Are we, as humans able to be aware of our full potential?

  1. Human potential is infinite consciousness potential.

For the last16, 500 years human potential has been purposely retarded by other humans and their higher consciousness entity masters. Some have been Draconian and others inner earth. I do not know much about inner earth or Agartha but I have been learning about Atlantis, Orion interference and Draco’s, especially the human shaped one called Marduk.

Basically our laws are draconian ones that had their authority from when martial law was formed 16,500 years ago in exchange for nuclear and other technologies which Atlantis used to conquer other tribes on earth. We were never meant to make it to 2012 intact. A nuclear third world war was to destroy most of us, while the élite controllers and their masters went underground into high performance cities with interconnecting high speed trains and artificial ambient light. These cities were positioned underground around the globe. Last week they were turned to dust.

There has been an intense battle going on between the forces of humanity and the Draco/Orion forces. In 2016 Marduk was killed. The head of the snake was cut off and in March 2019, the timelines converged. It seemed humanity was now shifting into fourth density consciousness. With the advent of COVID-19 and the way that humans reacted to it, the time lines shifted and there appeared to be opportunity for the negative forces to still restrict the consciousness shift.

A group of humans supported by an off world quantum system and its security peace force took out the ruling “dragon heads” and then last week they destroyed all the underground hi-tech, palatial cities with their inhabitants. The “evil” humans who are left on the surface with us “human cattle” (their thoughts about us) have nowhere left to go. It is all happening now and we will see and feel big shifts occurring for the next few months.

Some of us humans are becoming aware of our sovereign potential to be of service for the good of the whole. People are awakening at an exponential pace and becoming aware of who they are and what they desire for humanity and the future of humanity. There is a lot of fear, greed and selfishness as this is how we have been conditioned to be. It is not how we really are at a heart level. The truth of what potential power humans have to do good for others can easily be seen with mothers and their children or fathers protecting their families.


We are complex humans in a very complex universe and the process of becoming aware of All That Is will take many lifetimes; but we are given those.

So, we can choose to start to learn, using different resources, about both who we are and why we are here and build from there. A Jesuisism that might be useful to you is about learning to ask better questions:

“The possibility of getting a useful answer to an issue goes way, way down; if you insist on asking the wrong questions!”

From several decades of study and writing about this sort of thing, the following is offered to you as something which might start you objecting to the concepts and therefore asking better questions (take nothing that I say as gospel!):

“You are an eternal, spiritual being who will have many bodies made of stardust. All of those bodies will die, but the essential you will never die!”

Between: Bodies are both efficient and effective in bringing us up against issues which we need to address; be they physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual!

It is wise to be thankful for all that comes our way! All = everything!!

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