Why is it that when humanity strives to come together, there is a surge in the opposing forces that set us apart?

  1. We live in a world of duality. There are opposing forces everywhere in our world. They are natural for us and most people never think about that. Men-women, day-night and so forth. The same comes in term of spiritual ways. We term it good-evil. Different religions, life philosophies and so on describe it in their different ways. It’s mostly symbolic but also many distorted views, mainly to hide the truth.

The forces that govern our planet today, the Elite, Cabal, rulers or whatever you wish to call them are not going to give up the power that’s been created over a long period of time. The power belongs to the people of Earth, together. However, it’s been controlled as well as manipulated to fall into the hands of a few. These few have basically enslaved the people of Earth to carry out their own will. To divide and conquer is their motto. If this is threatened in any way, efforts will be made to put people back in the place where the Elite wants us to be. Most people hardly survive, because most are so poor that they have to fight just for food every day. Others have food and shelter but they are generally burdened by bills, mortgages and credits that they must pay. If you don’t, out you go…..

If humans come together and we start finding solutions to our predicaments, then the “rulers” may start to lose power. Money and fear is what controls mostly today. Events are staged, propaganda is created and so on. When we believe and accept these things, we have given our birthright power to these “rulers”. They are no more nor any less than any of us. So, ask yourself why they can play with your life? We need a new system in place. A place where our humanity is ONE. A place where each being is respected and appreciated for what they are. This is fully possible to do. People should have the power together and find the best solutions together. As a united humanity, that’s all possible.

But, like I said, the people who want to rule won’t give up so easy. It’s essential to expose truth about their beings and actions. It’s essential to stay positive and to stand up against tyranny. The more people that question what the “rulers” do and also people inside that can give real information about what goes on, will weaken their system day by day. Investigate and stop buying in to all the lies they do through media and “beautiful” public speeches. Use your intelligence and see what’s behind the scenes. If we had honest rulers on our planet, there would be respect and an objective to work towards a united humanity. Well, you can all see that this isn’t the case. Look at all the wars and conflicts that we are in right now.

You can take the left and you can take the right. They are the “opposites” attacking one another, BUT they both have one thing in common. THEY BOTH WANT TO RULE. They present their beautiful solutions to people but that will never work. No political system in place on Earth, today will work. They create more problems and are just power struggles to maintain power. This is on a global scale but in different forms. Slaves are not to be free. They are to be used for “our” purposes. Well, people of Earth are the slaves.

Do you want to be a slave? Sacrificed in a war or something else, commanded by this ruling Elite. If you don’t dance along their lines, then you’re out of society, punished or killed. They don’t tolerate other people, who may contest their power or that expose their plans. Honest people have nothing to hide. Things can be in the open when we are honest. Strange, national security and all what they tell people. Why is that so important when we should work towards a united planet and humanity? I think this requires transparency, honesty and to seek out the best ideas to solve our predicaments.

Well, I leave you to think on this subject. Some of you may not believe what I’m telling you but I challenge you who don’t and tell you to start investigating the truth behind the scenes. I did so many years, also through people who have some level within the system in different parts. Use your common sense and intelligence and you’ll see the truth of the structure that we live with. It’s time for a change, folks.


For the last 16,500 years our planet and its people have been under military rule which recognizes profit, bribery, fear, violence and suffering as the ways of governing. When we made it to 2012 the covenant expired. A new trustee was elected that had a 99.8 % DNA connection to the original mitochondria “Eve”. Her name is Kimberley Ann Goguen, and she has been working tirelessly to reset or disconnect some of the established, negative controlling systems that “Marduk” had put in place. The big ones are the monetary system and the intelligence agencies as these two systems have been working to keep humanity separated.

In 2020 she has given us the opportunity to rise up from our base levels and to see who we actually are as human beings. The future of humanity is based on free will and not control from above, as in our fascist, pyramid organizations that basically Marduk was responsible for creating as a system. He is also the author (Sun Tzu) of “The Art of War.” I do not know what Sun Tzu means, so there is probably more to it than just being a pseudonym.

“Evil” is a manmade word and there are plenty of evil people in charge at the present time. They are in a high state of panic as Kimberley is eliminating people and systems from the top down. It is our time to unite at the bottom so that we can fill the vacuums of energy with positive energy of love and light rather than let the darker energy of greed, selfishness, fear and Draconian laws to flow back in.

Human beings have developed bellicose natures because of the way we have remained divided one against the other. We can come together with our own unique idiosyncrasies if we view everything from a perspective of unconditional love, self-respect, and respect of others. From this position we do not need leaders as we become our own masters and we collaborate with other, like minded masters. We can become the human beings that we really are. I have experienced the mastery of average, basic humans many times throughout my life when they simply gave me a helping hand or a carefully designed piece of advice that was saying it as it was and that maybe I should be aware of it. One of the tricks of mastery is having respect for another humans abilities and working to enhance them for the good of the whole.


Evil has always use disease, division, hate, and violence as its tool to destroy as much life as possible.

The issue now in the USA is that millions of kids have been brainwashed that “socialism” is somehow good, even though every speck of evidence found where this really stupid idea has been has cost a lot of disease, suffering and death.

Even Putin said: “What’s going on in the USA? Don’t they know that socialism doesn’t work?” This is because that sort of thinking caused massive poverty and suffering in his country. But he is pretty happy that the US is going that way, because he will try to take over the USA if this movement in the USA succeeds in causing economic destruction, chaos and civil war.

Much of the education system now teaches that the citizens of the USA, who support freedom, prosperity, and constitution are evil. They believe this with all their “heart”. It is not some simple “movement”. That anyone who doesn’t know how evil the USA is is stupid, and must be eradicated. These “kids” were trained by Marxists in our own school, and that was a clever thing to do, and was planned some 90 years ago in Russia. When Khrushchev said: “We will bury you!” he was not kidding. They had this in place called subversion by entering all the main areas of education, media, news, and politics. We now have overwhelming knowledge of this success in the USA. The people in politics do nothing to stop this because they are part of this subversion. Evil is a cleaver thing, and uses brainwashing, now for at least 90 years in the USA, into thinking that socialism is “Utopia” just as it always has.

By the way this is clearly described in the Bible when the “King of the North” attacks the “King of the south” and takes over for a while. Right before the end of this rotting system of disease, suffering and death.

Here Yuri, a Russian defector tells all about it.


This is an extremely important question for our generation!

This is exactly what happens each time we try to unite and work together. The moment we achieve some success, our inherently egotistic, self-serving, exploitative nature immediately wants the success for itself and the fragile connections, cooperation is lost.

If we needed any added proof, we can observe it Live now through the woefully inadequate, selfish, individualistic and nationalistic reactions, “solutions” for the pandemic which makes the situation much worse than I should be.

If we truly cared about others, if we wanted to mutually help each other as much as we want to selfishly help only ourselves, we could have already solved the pandemic – and all the other, mounting global problems – long time ago.

Thus we need to learn through a very special – very realistic, empirical science – how to balance, complement our inherent egos with selfless, altruistic intentions that we learn, copy from Nature’s balanced, fully integrated system.

The ego cannot be suppressed, erased, our inherent differences, individual uniqueness will only grow. But by learning how to build “Nature-like” integration we can actually use, harness the individual uniqueness, differences for the sake, well-being of the whole collective.

The egotistic desires for more, the competitive spirit will give us the power, while the “Nature-like” integration, the selfless, altruistic intentions will give us the directions, purposeful guidance.

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