Does this thing make me a good human if I don’t do bad or do good from reward in paradise?

  1. This question will attract a lot of “believers” of different faiths. These are only BELIEF systems and there is no real knowledge behind this. But these beliefs have some very valuable information behind them that can be useful. All those men like Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and some more were teachers for mankind to evolve inside and to understand their true nature.

Each and every one of them lived in different places and different times. They needed to speak in such a fashion that it would make sense to people for their place and time. Regardless of your belief system, there are good things to learn and to practice.

They teach us to love another, to do well and be helpful, to be compassionate, to be honest, not to kill nor to steal. So, you see that there are many valuable practices for your everyday living. If you learn to understand the true meaning behind these teachings and then incorporate them in your daily life, then you are a good human. Life doesn’t have to be complicated nor do religions have to fight one another for the beliefs. None of them have any proof of what they say. They just try to force that upon you and by using fear like eternal suffering and punishment. This is only scare tactics to make you believe them.

Christianity is the ONLY religion that doesn’t teach that “God” is inside you. All other major religions teach that God is within you. Also the Jewish faith teaches this and Jesus was after all Jewish. I know he is considered a great prophet by most other religions including the Jewish as well as in Islam.

If you look to Islam, then think of the story of Mohammed. He was an honest business man, compassionate and loving, always wanting the best for his fellow people. He didn’t teach violence.

So, you see that all these prophets taught people love and peace as well as to use common sense and heart with honesty in your daily life. It’s good to pray for others, it’s good to say “thank you” when you have good health and food on the table. A positive mind to life and to all living beings will take you a long way.

“God” wants us to be one humanity and not the split and selfish humanity that we are today. We need to create this. The only way to create this is by DOING it. Speaking doesn’t do anything to create a good life. Don’t fear the teachings of punishment of hell and condemnation that they want you to believe in. A loving God would never punish his children. You may get a lesson to correct things you understand wrong but this is only for your own good. Think of parents when they try to raise their children. Sometimes they need to be “hard” but it’s mostly because of love for the children. God doesn’t see us any different. We are the children, learning and growing up. We have the choice of what we want to do. We judge ourselves by our thoughts, feelings and actions. God is within you, remember!

So, don’t worry too much about the church. That’s all man made. Live from within your heart and pray to God within your heart. Use your creativity, intelligence and common sense and your experience in life. They will bring you much further in life and beyond. We are able to create a paradise on Earth if we all learn to love, live in compassion and respect one another. Do you honestly think that God created religions for us to kill each other in his name? It doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. Would you cut if your arm because it wants to be different from your other arm?

So, be practical and trust in your own heart because there you will find your guidance.

With love to a human brotherhood, all united as ONE.


Our Creator lets us know, that every person has committed sin and our sin has separated us from Him & His protection; that our sin has hurled us “over the fence” into the devil-Satan’s domain of sin, known as “living in our sins.” We are everyone doomed to Hell by our sins, and even those who have spent their lives doing many beneficial things for other people, because their “good works” and everything coming from them, is tainted with their sin!

But, regardless of the magnitude of our sin, no one has to end in Hell! And, this is because our beloved Creator made The Way for us to escape Hell, to connect directly to Him and His protection! So, The Way is not about us struggling to be a “good & acceptable person” but it’s simply about learning the accuracy of our Creator’s Word and deciding to trust & obey His Word, in spite of our questions, years of misinformation, confusion and doubts, to be “Saved & Reconciled” to our beloved Creator. For He will tell us how to connect directly to Him, to escape Hell and thereafter, His Holy Spirit will enter into our heart/ our core to GIVE US the power to dissipate our every sin one-by-one and He will GIVE US greater & greater trust in Him!

The Way “back across the fence” to connect or to be reconciled to our Creator is to trust our Creator’s Word that our Lord Savior Christ-Jesus paid the horrific price of our sins for us, with His sinless life, when He died on a cross in our placewas buried and on the third day after His death, our Creator-God physically raised Christ-Jesus from the dead, defeating death over us, that those who decide to trust His Word and are “Saved & Reconciled” will be physically called into Paradise! And, AFTER we are “Saved & Reconciled” our Creator proves Himself extensively to us in His own unique & astonishing ways! It’s an astounding thing!

After we decide to trust His Word, to be “Saved & Reconciled” we need only to talk directly with Himto invite Him into our heart our core, and anyone can easily do this by saying in their own words, “Dear God in Paradise, I ask You to forgive me of my every sin; change me to be the way You would have me to be – – – I don’t want to sin against You anymore, so help me to avoid temptations; give me deep-seated understanding of Your Word; tell me what my appointed mission is! So now I ask you, dear God, to bring Your Holy-Spirit into my heart to save me from my sins! I trust Your Word that you just did! Thank You, Lord Jesus for saving me! In Jesus name, amen!”

That’s it! No religion! No performing rituals! But, simply, just you & our Creator! So now what?

Now, it is vital to learn the accuracy of our Creator’s Word to us! Anyone can easily learn what His Word actually says and does not say by taking notes, while listening to any of the CERTAIN scholars listed who are incredibly accurate & interesting to hear on TV & YouTube mostly on Sundays from around 7am to 1pm:

David Jeremiah, Jentzen Franklin, Adrian Rogers, Benny Tate, Samuel Rodriguez, Tony Evans, Creflo Dollar, Gregory Dickow, Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, John Hagee, Jonathan Hagee, Franklin Graham, Luis Palau, Perry Stone, Michael Youseff.

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