally will likely end up in some sort of concentration camp because the President of the USA is apparently now a fascist. Both parties refused to look at the other side instead both accept what they’re being told to think which is objectively against the grains of reality, again though as I see it. They though are being fed that information 24/7, it’s called gas lighting and is a tactic used by emotional abusers ad infinitum to only ever control an agenda or a narrative.

Facts do matter, by example if I’m enjoying a conversation and state my opinion I say so. “this is just my own opinion, feel free to disagree” sort of thing as a good conversation can ensue but even then that alone can trigger someone else into a rage like output with the nuclei being your own individual thoughts and opinions which is odd. If I state something that I know to be true from my own research as facts and evidence exists ill also say “This is based on the facts as I see them, please feel free to check and confirm with your own research” and when (as happens) that the person still has a mini meltdown as their opinion of a subject is counter to the known facts and they must be right at all costs…

I then leave the conversation as the facts which are unbiased and essentially truth still don’t jive with their ‘opinion’ which must be right eh?

The most important thing here is that if a story peaks your interest or it’s in the national news then don’t just simply believe the opinion your being told from an often biased view point, even if it’s your own regular news show you surely owe it to yourself and in the name of truth to dig a little deeper. Maybe just for now watch your favorite news/opinion show and then find the same news from a different source or opposition to bring balance to your own mind and the discussion as a whole.

If we continue down this path of my opinion is better than yours and I’m right your wrong because my opinion is from a different ideology then I would say that we’re all essentially fucked as a society and this is why, right now, no matter how painful it’s going to be, we all need to see and hear the truth as an open wound to heal from and to reset our humanities overall objectivity.

If a big alien space ship actually appeared over NYC and did some ET contacting stuff, the opinion conversation is then over about whether aliens exist or not isn’t it and the conspiracy theory becomes fact. Better convoys ensue as we’re all on the same page.

If time travel was a thing and someone went back to biblical times, witnessed the flood, took photos and came back, then equally that element of theological study becomes theological fact. Better convoys ensue again from everyone now being on the same page also.

And that’s the thing here, the MSMs slanted news is designed to keep you on the hook. A further example is the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff who came out over the weekend talk shows opinion pieces to tout that recent news about a presidential candidate (JB) was all Russian disinformation and designed to throw the election. This guy would only know this in all eventualities if the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) had approved his committee to receive a thing called a defensive briefing about the subject matter. If that had happened and the briefing was as told on the biased news, that all this malarkey is from Russia then well done and kudos Mr. Chairman for doing your job Sir! But no, the DNI and Intelligence community (IC) did no such thing and have said so and yesterday the FBI confirmed that they did not suspect Russian interference and so, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee absolutely lied to the American people but critically all of these lies were spewed across the entire news platform of the democratic base to simply please the base and just before the election, nothing to see here, move it all on… the right thing to do in a free and fair press is to get Mr. Schiff back on and ask him why he lied but. They just won’t do that as it’s not what the base want to hear and I guarantee Mr. Schiff won’t appear on another opposition network to be grilled about his lies.

Do you see how that works? This is a massive issue for humanity and is a global threat when those in power subvert the will of the people and have accomplices in the mainstream media. We can see the outright control right now live by the breaking of that particular news story and its effect on social media platforms who have gone rogue and censored basically everyone which is actually election interference. I digress, facts matter clearly but an opinion is just as warranted and welcomed as free thought is our right as long as both sides continually strive toward nothing but the truth so help me God.

Hope this helps a little, I have no particular political allegiances except for whoever is closest to telling the truth. By all standards and definitions as a third party witness to events unfolding in America balanced with fact based opinion, it isn’t the DNC currently. I also appreciate that this goes both ways but that is also the biggest indicator of why facts and truth really do matter, you can have an opinion about the facts much like scientific research but what we get are mainly the facts stretched and skewed to only fit and justify the opinion toward the base.

Madness to think how much Social Media and the MsM influence and control our lives using nothing but the beliefs of those who control such platforms.

Make a stand by doing your own research and if you can, then challenging the status quo where you live if appropriate but now only armed with the truth.

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In philosophical debate, does it make a difference in everyday experience whether the world is mind-dependent or mind-independent? Do this premise deny not only “metaphysical realism” but empirical, everyday commonsense realism?

  1. Like conversations on God, God first must be defined by all parties to the debate. Conversations on mind must also first be defined before the debate can begin. Correct?

Since this is about the mind, one must know the definition.

There is mind that in this 3rd dimension and is all about the five senses and contemplation or thought. But did you know that through meditation one can drop the five senses, causing the self and the world to disappear as if they never ever existed. This leaves one in the 6th dimension as the soul or atman, without a body, thought or the five senses. Here you are just using the 6th sense or knowing through the soul’s own light.

This means that if anything comes before the soul, it is known instantly without thought or contemplation. This is because the soul is a piece of the Absolute and is pure awareness or pure consciousness without any thought needed.

To your question… The mind here, as you know it is brain dependent. The view from the soul is that all is this pure awareness, happening beyond our current knowledge. It is just that our current thinking is clouded by the false view that everything pertains to what is physical and our wonderful intellect. Pure awareness is the mind of both the dependent and independent mind you speak of.

Without this pure awareness no debate is possible, not to mention no awareness of life and what debate is being held here, is a waste of time, because the majority don’t have this unknown information yet.

To the second question… knowing this added information is everyone’s birthright through the tool called meditation. Know this and everyday realism will be found to be not what it seems and “metaphysical realism” will be discovered to be, that we are not separate from the universe or all we see around us, but that we are this creation in that it is all mind or this pure awareness or pure consciousness.


In a very complex universe, where we are Special, complex beings, the answers to the questions “Who am it?” and “Why am I here?” end up being very important.

If you never ask them, or don’t bother getting appropriate answers and living by them, than other humans get to control both who you are and what you become.

For many humans, being that controlled is OK, because getting out from under control is just too much work and the supremely lazy and indolent cannot bother to take the necessary effort to do so; so, they just waste a lifetime and run the risk of going through a worst one next time through!

When your mind is turned off and you don’t understand that you are a Special creature who can do amazing things; no big deal – until next lifetime when the path may be much more trying and painful! The clueless don’t know and don’t care – Yet!

Your mind is in constant communication with the Cosmic Mind, unconsciously determining what the inflow from our senses really means; but when that is never properly taught or learned, we ignorant ones just stumble along, believing the steady stream of falsehoods, even downright lies, taught to us. Staying clueless has terrible Karmic consequences, but those ignorant about that have to pay for it later! Lazy and/or ignorant now can really ‘smart with suffering’ later.

You are both within creation and infused by that flow and can use your amazing abilities to do and become Great things; but most humans choose not to do anything worthwhile.

BTW, commonsense was always intended to be a joke because a significant amount of sensibility is anything but common; and a logical approach allows a remarkably tiny fraction of what we can do; if we were to become the conscious beings we are destined to become.

Shutting down your conscious mind, long enough to hear the quiet, wise, messages from your access to consciousness changes the game in amazing ways. The universe seems to have very few, if any, limits; but many in society really insist on applying limits to what we are taught to be possible!

So, become a conscious/Love-focused human; or survive as a virtual non-event!

  • Either way, presenting an argument, you will either be presenting from your own particular facet of the “universal” mind (of duality), or from a “knowing” (beyond mind …and not argumentative, nor common) which is more on the metaphysical level (epi-mental being a more accurate label).

Empiricism is a structure where some are “singing from the same song sheet”, from a similar group interpretation…ie, a common language; a sense common to that particular group.


The early, immature description of physical reality at quantum scale is called QM and one silly interpretation of the unexpected findings of this field of inquiry is called the Copenhagen Interpretation, the only suggestion that the world is mind dependent because it appeared that the act of measuring energetic transactions at quantum scale profoundly affected the transactions. Measuring certainly does affect that which is being measured, at any scale, but at quantum scale that effect is so profound it renders it impossible to measure more than one aspect of a transaction at a time. This does not mean the world is mind dependent; the world is the world whether or not anyone observes it. A more advanced version of QM is called QFT and it doesn’t indulge in this immature, silly narrative of a reality that depends on minds.

Regarding metaphysical realism, it is a classic example of an oxymoron of a phrase. Metaphysics means speculative, not real. There cannot be such a realm as metaphysical realism. Empirical everyday common sense realism depends on the familiar, and the findings / observations of quantum scale energetic transactions defies the common sense realism of classic causality. It’s only because we aren’t used to the description of reality provided by these unusual findings. In a hundred years, or a thousand, we will be so familiar with these novel descriptions, they will no longer be a novelty that challenges our common sense of causality; we will have accepted this new description of what is real.

  • We suspect the world is mind-independent, however, we have no way to determine this without using our minds. We expect there to be a singular static reality even though all of the evidence points to relativity. That is not the fault of reality, which can only be what it is. The failure is ours. We overlook such things in order to have discussions that seem meaningful.

Are we, as humans able to be aware of our full potential?

  1. Human potential is infinite consciousness potential.

For the last16, 500 years human potential has been purposely retarded by other humans and their higher consciousness entity masters. Some have been Draconian and others inner earth. I do not know much about inner earth or Agartha but I have been learning about Atlantis, Orion interference and Draco’s, especially the human shaped one called Marduk.

Basically our laws are draconian ones that had their authority from when martial law was formed 16,500 years ago in exchange for nuclear and other technologies which Atlantis used to conquer other tribes on earth. We were never meant to make it to 2012 intact. A nuclear third world war was to destroy most of us, while the élite controllers and their masters went underground into high performance cities with interconnecting high speed trains and artificial ambient light. These cities were positioned underground around the globe. Last week they were turned to dust.

There has been an intense battle going on between the forces of humanity and the Draco/Orion forces. In 2016 Marduk was killed. The head of the snake was cut off and in March 2019, the timelines converged. It seemed humanity was now shifting into fourth density consciousness. With the advent of COVID-19 and the way that humans reacted to it, the time lines shifted and there appeared to be opportunity for the negative forces to still restrict the consciousness shift.

A group of humans supported by an off world quantum system and its security peace force took out the ruling “dragon heads” and then last week they destroyed all the underground hi-tech, palatial cities with their inhabitants. The “evil” humans who are left on the surface with us “human cattle” (their thoughts about us) have nowhere left to go. It is all happening now and we will see and feel big shifts occurring for the next few months.

Some of us humans are becoming aware of our sovereign potential to be of service for the good of the whole. People are awakening at an exponential pace and becoming aware of who they are and what they desire for humanity and the future of humanity. There is a lot of fear, greed and selfishness as this is how we have been conditioned to be. It is not how we really are at a heart level. The truth of what potential power humans have to do good for others can easily be seen with mothers and their children or fathers protecting their families.


We are complex humans in a very complex universe and the process of becoming aware of All That Is will take many lifetimes; but we are given those.

So, we can choose to start to learn, using different resources, about both who we are and why we are here and build from there. A Jesuisism that might be useful to you is about learning to ask better questions:

“The possibility of getting a useful answer to an issue goes way, way down; if you insist on asking the wrong questions!”

From several decades of study and writing about this sort of thing, the following is offered to you as something which might start you objecting to the concepts and therefore asking better questions (take nothing that I say as gospel!):

“You are an eternal, spiritual being who will have many bodies made of stardust. All of those bodies will die, but the essential you will never die!”

Between: Bodies are both efficient and effective in bringing us up against issues which we need to address; be they physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual!

It is wise to be thankful for all that comes our way! All = everything!!

What makes the concept of choice so impossible to comprehend?

  1. Could you be overthinking it? I find the concept of choice as simple to comprehend as it is direct of application. For instance: I often do things for no reason, really. Not reasoned-out and not thought through. Impulse. Something caught my eye or mind and I decided to embark. As I go, my main purpose (arbitrarily taken up) guides and drives me towards my destination, but many little details I may fill in and decide along the way. Wherever there’s room for leeway, I keep plenty of play in my purpose-assumed leash. Then I reach my object, my goal, and I realize it. Then I wash my hands.

Maybe there was a reason. Maybe I had to go to the bathroom, and that’s why I went to the bathroom! Simple enough, if so – but wait. Maybe there were deeper, underlying subconscious reasons why I’d want to go to the bathroom. Perhaps ulterior motives.

If so, I welcome ’elm along for the ride! Whatever other reasons may have been unbeknownst to me “in the mix,” present but not consciously consulted, are welcome. There’s really nothing complex about choice.

In any moment I am a burly and variegated passel and array of drives and urges, instincts and intuitions, and often enough aims. I lean on the strongest (which I’ve examined at leisure in disciplined overthinking anyway, putting it in order) two or three causes which align in the same direction, and I go.

Or I don’t go. Maybe I just chalk it down for later: “go later.”

What’s so hard to comprehend?

I’m an inveterate over thinker myself. That’s a big part of why I can choose in the moment without thinking: I’ve got a lot of reasoned-out, worked-through values, drives aligned and trained for the best, easy to snap-to and bring to bear in aimed intent. The more you’ve thought-through prior, the less you need to think-through in the moment.

What I’ve learned by overthinking specific decisions after-the-fact though is, you can pretty much “discover” as many factors in a given decision as you continue to tease out. And some of them, buried deep, may emerge looking suspiciously like your real secret motive – which you were unaware of at the time! “Is that how my choice turned out so unexpectedly well for me?” Clever, clever. “The subconscious intends all” – that’s what I say in those cases. Realistically, though, the deeper I go and the more I dissect, tease out and illuminate, the less likely it begins to seem to me that the new causes I find were really in effect. Or had any real force in the choice-making process. Because I’m pretty well self-examined, and usually the forces that propel me to decision are two or three big ones, of which I am well and fully-aware.

And the choice is usually easy. And the process of choice is easy. And the concept of choice is simple. It’s just that there’s really no bottom to the mind. You can go as deep as you want to turning up and examining new, undisclosed factors. This isn’t the complexity of choice, though. Not really.

It’s the fecund prolificacy of imagination. We have all of us a conscious experience of awareness and choice. Both are innately simple and direct. Yet because both are in our minds, we can complicate either as much as we want. We can complicate them beyond comprehension, if we want. We will come up with so many things we can’t say aren’t part of it. But in the moment of choice, we generally find we choose for reasons that are smack-ass explicable, and even easy to say. Maybe not terribly well-reasoned reasons. Maybe nothing thoroughly worked-out, understood to a granularity passing quantum mechanics.

But there’s nothing about choice that innately has to be. Choice can be as simple and comprehensible or as complicated beyond comprehension as you want.

It’s your choice.

We don’t speak here of the bio electrochemical operation of choice, its causes and functions. That truly would be incomprehensible, inasmuch as there’s still so much untested, theorized, so much yet to tease out! It’s incomprehensible for the simplest reason of all: because the facts aren’t yet all in. But that’s not what we’re speaking of, here.

We speak of the concept of choice. Now, that isn’t remotely so obscure. As concepts go, it’s extraordinarily straightforward.


It is difficult until you learn enough about this marvelous universe and our Special place within it as humans. Ignorance makes comprehension all but impossible!

We are complex beings in a very complex universe but have been taught at a kindergarten level that is hideously incomplete.

Overly-simplistic teaching leads to deeper ignorance than not teaching at all! Simplifying concepts to the bare bones is laudable if enough of the needed detail is retained; but that is not a reality in present-day teaching. Remember Einstein’s dictum:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Societies have been ignoring that, and over-simplifying for years, so that even our universities teach more nonsense than Truth; heck, they teach that there is no Truth!

It takes time and effort and a lot of skepticism about what you think you have learned, and are learning, to start to comprehend!


It’s not complicated… you complicate it with fear of risk.

Simply put:

We all have absolutely freedom of choice, but never freedom from consequence: It just shows up as a result.

When your acceptations and your expectations are aligned we feel harmony of risk to risk.

The more distant apart our acceptations and expectations of the risk to risk be feared… the greater the stress we feel.

Stress in physics is defined as the experience of “pulling apart”.

Harmony is the feeling of bond to be committed to experience harmony by taking all necessary steps, skipping none, going over every barrier & around every obstacle, to achieve our desire.

How do we known to what we are said committed to experience? By the results.

Being committed is not the same as to claim a commitment is not compelling of accepting consequence where once committed you agree to be subject to consequence be what it may of result.

The old adage… “No risk no gain”… we can fear both risk and gain a paradox of being human. The burden of failure be believed or success can be a burden once achieved.