Does evil have to exist in order for a greater good to exist?

  1. Evil doesn’t have to exist in order for a greater good to exist.

Evil doesn’t have to exist for even petty, minuscule good to exist.

Good doesn’t depend on evil. Not in any way. Now sure, humanity is perseverant. Humanity overcomes. Good follows after evil, but that’s not because of evil. It’s because of us. Evil wasn’t the necessary cause of such good. Good just found it necessary to get over it. Things are different after tragedy or malice strikes. People make the best of what’s left. They make good, if they can.

So what? People make good regardless of whether there’s evil to get over! People are always making the best of what’s left or what’s just opened up, after whatever last happened. They look around at what chance there is and what options there are, and they make the best of them.

The good doesn’t need the evil to exist.

Now since you ask, what do you mean by “evil”?

  • Evil. Is a deliberate cruel, or malicious infliction of harm or suffering on other beings (“an evil act”), OR ~Even Worse~ it is a willful and persistent tendency to such acts. Requirements: the evil must be performed by a sentient being – a being of a pretty high order of intellect, a being of a kind which is capable of morality. Like, it can’t be a great white shark okay? It can’t be a bear. Grow up.
    • Argument-starter: to fail to act when you could easily avert great harm for another or others without risk to yourself, to knowingly and callously stand by and let evil happen, is called by some “evil.”
  • Evil. Is whatever suffering befalls. This is a ye old-timey definition. Earthquakes, famine, plague were considered great evils. Occasionally we still see this use, but as we’ve come to understand the morally-indifferent causes of such evils better, calling them “evil” has come to seem a bit childish to most people.
  • Evil. Is a spiritual substance that is all around us and in each of us? It’s lurking and appealing and wanting to grow and be expressed, and if you don’t watch yourself it’ll taint you! Get a hold of you and grow inside of you, percolating more evil.

Those are the three main senses I’ve encountered. Regardless of which you pick, no.

Evil is not necessary for any good.

The good we do – because human evil has been committed or because natural catastrophe has occurred – the good we do to overcome it and get past it and make good: good is the cause of that. The good we want to make real and bring to bear, is the cause of that. When we see what’s befallen and the plight people are now in, we want to rescue, assuage, and remedy their harm if we can. Evil is not the cause of that. Compassion is. Good is. We don’t make good dependent upon evil; good does not flow from evil. We’d have been doing our best to make good anyway. When evil happens, we make good against it, not because of it.

Now of course, if somebody’s spouse died in a random bombing (that’s evil) and as a result five years later ta-da! – You’ve got a great spouse, this is not good that happened because of evil. This is the good in that survivor, who refused to lie down and die. Who kept going and kept making and looking for good.

For all you know their spouse didn’t have to die. They could have been caught cheating and split acrimoniously, and your new spouse still didn’t give up. And you crossed paths anyway, found each other anyway. There’s nothing we need to thank evil for. There’s no good that is done because of it.

Good is done because of us. Because we find and know good in the world, and learn what we value and want to keep, to fight for, to fight towards, past and over anything that comes to oppose. Nobody ever needed evil to do good.

It’s just that sure, if a certain evil event hadn’t occurred, they may not have done this specific good they’re doing now. They’d have done other good instead.

People who think we need evil just because it’s nice to see humans heroic, rising inspirationally to oppose evil and triumph over it are…not evil, maybe. But they’re pretty sick. Moral titillation, that’s what they like. They like to see horror and trouble, and see who rises to it, for their own jollies. So they make a necessity into a virtue. They make evil a virtue.

Foul nonsense. Anyone who pulls deep and rises above because some nasty and injurious, lethally calamitous shit happened is not glad it happened. Unless they’re living for the spotlight opportunity, maybe. The greatest and most of those who act heroically would far more rather have just had nothing bad happen that day, and they could have done boring good instead.

Anyone praising the evil for the unwanted role it played it getting people to scramble desperately to save anything and anyone they could, that person is simply sick.

Good does not require the least bit of evil to be good, do good. There are ample opportunities every day, even if they may be too small to make the news. Good, decent people would much rather not make the news, if it had to mean someone was hurt.

Good people don’t need evil. They just know what to do with it. They’ve had to know. It happens.


Evil does not have to exist for there to be good. This is part of what the story of Adam and Eve is trying to tell us. There was no sin in the world until Adam sinned. And how did Adam sin? God gave Adam a rule and he broke it. Thus, Adam sinned. Before the rule, there was no way to sin. And after rule, there was no sin until the rule was broken.

Eve may have committed the offending act first, but she was not given the rule. The rule was given to Adam. So it was Adam’s sin when he did it. And by extension, it was Adam’s fault for not making sure Eve understood the rule and how the ramifications of braking the rule actually worked.

So there doesn’t have to be evil. Today, we need many rules in order to live together in peace and harmony. God has defined those rules for us. If we could simply learn to follow them, there would be no evil.

What about Satan?

Satan can only temp us. Only we can choose to follow the temptation and sin in the flesh.

Isn’t following all of the necessary rules an impossible task?

In our fleshly bodies are born in sin. So yes it is impossible. But God has made a way through Jesus Christ. If we repent and believe in Jesus Christ as our personal savior, all of our sin is washed away. Even though we remain imperfect in this life, we are without sin on a spiritual level. And in this life, God provides us with his Holy Spirit to help not sin. So we can become more perfect and no longer sin.

I don’t think I will live long enough to ever even approach being sinless. But God has already erased all my sins. And even in this life, I can become more than I am now. So while I may be evil today, I have the hope of not being evil tomorrow.

  • No….evil does not have to exist for good to exist, but the concept or idea of what constitutes an act of evil helps us recognize what a good act is, so in essence the concept of evil gives us a negative premise we can compare our good acts against, this gives us a better perspective of what we would like our acts of good faith to look like when demonstrated.

If we had no definition of what a good act was then we’d not likely have a definition of what an evil act is…


Is evil necessary in order for there to be good?

Evil is a conditioning mindset whose rooted source leads directly to the Ego (unconsciousness). The Ego manifests itself is all thing negative. It consumes all things negative, and it’s appetite is insatiable, never ending.

The afflictions the Ego perpetrates upon the individual and collective, is massive, almost incomprehensible from within a cognitive perspective. This is the root of all Ego, the veil of disillusionment that is placed over the human eyes.

Evil is when a human Being has a sincere ignorance to its own Self. Evil are unconscious acts within Consciousness itself. In other words, in those who experience or project evil upon other, there exists no separation between the Ego (unconsciousness) and the inner Self (Consciousness). For if there was a separation, no awakened Soul willingly chooses to act from such a perspective because Evil does not exist when living and manifesting from within the truest form of Self, Being, or Consciousness itself.

Living within the present (or gift-ed) moment transcend the Ego, and therefore any and all forms of suffering, of which evil falls under, does not exist.

I capitalize certain words and letters to draw attention to concepts that seem to get lost in its original and proper grammatical form.

If you would like to learn how to transcend the ego, to live from within Presence, I invite you to read some of my posts on my space page called the Ego and Consciousness.

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