Is it true that what you give to another becomes your own sustenance?

  1. Think of the Golden rule: Do to others as you wish done to yourself. This says a lot more in itself. It will depend on your own experience and insight in life. If you think of yourself as a separate individual then the human type of thinking can become very true: I scratch your back and you scratch mine. This is a selfish type of thinking because it requires something in return. Like you invite someone for dinner but equally you want them to invite you back for this. This is also true in relationships where “love” plays the part. One person is “in love, head over heels”. They give so much to the other one and they do their best to attract the other person but the response just doesn’t come. This is another form of ego desire and it can lead to very destructive behavior in the end. Things like anger, jealousy, incorrect actions, stalking and you name it.

So, this is the way of an individual who thinks “individual”. Now the other way would be the person who sees everything in ONENESS. What I do to others, I do to myself. The world around you is you. This is a state of consciousness rather than a mind invented individual. You truly understand that you are ONE with all. Hurting or destroying things around you is doing it to yourself. Being there gives you another state of mind. The logic would be to always help yourself and to develop your weak parts. It’s reflected in your everyday life at work, at home in your hobbies and even in your examination of yourself. Most people wish to be more because that’s natural for most of us. Therefore we try to improve to become better. This requires awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions. It requires honest self-criticism. Could I do this better? So, past has value in form of experience but not for what happened. Past history is of no concern but the learning experience may be very useful. Time doesn’t exist anyway, so the reality is only the NOW.

Time is only a state of mind and an illusion (temporary manifestation) that we live within the human mind. Look at a star far away. If light travels as we have accepted in our physics then you would see the past, sometimes millions of years back in time. Does that make sense to you?

So, more likely you live in experience and this has no time. When you grow within and develop insight into self-awareness and self-knowledge then you’ll see that all that you create is affecting YOU. It’s difficult for many to see this because constantly people try to escape their wrong doings and mistakes. Don’t you think it’s easier to forgive someone who stands up with honesty and says: Sorry, I made a mistake or the person who tries to hide (either on purpose or inadvertently) their mistakes.

It’s said by many that you receive that which you create. I find that very true, myself. Some refers to this as karma. Karma is nothing more than qualities within you that needs to improve. Once you learned your lessons this will eventually change and new challenges will arrive. It’s a healing process and it has no time limit. You can choose to do this as quick as you can or you can simply be ignorant and continue as you are. Both have different consequences. Forgiveness comes from the healing within and not from praying to some God with your mind construct.

So trust your heart and live the way you are BUT do the best you can. When things are right more things will appear in your life. Treat all with the best of your love because the world around you IS YOU.

I hope this gives you some sustenance in life.


That is too simplistic, but the way this generous universe works, in several ways, leads us to receive more when we give without expectation of getting something in return.

What we ‘send out’ is returned to us in greater quantities than what we sent. As a result, we have more after giving. If we send out pro-life things like Love, we get more pro-life things coming back to us.

However, if we send out anti-life things like Fear and hate, we get back more of those as well. So, it is wise to learn the difference between anti-life and pro-life ‘things and ‘processes’!

Since humans experience Joy when they unobtrusively serve others, those of us who pay attention to what is happening are strongly inclined to give pro-life ‘things and processes’ and really do both have more and feel Great about it!

Society consistently teaches us to hoard what we have; thus having us just barely surviving in the many weak states of Fear. That state makes it easier for the powerful and very rich to control us so they can avoid retribution for what they have done to get and keep what they have!

Choose carefully what you send out into a generous universe!

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