What is the importance of respecting others regardless of having desirable?

  1. It’s of greatest importance to have respect for everything around you. We shall go about this from step to step to clarify the importance. First, everything you see out there including yourself come from the same Source or stardust. It’s all interconnected although it has taken form in various expressions. We as humans know very little about this although we think we know a lot. That’s not the case, I can assure you. Our world is extremely limited in perception. We have our 5 sense and that helps for this world but there is an infinite universe out there that we speculate about and observe with our 5 sense through telescopes and some other methods. Most of our understanding is from believing things. Science is trying to be more objective rather than believing but it is still very limited because the ground rules are all based from the human understanding and standpoint. Some few individuals have formed these views and the world accepts it because of their titles and education. There may well be humans out there that understand a lot more but they are unknown for the general public. The Universe has always fascinated me, so I did a lot of thinking for a while. Incidentally, I met with a Russian physicist one evening in a hotel in Belgium. We started a discussion about the Universe. My ideas were like his but he of course could put it down to math and I spoke more in layman terms. That was incredible.

So, in our world, like in the universe there are a great deal of thinking, creativity and ideas. Our universe as we observe it through our senses is constantly expanding and changing. Nothing is ever the same. Our world follows the same pattern at this time. There’s a lot changing right now. Nothing is static. So, the human intelligence combined can offer a lot if it was to become synchronized. For that to be we need to open our minds, get rid of our biases, open the hearts and start evaluating ideas. All humans should take a part of this. A world forum discussion would be lengthy as well as “hot” in discussions, all because of mentality. What could save it and really make it fruitful would be the common goal of finding the best solution. This means that all ideas must be looked upon seriously and not just be discarded. This requires RESPECT from us as a human collective. Everyone has the same value. This is true in all parts that we experience and live in.

Real respect starts from within you. When you have self-respect and understand your value, then you’re ready to respect others. Without this inside of you, you’ll continue on your own ego path. This is a very hard part to go through on our planet since most people are selfish in thinking.

You’ll see plenty of examples everyday of people fighting for their own ideas and solutions, completely ignorant for other ideas. This upcoming presidential election is just one of many. The same goes for the COVID problem, where there are many ideas both with information and disinformation.

We don’t respect our bodies, nature and animals either. Greed and money seems more important than life. Selfish and ignorant interests, again. Respect for one another will also help this planet to become more peaceful. People don’t have to fight when they can learn to work together. Think of all the money that could go for research to have a healthy planet, healthy people and a good living. No, instead we build weapons and worse WMD. So much money goes for this while billions suffer in their lives. Our morals say that we should value life and guard it. Well, I think we see more of the opposite now.

So, I hope this gives you some more insight why respect is so essential for ALL of us to have because without it, we can self-destruct as a civilization.

For the future, with love


Respect begets respect. How you act has a great bearing on how others act toward you. I can respect an opponent and not like one thing about them. I don’t like most people in Congress, but I respect their ability to con their constituents into believing their BS so they could get elected, and to continue to be reelected even though they have delivered nothing they promised. You can respect someone and still feel free to politely explain your opinion of them. Honesty and respect – a hard pair to come by.

  • If you respect those you dislike, they’re more likely to respect you back, in that they won’t go out of their way to make life harder on you.

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