Is hypocrisy a form of lie?

You have some very good explanations here already. I just comment because you did A2A on this. Sure, if YOU DON’T WALK IT, LIKE YOU TALK IT. Yes, then there’s a lie within you. Some things which are not really covered by the other answers is that our desires in form of feelings get the control of us. This is a subconscious part and it can be far stronger than your conscious mind. Things like food, sex, drugs, gambling and other addictions can be so overwhelming for many. Logically, they know NOT to overindulge in these things but the desire just simply becomes too strong. Humans are often trapped by our elementals in form of feeling or thinking. Feeling takes form as desire and personal selfishness. Mentally, we become trapped in a fix idea that just glues itself in front of your eyes. It tends to blind people and can lead to very harmful actions.

So, moral preaching something and living another life behind it, is a pure lie. Some are aware, others cannot control their thoughts and feelings. But regardless of the excuse, it becomes a contradiction. People who do this tend to lose respect and trust from others when the truth comes out.

Look at the Catholic Church with the priests and the pedophile scandal. Look how this goes in the political world, especially now with Trump and Biden. It happens all the time. It can be so manipulated by TV, media and powerful people in order to bias people. There’s a lot of hypocrisy involved here. And it’s not for the best of the people but to win an election and put your people in power. We don’t need these kind of leaders. We need common sensed, humble, open hearted and compassionate leaders who truly wish to serve their fellow human beings. That’s what they are elected for.

Okay, I stop now but to live in opposition to yourself is destructive. It will never bring anything good in life.

  • Yes, it is deceitful to all involved including the person who is hypocritical.

However, it could be caused by the person’s misunderstandings of their own true beliefs/ethics/morals, i.e. they either don’t actually believe things they think they do, rationalizing their hypocrisy to fit, or they have some beliefs they are unaware of, or think they’ve suppressed.

Until we face our basic selfishness & urge to succeed at any cost, we will be hypocrites, bypassing moral & ethical concerns.

  • Yes, either that or an act of ignorance. Hypocrisy is not doing as one tells others and oneself to do.

To denounce greedy people while owning a fortune and hoarding money and goods, or to enforce drug laws while being under the influence of drugs, are examples of hypocrisy. The subject is either lying to oneself or is ignorant of their actions due to cognitive dissonance.

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