Humans seem to be on a certain path to self-destruction, giving some people’s behavior, does anyone agree to this?

Yes, I do agree with you. Reason is that humans are more and more separated. Our evolution is in total imbalance and our ways and mentality is unfortunately negative in many parts. There’s a battle going on (spiritual battle). What I mean by this is the battle of each and every person which happens inside.

An evolution needs to happen individually (spiritual), socially and technologically. On our world these 3 are out of balance. In the individual and social structure we’re way behind compared to the technological advancements we’ve made. This imbalance can easily destroy us as we have technology to destroy our planet in a matter of days.

Humans in the early stages as a race survived by building societies and by helping each other. This is a proof of how important it is for us to be ONE humanity rather than being split as we are now. We are after all just one small planet in an infinite universe, so to be one humanity here would make a great difference.

Our present stage of separation comes from the selfishness, fear and mentality that exist today. We’ve been programmed during a long time to become separated. This has been done by society, culture, education, religion and so on. People started to defend their things, then conquering others (which created more negativity in form of hate and dislikes). Borders came up and countries were formed. Rulers came up in the different places (this separated the strong and rich from the normal people). This is what we consider the normal way of living. If you want to speak about real democracy, just understand that it doesn’t exist on our planet. We’re still in the Stone Age when it comes to social living.

Humans still don’t know their true meaning. Who we are, why we are and where we go. Totally unanswered questions but belief systems are in place to deal with this today. Believing is NOT knowing. So, this has separated mankind even more. As one family, we would have a much better chance to solve this mystery because this is the ONE enigma that all humans want to know. However, fear rules in many forms. Many are desperate and scared and instead of working with the inside, many just blindly accept what they are told by whoever wishes to control them. Politics, religion, education and you name it.

So, instead of working towards unity of the human race, we work completely against it. Many humans have good hearts and wish to live in peace and happiness. Well, it won’t happen if we don’t change the mentality. The selfishness must go, people need to develop compassion, the golden rule must be essential in each and every one, positive thinking and constructive solutions are essential. The respect for each other is a MUST. As long as we think in present terms, we are moving towards self-destruction. It’s clear with all the pollution, the religious and political tensions, our food habits, the medication we take and a lot more.


These are just some few things that I have observed and learned and I could write you an essay but all of you who read this have intelligence and you can be a part of figuring out how to change our present direction. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE, DON’T FORGET THAT. There’s no excuse. Do the best YOU can in where you stand. Lead the way and be the miracle for a wonderful world! We are in truth ONE and only our minds separate us from this. There are those who work against this but they are a minority compared to most people. Their rule will never prevail when people stop feeding into their lies and power. Everyone is powerful and everyone has value and meaning. Your self-esteem is essential. Use it with love, compassion and respect but stand up to what is incorrect.

For a united world and humanity in peace and love,

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