What are the good and bad things about a concept being ahead of its time?

  1. Well, there are many things that some can be ahead of in time. We would first think of technology but you need to understand that there are visionaries who have ideas of better social structures as well as individual development of the human.

Humans know what they have been taught. We are “programmed” from birth into a society and culture. We’re separated from each other because of race, religion, politics, geographical situation and so much more. So, just think how a Japanese and an American think of their lives. There’s quite a difference in thinking. Who is the better? You couldn’t really say that because it’s something you evaluate inside as an individual.

So, for the question, is that the same principle applies. What you cannot conceive is strange or even “crazy” for you. This is one obstacle for most of humanity. We blindly accept what we learn as truth through society in form of education and studies. We believe in the system of titles and education. They can be very limited as well as controlled. Many people who truly were geniuses like Tesla, Mozart, and Einstein to mention a few used their own intelligence to create more. Each individual is fully capable of doing this but due to your own limitations that YOU have created, you just don’t get involved. The good part is that humans could have evolved a great deal both in spiritual, social and technological part if this type of liberty would exist.

The negative part is that intelligent, free thinking person’s often pose a threat to the present establishment. They present things that would turn over things like religions, politics, and present technology and with that many corporations that deals with money. There are many examples of that and I’m going to list you a few.

Tesla is one of the more important ones. He was going to construct free energy for the world. He was stopped by the banks because of that. The only one who supported Tesla was George Westinghouse because of the AC that we now use as electricity. There’s another man today, alive who wishes to do the same, Eric Dollard. He has had a number of labs blown up because of his work. You can look him up on the Internet.

I have personal friends who have introduced cures for cancer who were effectively stopped by powerful people because it would ruin the billions that Big Parma earns on their “medicines”. Another couple of guys invented a carburetor that consumes fuel in the same way like today. This was done in the end of the 50’s. Shell Oil bought the patent and locked it up because they wanted to sell fuel instead. Another guy I knew invented an electric car back in the late 50’s that could drive cost-to-coast without recharge. It was self-generating. He contacted GM. GM told him to stop this. One morning, very early he was called by the police who told him his factory was on fire. The 2 prototypes he had were destroyed and later the insurance wouldn’t pay him out because there wasn’t enough “evidence” that it was an accident. From being a rich man with millions of dollars, he became poor. Holographic telephones have been introduced since the 70’s and you can see it in EPCOT center in Florida. They are still NOT on the market. The same was true for flat screen televisions which we now have. So, the truth is that the establishment controls what we shall have. This in turn is because of money and industry. It does cost a lot to build a production belt and it is designed to be there for some decades before a “new” product can be released.

The latest is the antigravity patent, filed by US Navy for Salvatore ….. (Can’t remember his last name now). They filed for this in one of their “unknown” scientist’s name. It’s quite controversial as it goes against much of the laws of physics that we learn in school. So, another little thing to think about as I mentioned above.

So, the ideas toward a better world is clearly controlled by our Elite. They use technology or psychology in advanced terms which normal society won’t see anything of until it can be safely introduced without losing economic and social control. It’s all in our interest to create clean nature, peace and healthy living. This advances Earth towards something much better. Humans need to use their creativity and intelligence to do this.

So, I hope this gives you some more insight of the dangers and positives from being ahead. Mostly it comes from ignorance and from selfishness. We should welcome solutions that benefit our planet and humanity.


Actually being ahead of one’s time is a major life disappointment.

Case in point: are you familiar with the concept of a deep fake? If not, a deep fake is a 3D animated version of a real person, typically used to replace a real person in video with this fake version to create a video of a real person doing something they never did. Most often a deep fake is a reference to pornography, with a celebrity’s face superimposed on the porn actress’s body.

A good 10 years before deep fakes became a thing, I patented a VFX process that automatically replaces people in filmed media with anyone else. I was trying to create Personalized Advertising, where you, your family and friends appear in the video advertising you view while watching TV.

The startup that I created to achieve this had an impossible time trying to raise financing simply because nobody believed what I was demonstrating right in front of their eyes was possible. They either thought it was fake, too expensive to take to market, or if they saw potential they also wanted to do porn, which I refused to be a part of because I could see how devastating a technology that inserts anyone into porn would be to society.

So, what happened? I hit my head against the VC, Hollywood studio, and advertising agency walls for 10 years before I was far past bankrupt and had to quit. The technology still works. But I am just sick of people and their desire for porn now, as even a few weeks ago one of the constant stream of interested investors contacted me with an interest only in doing porn. Gawd I hate our society sometimes.


I would say all good things.

I mean a lot of the time, for any big boom to happen downstream of the original innovator, there has to be an original innovator in the first place. It doesn’t mean we never would have tumbled to such tricks without them, but it could mean the boom would have come later without them. It would have to wait on a later originator.

So, somebody comes up with something nifty as hell. They’re ahead of their time. Their innovation is not widely recognized. But it is noticed by various far-flung parties, all of who go to work adapting the principle in different ways. There could be like, ten of them. All hard at work – who knows which one will achieve the later breakthrough? Being ahead of your time is basically like putting the seed out there for many other competing garners to cop and coax to bloom. Because here’s the thing:

It’s obvious the original innovator didn’t have what it takes to make their seed bloom. Or boom. Not widely. Just enough of a splash for far-flung others to note the potential, if combined with this and that. And when one breaks through huge, journalists trace the roots of the idea and come up the humble (or pissed) originator, toiling in obscurity, left behind in the success story!

Because it wasn’t a success they could make themselves. They needed help.

So…all good things!

Purely for the sake of the original innovator, I hope they patented whatever, or can demonstrate ownership enough to legally claim a stake in the boom. If not, maybe they can trade on their cachet a bit. In any case, that’s the difference between being “ahead of your time” and being “irrelevant.” When you yourself can’t turn your idea into huge breakthrough success on your own, but someone else later can…you were “ahead of your time.” Your position is at least elevated somewhat, and maybe you can turn that into something.

But if you yourself can’t turn your idea into huge breakthrough success on your own, but later nobody else does either…you get stiffed. Bupkis. Anyway, keep toiling I guess! It’s for the sake of the thing that you do it, correct?

But it would be nice to catch a piece of that breakthrough success. Well, if none ever happens, you’re never going to parlay your part into anything.

Possible bad thing? From a certain perspective?

I suppose from an envious standpoint, the “ahead of one’s time” innovator may feel like all the ducats and accolades got stolen by some coattail riders from the future. Or into the future. And feel a wistful resentment “That should have come to me.”

Fact is, when situations like this happen, it’s usually the case that the later product had real features and applications built into it that made it a superior, more appealing product. And these were material factors in the breakthrough success. The core idea alone isn’t necessarily enough. Sometimes, but not always, it takes more than one person’s vision to realize all the things that need to be included to make something really fly. Sometimes it takes that first splash to bring the attention of all the people out there who sit up and say, “Holy wow. That’s a great idea. Or…I can see how it could be.”

Concepts are conceived then evolve and develop. They are communicated by people and to be effective need people to support and promote them.

Yet humans work within the framework and constraints of the people, place and era they live in and (much as an adult adjusts the communication for a child) the human with the concept may adjust the concept for their people, area and time. The difficulty is when a concept from the past is applied today without any review and updating.

If the idea is too far ahead of its time resistance is often extreme with resulting upset and arguments, especially from those with opposing views or by those who hate change and hang on to the status quo . Then those who are willing to listen are in a small minority and there is greater chance the idea is not accepted. As a result the concept may wither and die, or is archived – possibly to receive consideration at another time.

The good thing is the idea is debated and hopefully prepares a path making it easier for acceptance at a future date.

An example is Universal basic income – Wikipedia first proposed in the late 16th century by Sir Thomas Moore and again in the 18th Century by the English radical Thomas Spence and the American revolutionary Thomas Paine. It is only now, following mechanization and the advent of computer technology, artificial intelligence, remote surveillance and robots, the idea is getting serious consideration. The 2020 pandemic has highlighted how quickly the economy can collapse if too many people lose their incomes at the same time; UBI enables capitalism to successfully continue into the future.

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