Is happiness the only reward of wisdom?

  • Happiness and wisdom aren’t related in a true sense. However, wisdom can create happiness. Wisely used information put into practice can produce happiness. However, happiness is very subjective depending on the individual. Some believe in material happiness, while others believe in inner happiness. Happiness can be either of permanent character or of temporary character.

Most people experience the temporary one. You are happy when you get to buy what you desire, when you pass your exams, when you get the job you want, when you meet a partner that you “love” so much, when your dreams come true and the list goes on and on. Most of these are desires. They create happiness for a shorter or longer period of time. When the desire leaves you or you have achieved what you wanted then you’re back to the next adventure for “happiness”.

So, how do we create permanent happiness? Well, things and beliefs are different for everyone. But, some essential things are to accept things in life as they are and rather than to take a negative side, try to understand why these things happen and if there would be a positive outcome or learning from this. So being neutral with a problem and find a solution will be one helper to find permanent happiness. It’s essential to be within yourself and to trust your heart. When your heart is opened then the true happiness can flow. Stay positive in mind and let the negative thoughts just pass by.

You will not react to things and people, in the sense of what normal people do. You won’t be disturbed and more be like an observer and aware of things. There will be serenity within you. You can accept bad feelings and just let them pass by without affecting you. This is inner happiness and serenity and it’s very different from the selfish happiness that most people experience. It flows like a sun outwards from within your heart. Just an unstoppable force. The difference between the two is desire. What you desire goes inward towards you but what you give flows outward, being the Sun.

Wisdom on the other hand will solve problems and keep you out of trouble. It can also be used to help others. But as I said before, it an be used to create happiness. If our world used the wisdom we have, it would be much better and also a lot happier. To be able to eat, to sleep somewhere, to live in peace and be respected is certainly what most people wish in their lives outside of all other personal desires.

WE can achieve all this, together as ONE.

  • Happiness feels like the emptiness of the soul has been filled. Often imitated but never successfully – complete happiness requires enough wisdom to know that “this” is good and an awareness of the fact that “this” is a gift. A nursing child and an old man may enjoy it especially because of the awareness of being loved.

It could be wrong to divide the rewards of wisdom into separate categories – like counting blessings for the purpose of keeping score when really, wisdom – if a person was to have any at all, would say that it is never ours but still is owned by the one who created it – God. Wisdom is all One, and the benefits from it are all One also – and show that Creation itself is all One in the hand of the Creator. Happiness, like Faith, is the gift of knowing that.

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