How do I psychologically accept the fact that I have endured evil for no reason?

  1. This takes some explaining. First, our world is polarized. It’s like two sides of the coin. So you could think of good and evil as the two sides. In order to be the complete coin, you would have to know both sides. And I say KNOW but not to live. How to live you choose yourself. Our world reflects this duality in all aspects. Man-Woman, day-night, white-black and the list goes on and on. Humans inside reflect themselves this way. We carry qualities inside that are both “dark” and white. Some are more polarized than others and some are more neutral in understanding. People who are polarized are usually more judging than those of neutrality.

So, now back to you. First look inside yourself. Learn to understand how you think and are inside. The world you receive is the world that you created inside of you. You can think that you’ve done no evil in life but a person can carry this either consciously or subconsciously inside their being. It’s essential to be positive in mind because you constantly create with your mind. A negatively oriented being creates a negative world.

Most humans are very unaware of this fact. The mind wanders with the wind and our emotional reactions are like that of animals. Meditation and contemplation may help you to detect things within you. It’s essential to know and to understand yourself. What’s happened to you has happened and nothing will change this. The effects will be how you deal with things. You can forgive or you can seek vengeance or work for a constructive solution. This will be of your own choice. But always remember this:


Time has nothing to do with this. It’s just a Universal natural law. Do the best you can with your intelligence and heart. It’s not an easy school on this planet.


Evil is a concept which not only makes sense in terms of religion but also in thoughtful life. If you allow yourself to step away from the church’s very noble moral framework for a moment, you will see that evil is the opposite of good in anyone’s book, and as such is as much an education as any parable. You need to understand what will befall you (or anyone else) if you were to let evil prevail. Without enduring some evil you may find it difficult to believe that such misery exists. It sadly does exist and now you really understand why it must be prevented at every point in life.

Far from no reason for endurance, you have been taught a lesson, and may you remember it well.

  • You get to choose how you respond to what life sends your way.

You can choose to assume the role of victim, and remain under the power and control of one more human who likely is not a good person.

Or you can choose to accept that such people exist and the universe itself will bring the appropriate Karma to them; without you ever wishing them an unwell thought.

To make your Karma even better you can even wish that they grow as their Karma unfolds! In that way their evil action makes you a better person; by choosing not to be vindictive about it!

We all have two Destinies: first to become such a Great example of living Love that others choose to become just like us; and secondly to not only do Love-focused actions, but to become Love Personified.

Sometimes another doing an evil thing to us sets us off towards our Destinies!

Choose your response wisely!

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