Why, based on the historical record, does human morality create longer and far more brutal tortures than human sadism?

Well, understand that religion and politics have killed more humans than anything else. They are all built upon ethics and morals. They rule humanity in big parts. This system has been built into us through thousands of years. We accept it as natural without questions. Sure, nowadays there are more and more people who question this. This is good. What right do these people have to suppress anyone on this planet?

The Catholic Church killed many people with their “laws”. It started 433 AD when Emperor Constantine declared Christianity as an official religion in Rome. He didn’t do that because of its belief but he saw how widespread it was and how popular it was. So, the best way was to control it. There was money to be made out of this. The religion then became very powerful. It was a great way to scare people into obedience. If you didn’t obey the church you would be tortured and killed.

This is just one of many examples. Today we have similar things both in religion and sects. Politics is just the same. Some countries have pure dictatorship as ruling. Others have “democracy”. But the democracy is not real because the ones who present themselves this way want to rule over people. Left or Right doesn’t matter. They are the opposite sides of the same coin. You are “forced” to choose one of them. This will continue as long as people give power to this. Many of these “democratic countries” are responsible for billions of deaths through time. They have started wars and so on. They use excuses for this and fool people from seeing the truth. Killing is killing, that’s a simple truth.

People are led into believing things. We are programmed in our society where we live. Truth is being distorted. Those who distort truth are smart and intelligent. They have very clear knowledge of what they do, so don’t be fooled.

Morality and ethics are different all over this planet depending on where you live. Conditions of living also influence this. Rather than being sound guidelines, morals and ethics have become intellectual laws without understanding and compassion. Look what happens when you don’t manage to pay a bank for your mortgage. They just come and take your property even with force. There’s no compassion and understanding when someone has lost the income from a job loss or like in our present situation with the Corona.

There are sadistic people who thrive from people suffering, that’s true but most people aren’t of such character. There’s a mix of compassion and sadism in many. This deals with your selfish ego. Sadism is a projection of your own suffering inside yourself.

The ones who do massive killings are really cold beings because they are first of all very selfish. They don’t carry emotions of compassion and love for others. They try to present a facade of this to people of being good and wanting to do well but this is a pretense to fool you. You need to look deeper. Hypocrisy is very normal in both politics and religion and mostly from the leaders. Normal people try to live up to these beliefs, mostly but not everyone. There are 2 sides. Service-to-self and Service-to-others. One side works towards separation and the other side towards unity.

So, the norms and rules that you think are right from where you are do kill and destroy for many more than you think. Humans are experts in making excuses and to paint false pictures instead of being honest. Honesty creates trust and transparency. People respect honesty.

I hope these thoughts shall inspire each and every reader to seek truth and what’s really behind things.

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