What would the world look like if all people came together, no greed, no enemies, and everyone helps everyone?

  1. My guess is that there would be no wars, no countries, no crimes, no killing.

In an ideal situation such as this, there would be no need for money or any other currency. No greed means no need to use items for trading. This means everyone trusts each other and no one wants to take advantage of other people. A person will just ask for food and return the favor in the future.

No enemies mean no wars. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this. No war means no technological progress in terms of our world today. War provides an opportunity to test new inventions. The only reason why we have things like the internet, is because of the looming threat of war among major powers during the cold war.

However, we may see progress in another way.

  • For starters, there may be no homeless people. If everyone helps everyone, then the homeless would be able to sleep in a warm home.
  • There would be no poverty, as people depend on each other for help.
  • Food and other necessities would no longer have to be bought. Therefore, the need for an economy would lessen and we might have no need for it eventually.
  • Food and drinks we consume might be a lot healthier than our world’s. Every food and drink will be created and produced with the consumer’s health in mind.
  • Healthcare would be free. Doctors and other health specialist will no longer charge a fee in exchange for helping others.
  • No wars mean that the huge expenditures for national defense would be used in other methods. Possibly housing and infrastructure.
  • Heavy production of artificial food. As you know, our planet has a limited amount of resources. So, the technology would advance to find a way to create artificial food that provide just as much nutrients as normal food.
  • Space travel. Since we don’t have wars, our population would continue booming. This would result in overpopulation. The only way to solve this is by colonizing other planets.

Now in regards to the latter example, this is where I see the problem with your question. “What would the world look like if all people came together, no greed, no enemies, and everyone helps everyone?” Note the word “people”. Does that mean this only applies to humans? What if we decide to colonize a planet with sentient life? Doesn’t that mean we are still succumbing to greed just to help “our kind”?


The world would probably be wonderful with time. People just need to give their egos up and solve problems like they were one. That way we would find good solutions to our present problems. But initially it would be confusing for people because of our present way. It would take some generations to change the mentality. Because it all sits in the mental mind. There’s quite a variety of minds on this planet, going from the most destructive to the most loving. So, this idea is great but it needs a lot of work and effort.

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