Why must people insist that only mindsets have everything to do with the unforeseen negative circumstances in life?

Although we are complex beings in a very complex universe, we have been effectively taught to accept a series of false over-simplifications about both this marvelous universe and our Special place as a species like humans within it.

Most humans have agreed to accept those falsehoods as truths of society!

The real universe is much more like ‘mind plus spirit;’ than it is like Energy/matter; in reality there is likely no such thing as matter; but most humans never bother to question their false training and refuse to accept that how we choose to ‘see’ things vastly reduces what we can ‘see’!

It is a reality that our evolution through early stages of survivability in truly dangerous times has had us weed out ‘seeing’ much of what is there right in front of us to be seen; so that we can react quickly in times of real danger.

Now that we don’t live in times of such extreme physical danger, we don’t need that ability to act quickly, using only our primitive Egos; but we are taught to ignore our ability to grow beyond a limiting capability! Most of society uses our limitations to more easily control us; to their ends, not ours. As a result, our default is still to ‘see’ only a fraction of what we could use to grow and become more powerful human beings!

Once we choose to ‘see’ only negative possibilities we have a great deal of trouble seeing the universe which has chosen Life against great odds and has our backs in a universe of abundance!

In our ignorance, we choose to not ‘see’ Love and still focus upon the many, weak states of Fear! This makes it much easier for others to control us!

Some of us don’t like to be controlled by others, however! I am one such!

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