Where do we draw the line between an opinion and the truth?

When does an opinion become the truth?

  1. That can happen only when we go through the difficult process of learning how little we really know and develop an understanding of why so much of what we think we know is just societal opinions and not Cosmic Truths. There really are Cosmic Truths!

All Great ones in their field of expertise are humble because they both know how little that they know, but have found the courage needed to go ahead and add to what is known; after coming to grips with the depth of their ignorance.

Wannabe’s can’t ever do that because they still listen to their Egos which falsely tell them that they already ‘know it all’!

There are a few who go beyond opinions, but they will be Adults who found the needed courage and are no longer just large, older and still-frightened children.

The wisdom of some older ones comes from such processes; but presently there are some young and brilliant ones who can deal with their own and their teacher’s ignorance and still keep on keeping on!

We live in interesting times and some of that is Great progress!

Dr. David R. Hawkins developed both a method for determining Cosmic Truths, plus a Scale of Consciousness (using a log base 10 tool)) to organize results and a large number of verified ‘Truths’, but many part of society assembled millions to discredit him, his Scale and his results.

Most of Society deeply Fears Truths since they use falsehoods and even purposeful lies to control others within society. Many sects of many Religions helped pay for that ‘ruining of his credibility’ process!

David’s widow still keeps his website open and products available at

Home | David R. Hawkins

And humans who both believe that there can be Truths and are willing to learn the procedures can determine True statements for themselves.

If you don’t believe that there can be Truths, the method will not work for you! Seems fair!


All depends. If it remains an opinion – very subjective/abstractive/postulation or even speculation, never “the” understood for all. That does not mean that it is not “a” truth for the subject. He simply understands a thing that he cannot explain.

By example, some people experiment energies perception, and a non-neglect able part of the population heard spirits (“voices”) at some events in their life. I think to remember that the people who dared to admit it were already 10 %, on a statistical enquiry base. Maybe higher if some people experienced this without daring to admit.

But if another person becomes aware about that, and never (remember to have) experienced that, he will most probably call it a hallucination, as we expect.

Hence, the considered experiment/experience, can be true in the referential of the subject, but not universally or for several other people, and hence, remains “a” truth, rather than “the”.

“A” truth becomes “the”, when it can be easily be reproduced as often as possible (meaning as an under text: rather often), and this point is surely the first postulate of experimental sciences, (and accordingly: multiverses of such sciences are worthless, on the other hand, so it is agreed in a wide and random manner, by the scientists – all depends if they can justify their job and salary with such deliria).

As another example, many people experiment difficult sleep with the full lightened moon, even if they have the windows blinds closed. Nowadays science does not recognize this. So even the widely experimented thing does not make the affair “scientifically” and hence to be “the” truth.

As a summary, to be “the”, it has to be reproducible easily and often, and benefit a clear mechanism to underline it. Many “science” theories nevertheless make exception to this rigor; notably: electrical charge, magnetism, and quantum physics, as understood by the mainstream. So, once again, all depends – additionally (and most often: sadly) – if you can get funds form the State or from a benefactor, with such things.


How do will determine the truth from an opinion?

This easiest way is this when it comes to news cycles and can be ported into validating your own beliefs also…


Bias is the biggest sticking point between truth and opinion – see CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc. who have a ‘base’ to please and satiate and so the ‘news’ as they report it is generally slanted (heavily) toward their particular political allegiances and therefore the ‘base’ to such a degree that the news cycles ONLY have articles against say a president they don’t like or a political opponent which are only skewed in the favor of the bases ear. By example, when did you last see CNN etc. give Nancy Pelosi a hard time apart from Wolf Blitzer a few days back? What they’re saying in a freaky unanimous fashion is that every action the people they support is completely correct and in the best interests of the base versus everything their opposition does is so incredibly wrong. Fair and just reporting is quite dead or seemingly so as the new cycles are saturated with either leaning news toward that particular base. They (The Main stream news) have directly limited the information and facts of the matter and have directly diminished your reasoning and stifled your logic. The best example for me is I have had two separate conversations in which both people do not know each other but firmly believe that if Trump is reelected then they personally will likely end up in some sort of concentration camp because the President of the USA is apparently now a fascist. Both parties refused to look at the other side instead both accept what they’re being told to think which is objectively against the grains of reality, again though as I see it. They though are being fed that information 24/7, it’s called gas lighting and is a tactic used by emotional abusers ad infinitum to only ever control an agenda or a narrative.

Facts do matter, by example if I’m enjoying a conversation and state my opinion I say so. “this is just my own opinion, feel free to disagree” sort of thing as a good conversation can ensue but even then that alone can trigger someone else into a rage like output with the nuclei being your own individual thoughts and opinions which is odd. If I state something that I know to be true from my own research as facts and evidence exists ill also say “This is based on the facts as I see them, please feel free to check and confirm with your own research” and when (as happens) that the person still has a mini meltdown as their opinion of a subject is counter to the known facts and they must be right at all costs…

I then leave the conversation as the facts which are unbiased and essentially truth still don’t jive with their ‘opinion’ which must be right eh?

The most important thing here is that if a story peaks your interest or it’s in the national news then don’t just simply believe the opinion your being told from an often biased view point, even if it’s your own regular news show you surely owe it to yourself and in the name of truth to dig a little deeper. Maybe just for now watch your favorite news/opinion show and then find the same news from a different source or opposition to bring balance to your own mind and the discussion as a whole.

If we continue down this path of my opinion is better than yours and I’m right your wrong because my opinion is from a different ideology then I would say that we’re all essentially fucked as a society and this is why, right now, no matter how painful it’s going to be, we all need to see and hear the truth as an open wound to heal from and to reset our humanities overall objectivity.

If a big alien space ship actually appeared over NYC and did some ET contacting stuff, the opinion conversation is then over about whether aliens exist or not isn’t it and the conspiracy theory becomes fact. Better convoys ensue as we’re all on the same page.

If time travel was a thing and someone went back to biblical times, witnessed the flood, took photos and came back, then equally that element of theological study becomes theological fact. Better convoys ensue again from everyone now being on the same page also.

And that’s the thing here, the MSMs slanted news is designed to keep you on the hook. A further example is the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff who came out over the weekend talk shows opinion pieces to tout that recent news about a presidential candidate (JB) was all Russian disinformation and designed to throw the election. This guy would only know this in all eventualities if the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) had approved his committee to receive a thing called a defensive briefing about the subject matter. If that had happened and the briefing was as told on the biased news, that all this malarkey is from Russia then well done and kudos Mr. Chairman for doing your job Sir! But no, the DNI and Intelligence community (IC) did no such thing and have said so and yesterday the FBI confirmed that they did not suspect Russian interference and so, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee absolutely lied to the American people but critically all of these lies were spewed across the entire news platform of the democratic base to simply please the base and just before the election, nothing to see here, move it all on… the right thing to do in a free and fair press is to get Mr. Schiff back on and ask him why he lied but. They just won’t do that as it’s not what the base want to hear and I guarantee Mr. Schiff won’t appear on another opposition network to be grilled about his lies.

Do you see how that works? This is a massive issue for humanity and is a global threat when those in power subvert the will of the people and have accomplices in the mainstream media. We can see the outright control right now live by the breaking of that particular news story and its effect on social media platforms who have gone rogue and censored basically everyone which is actually election interference. I digress, facts matter clearly but an opinion is just as warranted and welcomed as free thought is our right as long as both sides continually strive toward nothing but the truth so help me God.

Hope this helps a little, I have no particular political allegiances except for whoever is closest to telling the truth. By all standards and definitions as a third party witness to events unfolding in America balanced with fact based opinion, it isn’t the DNC currently. I also appreciate that this goes both ways but that is also the biggest indicator of why facts and truth really do matter, you can have an opinion about the facts much like scientific research but what we get are mainly the facts stretched and skewed to only fit and justify the opinion toward the base.

Madness to think how much Social Media and the MsM influence and control our lives using nothing but the beliefs of those who control such platforms.

Make a stand by doing your own research and if you can, then challenging the status quo where you live if appropriate but now only armed with the truth.

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