To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less. What are your thoughts and opinions?

  1. In a properly-functioning society, all who are in management roles should consider themselves to be serving those they are leading! All the rest is just feeding our largely-ignorant Egos.

We humans became a powerful species by cooperating in ever-larger groups, finally Groups of Groups. At the moment, however, we have allowed those Fear-driven ones who use competition to control others, using Fear as a tool against those over whom they have a leadership role.

When enough of us choose to live Love-focused lives, the balance of power of the led, over the leadership, will swing so far that those who do not serve those led will be ousted. The process is already underway; but some of those who Fearfully try to lead while in the Fearful mode are doing crazy things that are starting to severely destroy processes we humans need to have the planet allow humans to still exist!

Either enough of us move up to live Love-focused lives or those who want to control instead of serve will retain their positions for longer.

In the end, the outcome will prove inevitable! Survive as a species because we cooperate and leaders serve; or disappear!

  • I think that is one reason for command, but it is an incomplete understanding of leadership. On the other hand, a kidnapper does not serve their victim, and they serve only their own interests.

To focus only on “the servant leader” and ignore the selfish, self-centered, and self-indulgent commander is to misunderstand social relationships.

  • There are two reasons to be in a leadership position, to serve oneself or to serve others. There are many who serve themselves (for the ego, financial, or power benefits) and there are some who lead to serve others, because they can.


, I’m on board with that. For myself I never give directive or instruction except as offer – and I’d whale the tar out of anyone I discovered was sneakily (without telling me!) acting upon it as if by obedience, rather than in a free agreement of aims and wills! REALLY?!

Tell you what sunshine, you want to perversely and against-my-wish make me your boss, that’s a mistake you make ONCE. Because AS BOSS, MY ONLY ACT is to discipline the smack-ass crap out of you never to do it again!

(Verbally, that is – no literal “smack-ass” required)

(Believe me, full-bore reason delivered with aim in well-chosen words of force and clarity – verbally suffices)

NEVER can you do what I want if it’s not what you yourself freely want, and call it “what I want”!

It isn’t.

I didn’t want you to do it. I wanted you to do it if you wanted to. Only that last part mattered to me. Only that part.

Only if you wanted to. And past the first betrayal you will not be able to claim innocence a second time. First time’s a freebie! Tons of people love people to do things unwanted, to please them in acts of self-sacrifice. First time, okay – you’re off the hook. Culture excuse holds – I’m a real nurture vs. nature type myself. But examine that behavior, please. Sacrifice for me? That’s repulsive. Do it once not knowing it’s repulsive, okay. Do it again?

That’ll be all, thank you. I do not appreciate disgusting, deliberate acts of betrayal. I appreciate them even less when dressed up as “favors” – when you full-know my will in the matter.

Hehe I’m kind of dressing it up all commanding. It’s absurd! Don’t let it put you off, I’m sincere, but it could never be that serious. Just a matter of open and direct communication, and people do tend to believe me on the last thing I want.

I’m kind of the anti-commander, when you get down to it. I DEMAND AND EXPECT MUTINY! Oh wait, you want to charge? Well, okay, LET’S CHARGE! It’s surprising how well-coordinated free agreement and spontaneous alignment gets, after so little practice. Once the fundamental rule is absorbed and understood, that is.

It’s the last thing I want for you to do it unwanted. Sheesh! Is this not a universal human stickle? Well whether it is or it isn’t, after your first mistake you will never be able to claim ignorance twice. You cannot do my want against my will. You doing what you don’t want is the last thing I want. Really-dearly.

I want the other to do NOTHING they don’t fully and freely want. It’s only offer, what I give.

All is offer.

So yeah, as to this service commander biz? How you put it? I for one am on board. But I hope you know?

That’s just for you, how you put it. Well, you and me, plus whoever else subscribes. It doesn’t hold for other commands, other commanders?

It holds for your commands.

It has neither force nor applicability to anyone else’s command. You don’t get to command another’s command. You don’t get to define its terms or set its constraints. Think you do? Think you can?

Step to me. I’ll straighten you out with ease and you’ll never walk so funny again.

Treat it right. Here’s how to put it: “For me to command is for me to serve.”

Well, right on! ’Cause that’s for you to say. Well-said. Rightly so. Obvious does not preclude righteous.

Afterthought. Next steps.

If in addition to that you take no directive nor instruction from any commander who is not evidently a true and faithful servant – hey! Good follow-up. Nice step.

Seems a natural progression. Coherent. Smacks of integrity and a general you-harmonious scheme of things. Still falls quite a bit short of making you commander of commanders, though.

Keep working! You’ll never get there, it’s beyond your scope. At some point in true going, though, you will work out why you shall not have standing to command all commanders.

Or anyone else you don’t serve, for that matter. And any you do serve, your service is both voluntary for your part – and consensual for theirs.

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