Is personal freedom natural in terms of human interaction?

  1. From my ongoing study or the universe and how it is continuing to evolve, everything and every living thing (an maybe even inanimate ‘things’) in the universe was given Free Will, so:

‘Personal Freedom is ‘natural’ in this universe!

Many, with a very poor understanding of Science, but none of Philosophy, declare that there is no evidence of Free Will; but we humans cannot usually ‘see’ what we refuse to ‘see’! That is a norm for us. Just because it is there does not mean that we will perceive it!

Persona freedom is natural according to the universe; but some humans deny that it applies to others!

We don’t have to accept their myopic viewpoint, but would have do get off our butts and do something about their trying to take our natural Free Will away from us!

In the USA, many US Americans have agreed to give their Free Will away to a madman!

  • Kind of sounds like an oxymoron to have personal freedom in the company of others. What kind of freedom do you speak of that is personal? The right to an opinion? The right to perform actions? The right to attack others and take what they have. : Freedom is natural in its most primal way. If you are strong or wise you can take from others or you can negotiate with others and get what you need or want. Or others can be strong and take from you or weak can unite against the strong and take from them or the strong can force many weak to work for them. Words can be used to convey truths or lies to inspire or manipulate. All these freedoms exist in the natural human world. There is no forever law other than natural laws that we must eat to survive. That we must multiply to continue the species. That we must shit to expel waste from our systems. Socializing can be good or bad depending on where you stand in the group. Self-reliance is best and when you need the company of others to present a unified front as in the case of war then it is good to be in the company of other competent people. When trying to build some aspect of society you can have personal freedom as long as the whole is provided for and your needs are satisfied. Divided fronts and too much self-interest will destroy a society.

We should all cultivate:

  1. a strong self
  2. a strong family
  3. a variety of skills that we are good at that can serve ourselves and the greater good in a useful way

Beyond all this you can do whatever self-serving side activity you like as long as the family or country is defended. If you only seek to defend yourself that is fine so be it but don’t be surprised if a unified group decides to destroy one lone wanderer.

  • No. That’s why there’s TWO TERMS, the “Superior” “Human” “People” and the “Inferior” “LESS-THAN human” “nonperson”.

And as if THAT ALONE Weren’t a punch in the nose enough, the kick to the groin is that the “Superior” “Human” “People” are the ones that REFUTE and DENY anything like “freedom” Exists at all and that the “bizarre” “absurd” Hallucinatory DELUSION of the DANGEROUS Threat labeled “freedom” demands MUCH in the way of STRICTLY CONSTRUCTED un-opposable CONSTRAINTS to Control lest, of course, “chaos and anarchy ensue”

  • Free will has always existed but the consequences for using it have been far more constraining in the best (in general).

So today you can say outlandish things and even protest and riot and call the President a fool or worse….with no consequences.

That’s doesn’t happen In China, for example….or many 2nd and 3rd world countries.

So it’s not the freedom that is unique, it is the protection of law that allows you to express/utilize those freedoms that is unique, IMO.

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