What is the meaning of respect for itself, respect for others, and responsibility for your action?

This question is important. It deals with an individual’s freedom and expression in this life. It’s ability to express itself and to live out the “inner” being. This creates health and balance as well as opening of the consciousness.

To respect oneself is to create self-esteem and faith in yourself. It’s to unconditionally learn to accept yourself for who you are regardless of your qualities inside or outside (in form of titles, status, money, popularity and so on). You just are what you are…… Many times we don’t like things about ourselves which may require self-examination. You change what you feel is good to change. Self-respect within you stops you from judging a lot. You are safe within your being and in balance with who you are.

Respect of others are no different. You need to first have respect for yourself because if you don’t, you can’t show respect for others. The “outside” world for you is just a reflection of yourself. You attract that which you carry inside of you. So, by accepting yourself unconditionally, is the step to accept your “outside world” the same way. KNOW YOURSELF. That’s essential in life. Be in balance, helpful to you and helpful to the world around you.

To take responsibility for your actions will make you more mindful in what you do. You’ll learn to think twice before acting. Learn to use your intuition (heart). When you feel this responsibility within you to take care of yourself and your things, you equally are on the step to do this to the world around you. It creates a sharper mind with better clarity. It learns to discern more as well as growth in awareness. Responsibility produces positive traits like honesty and reliability. It doesn’t shuffle problems “under the mat” but rather focuses on solving a problem. Good quality to have and to express in life.

Some food for you folks,

What is done out of love beyond good and evil?

  1. What is done out of love beyond good and evil? When an individual goes beyond doing good when acting out of love, this higher love is termed “self-sacrifice”. And there are all different levels of it – some who go “out of their way” to lend a helping hand to a stranger out of compassion, to others “laying down their life for others”.

Where there is no motive in this selfless act of love – only feeling great compassion and acting on it. And in my view also fits into the description of heroism. A person who gives up their own interests and lives to serve others – and/or to right wrongs in the world that can potentially put them in danger – willing to die for a cause of the higher good. That is the extreme heights of such selfless love beyond what is just good and is rare.

Generally it is when we go “out of our way selflessly” offering acts of genuine charity and great compassion that extends beyond ourselves and loved ones only. It touches all in need – even strangers. It is a love that sees a need in the world and fulfils it seeking nothing in return. And it is becoming less and less in today’s society – but there are people like this still out there fighting the good fight.

Evil does not enter into the equation of this selfless love as it is in its core nature “anti-love”. Evil loves to destroy and corrupt for empowerment, and is “self-serving”, it seeks personal gain only; – it is on the opposite end of the spectrum of “selflessness” and “pure love” that seeks the highest good of another only. They are “peace makers”. This heights of love is the nature of God. And it is rare in humans.

Some examples are M. Gandhi and Mother Teresa who come to mind – but there are those who work behind the scenes doing good unseen – making wrongs right, for the sake of other’s welfare and justice. They do it for love. And can be called our “unsung heroes”.

They shine a light that can be felt as a presence in this somewhat dark world.

Goodness knows we need more of these heroes in today’s world. People who genuinely care for others and humanity.


My add is only that when a person starts to seek: who am I and what’s the purpose of life, then with time (shorter or longer) come answers which makes your consciousness expand. With that I don’t mean mind and feelings. They are your tools for expressing the being you are in this density. We do live with our consciousness in this 3D density which isn’t the reality of Creation. It’s real to us and the senses that we have but the human being is more. There’s no limit to us. Once you start to experience this, you’ll realize that all is ONE. What you do to others, you do to yourself. The world “outside” of you is YOU. When a person sees the “bigger” picture, you’ll see that there’s work to be done. Just like in a job, we do what is necessary to get the job done. The advanced beings do exactly this. They do this without personal gain because they understand the importance and they know life is infinite. They live in an endless bliss and love which is very different to the selfish love that most humans experience. This love flows outward and NEVER desires. Best metaphor that I can give you is an Ocean. The waves that form are the temporary manifestation of the Ocean and they all fall back into the Ocean. Everything is just water (Source energy) where everything that exist IS…..

What stops you from being this being is your own mind. It’s limited and it clouds you from seeing that which IS…. Nothing can exist outside of this Source energy. Source energy just IS and it can be anything it wants, much more than the HUMAN mind ever can imagine. We express Source just like the rest…….

The good and the evil are mind constructs which judges. Therefore our world defines things differently depending on where you come from, your background and values, religion, education and so on. You can see things in terms of energy and frequency. The lower frequencies (low energy) are the more separated and selfish types that work in opposition to unity which are represented by higher frequencies.

The higher frequency civilizations that are expressed understand this and they work for the Source energy. They expand into ONENESS because they know the importance of this consciousness. They serve the Source. They are you and you are them. One cannot lie to oneself. There’s complete transparency without judgment.

This was to fill in some more of what Jude said and I hope it will help you as well as others.

With love,