How can simple acts of kindness change lives?

  • Certainly. It’s important that kindness exists in our society as humans. These are the people who carry this quality within as well as compassion, empathy, honesty and love. You can only be kind if you carry the quality within you. But like Karey answered below me here. It can be so essential to assist a person to come back and have faith in life again.

Just think of small things like: “Thank you”, open a door for someone, ask with an honest intent, How are you? To take a little interest to listen to someone, maybe even take them for a lunch. There are many ways.

You show that you give value and respect for a person. To invest some of your energy for someone else is an act of compassion. This can be an enormous boost for a person who’s given up things and hope.

How many times, do we say thank you for a good job to the cleaning lady, the trash man, the post man or the bus driver. It’s good to give encouragement to people who do plenty of service for others.

People need to feel that they are needed and accepted in their world. They also need a sense of responsibility because then they are part of contributing something and they give more of themselves.

To say “Hello” to your neighbors or to the people in the community is to promote contact and equally kindness in having interest in others. So many people have grown selfish and scared, so they hardly look at each other. The cell phones have made this worse. It’s a perfect “excuse” to pass by unnoticed.

So, kindness is important in life.

  • You know, by simply asking this question, you’ve shown that like me, you believe simple acts of kindness are not just simple but truly important. For someone who’s unhappy or who has lost their way, an unexpected kind deed could restore that other person’s faith in humanity. It can give a boost in all sorts of ways. A kind neighbor and I bonded when she needed help assisting a third person in trouble. A kindness can save a life by changing it; it can give someone else a reason for living – as when that third person saw that two other people cared. Another neighbor who offered to help me with a difficult situation helped me see that another person recognized the difficulties I was struggling with – and that was what I needed at the time more than actual help. The Dalai Lama says, “My religion is kindness.” Cultivate a habit of kindness and it will give you a reason to keep going when times are tough for you. And it will certainly change your life.

What are your values? What matters most to you?

  1. We have all experienced praising human ability. When we see amazing spectacles of skill by one of our sporting heroes, or when we observe great feats of courage, or when we listen to a motivational speech—we are compelled to praise what we have experienced. We stand. We clap. We give an ovation. We are moved, inspired, encouraged, elated and overwhelmed by what we have experienced. We never forget these moments in our lives. Just think and reflect on similar experiences. Sink back into the feelings you had. Something affected your soul; you had to give due praise.

However, we live in this amazing universe. We hope, love, seek justice and believe in the ultimate value of human life. We reason, infer, deduce and discover. We live in a vast universe with billions of stars, galaxies and planets. The universe contains sentient beings that can have a unique stream of consciousness. We have an immaterial mind that interacts with the physical world. The universe has laws and a precise arrangement that, if different, would have prevented the emergence of conscious life. We feel—deep down inside—the wrongness of evil, and the rightness of good.

In our universe, there are animals that can withstand their own body weight many times over and seeds that can germinate from the heat of fire. We live on a planet with over 6,000 languages and over eight million species. We live in a universe where the human mind can discover weapons that can wipe out the Earth and produce ideas that can prevent those weapons from firing. We live in a universe that, if one of its innumerable atoms is split, can release an immense amount of energy. We live on a planet which, if hearts are united, can use that energy for peace. Yet some of us are not compelled to give God—who created the universe and everything within it—a standing ovation; to stand, glorify and praise Him. We are deluded, deceived and forgetful of God, the one who created us: “O mankind, what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Generous?”


First, I like to know myself. To know who I really am and what to do with myself. To know yourself is basis for knowing others. It’s important to accept yourself for who you are without judging yourself and to simply love yourself that way. You learn more as you live.

Second is to love others. It’s to build unity and that way we’re able to help one another. In order to do so you need to love yourself and that comes really under the first point. Unconditional love is more unusual here on Earth than conditional love. Most people generally ask something back. A point that is truly for many to ponder.

I would love to see our planet united in ONE humanity. No borders, real freedom, freedom of expression for every individual. Being ONE humanity will open many doors for us. This way we have a real chance to live in peace and learn as well as solving our predicaments that we have today. If we traveled in space and met many alien races, how much would we really think about racism and other dividing factors on our planet. I think we all would stand up together as humans.

I wish to serve evolution. It’s ongoing all the time. We are creators with intelligence. Our technology has grown enormously the last 120 years. But isn’t it time that we grow both socially and spiritually as well. The balance is important because it can lead to destruction if the imbalance continues.

I know many will answer family and friends here. They are important, that’s for sure. I, personally look at all of this world as my family. You’re all my brothers and sisters. You all have the same value, me included. No one is more and no one is less. That’s from my own learning and not by some moral or ethics.

I try to learn about my qualities in life. If I learn something better then it’s important to incorporate this into my life. I share this with my world like I wish my world to share it with me. I do this without remuneration because I think it’s so important that it must reach everyone. Money should never have to be a factor. This is an important step towards human unity.

So, these are some major points that I have discovered and learned. As I discover more, I will share to my world around me.

With love and blessings to my brothers and sisters of planet Earth,