In what way should the people in the community be empowered?

Everyone should be empowered and an equal in their community. Every being is its own free and sovereign being. NO ONE MORE AND NO ONE LESS. Each being has creativity and intelligence inherited inside of them. So, everyone has value.

So, how would this work in a society? Look at the Indians of the Americas. They sure had a Chief but equally a tribe of elders. But what people tend to forget is that EVERYONE was involved with ideas and opinions. It was a system built for all people to participate and if you didn’t want to, you simply didn’t have to. The unity of individuals create a community or a society. The problems that arise are solved with the combined thinking of these individuals (therefore, each individual is important).

As having a community or society council, problems can be discussed openly, honestly with pro and cons, with the ability to see effects either positive or negative. Then find the best solutions to the problems. Sure, mistakes will be made but the community will together learn from these mistakes and evolve in understanding. So, you see, our present systems don’t even work close to this way of thinking. It’s ruling people as slaves. There’s so much intelligence out there that never come to use, because of a selfish, unmoral, disrespectful and destructive ruling from just a few. People should have the power together. People are formed by individuals. So, each individual should have empowerment inside and be responsible in their world.

I hope this give you some food for thought and also how important you are. Love yourself for who you are and show that same love and compassion and respect to the world around you. BE THE MIRACLE!

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