Why do some people still keep doing bad things when they feel really bad about them?

  1. You have some good answers in here. So, I’ll contribute a little bit. Humans in general are like slaves on this planet. Few really have nice homes, TVs, cars, food and some. The majority just struggle to have a roof over their heads and to eat. Well, that’s definitely imbalanced justice in my eyes. Some people have learned to accept this fate but for many it’s just a killer for the life force.

We are also being subjected to many things which destroy us as humans. Food (fast food, processed food). It’s all very bad for the mind and the health. We are being diverted into nonessential living like TV, games, mobile phones etc. these things split us as humans because we isolate ourselves from each other and start living in a virtual reality instead. The health goes down when we don’t move our bodies.

Money is another problem. There are billions of people working with things that they don’t like. They go like robots to work and use their energy without liking their job because they need to earn money in order to survive. People are scared to change. They cling on to things which they are familiar with and the fear rules. You never know what’s around the corner……

So, because of all these things, many just become depressed and they feel they have nothing to live for. Many wish for a home, family, money, good friends and so on but still people fail to be happy even if they manage to achieve all of this or part of it. The desire seeks more because that is inherited in the human, to learn and to experience more. The control system doesn’t allow for this freedom. It uses most humans for the purpose of others, our Elite. They do as they please and they have very intelligent ways of manipulating humanity for their selfish purposes.

By religions we are taught how small and sinful we are. Your self-esteem is being deliberately killed rather than to raise it. Education and titles do the same. If you don’t have a profession or education then many look down on you as nothing like a trash man or cleaning lady. These people do great service for many.

News sell like crazy because they have put our state of mind into fear, anger and even hate. The negative news sell best of all. Where do you see positive news? Very rarely. This is controlled and there to create a negative mind. I don’t watch this crap anymore.

Education knocks you down. They scare you to death with: If you don’t pass your exams then you’re useless. I thought we were there to learn. Not just pass an exam and get a title. Do you know how many intelligent people there are out there without titles?

So, conclusion: we are programmed to think negative, therefore we do and create negative habits. Habits that are hard to break when you get used to them. We have been made lazy in mind. It’s easy to control people who don’t think. We all have creativity and intelligence, so use it. The negative patterns will just kill you even more. Why do you think people escape to alcohol, drugs, sex/porn, material things or adventure of danger? It even reflects in certain styles of clothing and music. This is the side within us that rebels against this negative mentality. We simply forget who we are and the value that each and every one has.

So change the circumstances in your life. Do that which creates positivity and energy within you. When enough people do this on our planet, then the world will start to change. The false security which you live under is a programmed illusion. Things can change so quickly and COVID is just one thing that clearly proves this. Things will not get better until the collective human mentality changes.

For the future and that’s NOW


It may be that these persons fail to make all the changes to their lifestyle that causes these bad behaviors to be so easy for them to do.

With persons who are overweight, for instance, if they tell themselves that by eating less fast food they will be okay, they are not likely to lose weight. Even if they start eating less fast food, the changes that they need to make to their lifestyles are much greater than that. When they eat less fast food, they are likely to feel hungry, so they resort to cake, cookies and ice-cream to feel full. So they end up gaining even more weight. Then they get depressed. So, they buy more comfort food, and eat it to feel better. Then they may start having medical issues, so they are able to move around less. So, now, they are eating more comfort foods, and moving less, so they gain even more weight, and get even sadder. The key is ending this horrible cycle is holistic healing.

In order to cease to do bad things, whatever they are, all the areas of a person’s lifestyle must change to facilitate him/her becoming the new person he/she wants to be.

Let me return to the example of the overweight person. Their diet, the amount of moving around (exercise) they do, what they say to themselves, the times they eat, what they do when they are sad and so on, has to change, in order for them to lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy & happy.

The key is a holistic approach to change – an approach that touches all areas of a person’s lifestyle. Then, people will stop doing the bad things they tend to do.


When you feel bad about yourself you just see everything in bad way , also it very easy to do bad things it doesn’t require much , compare to good beneficial things you require to have more awareness and bra conscious about your steps , good things require effort time to achieve , but right now you want to feel escape and mask this feeling as soon as possible so you start to develop bad habits or treat people bad or commit something immoral , in order to gain your desire of feeling good , also you can feel temporary enjoying this stuff but after you done with it you feel even worse but what you do ? You what to feel satisfied again or occupied by desire, occupied by the hype of the moment, so you keep making wrongdoings, it is bad for you and also for the people around you, but at this moment you don’t want to know what it is bad or good as long as it give you temporary fake satisfaction even if it was on the expense of yourself or other.

and that why being addicted to bad habits or things that do harm to yourself is easy and can develop rapidly once you start it, and as long as you don’t want to be really be conscious about your situation and want to find rapid way for escape away from these thoughts that make you stress or give you unpleasing feeling you trap yourself in vicious circle that will not stop if you didn’t stop it and take a real action, and make some efforts to change it.

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