Why is freedom essential?

  • Of course, freedom is crucial for a human to have. It’s become a subject of discussion because most people have no clue of what it really means. All beings are created free. Our world when humanity started didn’t have religions, politics, ethics, and societies with rules. People lived in nature or simple sheds to shelter themselves. Humans were part of nature with survival instincts and heightened senses.

Today, we have degenerated in these qualities. Modern man has technology which helps her but the human in itself has degraded a lot. I know some will say that we live longer and so on but this has nothing to do with the DNA. That’s all technology and science.

We are born with creativity and intelligence. How can one use them, if you are free to express them? If you put the tiger or the lion in a cage they eventually give up. Their life spirit just gives in. Well, humans are no different, but humans sometimes are stronger and more resistant. But, those who advocated freedom are often mocked, threatened or killed. Look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Students in Beijing who stood up. There are many examples throughout our history.

If you believe that we have freedom on this planet, then think again and start to investigate this subject. First, freedom starts from within YOU. With freedom come responsibilities like respect for others, compassion, peaceful living (except for defense and only if you’re attacked), open mind and open heart. So freedom starts within YOU first.

There’s never been a need to establish borders on a small planet in an infinite universe. This planet was never created with borders and control. It’s just a place to live and experience. Well, most people just dream about what they want to do but they live like slaves under those who rule. Money and fear being major tools.

So, why should someone really rule? It belongs to the people to establish a system that functions for all of us. We are all responsible for this system to work. All that is now, has been created because of selfish desire and greed. Intelligence used to enslave others for their own purpose. We’re taught that we are worthless and that we are sinners. Nothing could be farther from the truth. EVERYONE IS FREE and EQUAL. You may judge, I don’t because in the end I only judge myself. Let people be like birds, who fly free every day. They will also encounter experiences and dangers but they go and they do what they want.


You are your own master and you stand responsible for your choices whether you like it or not.

  • As the old saying goes, freedom is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Jean Paul Sartre, the French philosopher coined a very provocative and truthful phrase: “We are condemned to freedom because once thrown in the world we are responsible for everything we do.” So freedom is not only essential but it is the very existence of all living beings. That is the only thing that we do have and control: freedom to think, to feel, to act and to choose and no matter what choices we make we are fully responsible for them and the consequences thereafter.

You can be affected by a number of combinations over which you have no control—country of birth, parents, economic situation, race, etc.—but it is your freedom that enables you to deal with those issues and many others (emotional problems, career, friends, relationships, critical or trifling things) . Whatever you decide to do, it is your responsibility and therefore your freedom of choice.

At the risk of being redundant, I quote Jean Paul Sartre again: “Freedom is existence and in it existence precedes essence”

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