“When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth.” What are your views on this statement?

Let see some reason’s:

False. For if I stand there smiling, shaking my head, saying nothing at all instead of a lie – where is their right to truth? What have I stolen?

Nowhere. Nothing. And they never had a right to truth. A right is a natural power we have, which no one can rightly take from us. We have a right to the truth we ourselves can discern from reality, and discern from comparison of claims to reality.

However, still pretty false and sh!tty giving, if lying is how we give ourselves. That’s wrong enough, please. When the other’s idea of us is formed entirely by what we give? When we give ourselves false, they find that out about us eventually. Word gets around. Over their protestations of goodwill and devil’s advocacy on our behalf, once their faith in our sincerity or honesty breaks, once they give in and see and know that we, we ourselves are false, that crack will not seal itself. Possibly ever. They will be quite right to judge our gift of self-defective, and possibly worthless. They will be right – in self-preservation, or just in terms of personal preference – to dismiss us as unworthy of their attention, their regard, and their company. All of which is entirely theirs. All of which they are as free to give as to keep.

It probably depends on how deep the lie goes, or how big the lie is in effect. But you never know, some people are pretty sensitive about liars.

If you care enough about people to go making up pretend nonsense rights for them to enjoy, the above truth is enough reason to discard the nonsense. The truth is reason enough. Karma. Not the witty-woo cosmic balancing force. Karma: the world you create for yourself of people who know how you really are by what you give. Real karma. Imagine a world where you never really gave yourself? That’s a world where no one knows you. Desolate place. Or imagine a world where everyone knows you by how you give yourself false?

That’s enough reason, if you want reasons. There is no necessity of making up nonsense rights and fantasy thefts to goose people with abstract guilt, “Oh my goodness! I never thought about that! I’m not just making myself a lying scumbag in peoples’ eyes – I’m violating rights someone just made-up! It’s like stealing truth from a baby!” Whose credulity is this going to convince? Only someone so naïve and sincere already, they frankly don’t need it.

Whoever asks you the truth is asking. They ask a favor. They ask for something that is yours, which you have, and may give. Either we can decline and give nothing, or else they were not asking: they were demanding.

Whatever reason there might be to grant a favor can never be a reason to accede to a demand. Whoever asks us or whoever may hear what we volunteer – that one had no right to anything in you. Anything of yours. Until you offered it. Until you gave. Your gift establishes their right to such gift. No prior right exists to what we give.

They are not owed you. They are not owed your truth. Your truth is yours to offer, share, and give. Your truth is yours to keep. To hold onto. “I will keep my own counsel” – “WHAT? COUNSEL-THIEF! You steal from me my right to counsel!”

Yeah, call a lawyer. Call Legal Aid. Your right to counsel (if you have such right) does not force me to serve you in this capacity, tyrant. Your “right to truth” is like your right to pursuit of happiness. You have the right to find what you can find, no more.You have no “right to truth” that enslaves me as your compulsory truth-provider. Grow up.

No one has a right to anything you must give them. Demand = decline. We are free equal beings and not above each other; you want something of one of us, you must request. Which means the other is free to decline. No one has any claim upon you for anything you could give except the claim you freely give them, or other claim you recognize. Absent some claim upon you whose validity you recognize (and you’re free to!), whatever it is you may give, that is something you are equally free to keep.

Why tell the truth at all, then? If to not do so would not be theft and violation of a made-up right someone just made up?

Well, let’s think about that a bit.

It’s for you give true. Not because another has status over you to command your give. For you. For your own selfsame sake: because how you give yourself is something you do to yourself, and something you make of yourself. So it is for yourself you give true. It is only by giving you true – no less than you mean, no other than you know – that anyone ever knows you.

They will know you by what you give. The better you give, the better they know. Supposing you make a parallel effort in aimed intent from self to better and best self as you go, you will find the better you give, the better you are, the better you can be.

Giving yourself true eases and brightens the consequence of your being. Every step in such direction makes every next step and all steps thereafter easier. It starts as practice, falls to habit, rises to discipline and ascends towards mastery.

Don’t worry. It’ll probably never get there. Not all the way there! Perfect’s not an adjective for a human being. For a human being, “perfect” is a verb.

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