How can someone believe in unearthly things they don’t tangibly know?

  1. We humans are complex being in a very complex universe and are both within the universe and infused with it. Using a very non-traditional definition of God (who has no limitations) I have a book about our being within God and infused by that essence!

    Although we are purposefully taught not to understand our proper place in this universe, if we reject enough of the false teaching intended to keep us ignorant of both who we really are and why we are here then we can quiet our noisy minds and become conscious of who we really are.

All of us can do that, but most humans accept the false teachings and refuse to properly understand what is both True and accessible to all of us! Those who become conscious, or learn how to Love unconditionally, can easily accept Cosmic Truths that go against societal falsehoods! Most of us won’t; but there is terrible Karma for accepting societal falsehoods over Cosmic Truths. In the end, those who accept falsehoods live miserable live; but blame others, not themselves!

The Cosmic Truths are available to all; but rejected by most of us!


Well, if you have an honest hard look at what you really know, it is not very different from what you believe you know, outside of tangibility. The only way you can know earthly things is via the sensory organs of the body but the mind plays trick on you because what you believe to be separate from you, at the end of a sensory experience, is not so at all. All you know is a vast accumulation of concepts learned from others and not the objects of perception per se. looking at a tree, you call it a tree and you are satisfied you know what it is but the concept tree is not the tree. Tree is just a name you were taught to use to designate that thing that has a trunk, branches and leaves [some more concepts that you have adopted because there is no way you can communicate with others otherwise]. This way you believe that that which you are seeing is real, and that which you don’t see is not. On the other hand, objectifying things you don’t see, is fantasy, which is also based on concepts learned from others. Conceptual perception which is based on borrowed information is belief. Direct experience which casts aside the hearsay, is reality.

Now look closer- give up hearsay knowledge and see what do you experience directly? Where is the image of the tree happening- it is for sure ‘in here’ not ‘there’- there is no tree without you casting your sight and attention on it. In fact you are the creator of that thing you were accustomed to call ‘tree’ and can’t imagine that it only exists because you give it attention. Renounce the hearsay knowledge for a moment and see that the only certainty you have is that of being aware/perceiving- what you perceive you don’t really know. So you can say for sure that you are aware, you are perception in which the object perceived is united with the subject that perceives is, with no separation and difference. As such you are the tree beyond the word, you are the people, the nature, the sky, the stars you are looking at.

You will never be able to understand this by relying on your mind [which is also just a concept, not supported by any evidence that exists]. Turn your attention away from the content of awareness to awareness itself, bereft of any concepts; they all come and go, in and out the field of awareness. Give up the mind and just be- being is what you are and have always been. What is born in time is time bound and it must end eventually- awareness is not of time- it has been with you all along, regardless of its transitory content. This knowledge is not ‘earthly knowledge’, it is not tangible and yet it is the truth, beyond beliefs, sensations or imagination.


There is nothing supernatural, there’s just science that we don’t know about yet.

No one has proved that “white holes” exist, but they predict that they do. It’s not faith to look at the evidence and make predictions about what we’ll find later.

The simpleton only believes what is proven. Not even Einstein knew that his space-time existed, but he predicted it. Then he “proved” it. You do have to be aware enough to predict what’s beyond that blind spot called the future.

We even predict that the future climate will be filled with apocalyptic disasters. Why can we do that? By seeing patterns.

Likewise, if we could look at patterns of organization from the still unknown foundations, then we see linear progress being preserved from equal chances of stagnation and regression that should be expected far before you and I come into frame. In other words, there could have been a hundred different outcomes rather than the one that intermeshes with the next stage of linear complexity. This shows order where none should exist.

We are far more God-like than chimp-like, too. If you don’t believe, with minute and momentary suns called thermonuclear explosions, and exploration via satellites and robots to other planets, that now we are more God-like with science and technology; then that is your religious opinion. Because what will we become in 10,000 years if we are what we are now?

Just using your five senses is not much better than an animal. We must be better than that.

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