What is the importance of time in human life and how to why human are not understand it’s value?

  1. Well, let’s consider time a little bit. What is the lifetime of a human being? In universal terms, it would be less than a lightning bolt. It’s incredibly short. So, why is it that we perceive time so different? Think about this: When you have fun, time goes incredibly quick. Hours feel like minutes. The opposite is when things are boring. The minutes seem like hours. In the mind, you can travel in “time”. You can go back into the past and review an experience in some form or you could go into tomorrow and imagine how it would be.

So, we live in a condition that we call time. Time for humans is a reference to many things. Like our age, when to meet and you know the rest. So, it’s a human invention and a condition of the human mind.

We can make a choice on what to do here on Earth with our time. This will always be of personal choice. Most humans indulge more into this 3D world where they believe that this is the only existence that there is. Others believe in things and others again belive nothing. So, what we do with our lives will depend on our beliefs, experience and knowledge.

When we have problems, either in the outside world or in the inner world, we many times become ignorant rather than to seek out solutions. Many problems require resolute thinking and research to be solved. Because of our busy world with many distractions, humans have been conditioned to take the easy way. People have become lazy because there’s no energy left after work or the bad news or discussions.

This negativity that’s been formed just makes many humans wish they were never born or they just want to get of the planet. Few, understand that we form our own reality. We also receive what we create. There is NO exception to that regardless of what you believe. Therefore this short time that we live in, should be used for our betterment and evolution which we should carry on to our children. This way humanity may survive itself. It’s always been said that we should listen to our Elders. This way the experiences and mistakes done by one generation can be carried forward and the present generation don’t have to do the same things over. This seems rather to be the opposite on our planet. History repeats itself here. Only because of human ignorance and selfish desires. So, it’s time that those elected responsible to lead us should guide people into what is essential and to motivate people into positive thinking, creativity and intelligence to solve our problems. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CREATION. Sure, we need recreation and relaxation. But we shouldn’t be chasing money and material things first. We can enjoy that but first our responsibility to ourselves and the planet. Use your time well! It’s short.


Do you believe in mythology?

If not please believe for a moment and know that our scriptures have written about one day of Brahma the creator of universe.

It is equal to one yuga.

Length of one yuga can be searched in google but is so long that one shall have to believe only.

Once again let us assume it to be right because there is no way we can really know what did happen thousand years ago whereas here we have to go back millions of years back.

This doesn’t reduce importance of time in human life but give some fresh angle towards the query.

In my understanding documented details of past knowledge or history would be available of 2000 to 4000 years (Please correct the figures if someone knows).

If we try to expand the evolution of mind of our recent time say from (1) jungle man to (2) tribal to (3) colonial to (4) nations as on today.

1. We can earmark progress from (1) to (2)

2. Then progress from (2) to (3).

3. Then progress from (3) to (4).

We are stopping here because even if we consider in place marked 4 as nation the world has not truly reached this state. Nation is defined by constitution / freedom etc lines and anything less confirms that they have to evolve.

Have any nation truly reached at all by such definition, could be!

More important by this concept is the majority of the nation we know have not reached state 4 and are mix or 4 and other lower ones.

Thus if say we have documented information of 4000 years we have still tribal or people far from civilized state who now are preserved community like in Andaman for example.

Those people are running behind at least 4000 years back from us.

Do you agree?

If we know the architecture genius of old monuments like Kailasha Temple in Aurangabad the scientific knowledge used in making is unique we have yet to learn. So we have live record of past but little documented evidence of growth.

Yet if we see the same three points time wise for a very crude indication listed above and relate with time span becomes a tiny period that is shaping ahead.

We are worried about losing nature by urbanization for generation to come which a scientist would but what is store is complex because human mind is yet not evolved to see ahead of time holistically directing the truth which prompts us to work on belief beyond certain point.

In my point of view time takes in evolving mind from uncivilized to highest level works in stages and each lower step consumes huge time span that is rise is slow by experimenting and experiencing in small steps entangling in duality as it rises.

Thus from raw ignorance we rise and go in deeper ignorance of duality losing certain natural traits being dependent on manmade material or belief.

Hindu mythology says that one yuga (cycle) takes approx. 12000 years and complete cycle in 24000 years which can be seen as rise in mind.

Ascending is also filtration of soul and all not rise equally where the importance of time exist in our life.

How much we make progress in the whole spectrum in isolated could be insignificant but has a great value and has relation with other souls too.

We may not bother in such line yet it is following value and rising higher could help us giving happiness, peace and joy gradually life after life which is the earning of soul.

One life of say 60 years of 100 years is not enough unless we expand the mind which can see beyond where our own like is not as important as influencing many souls in the right path which could be divine following order.

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