What is the meaning of respect for itself, respect for others, and responsibility for your action?

This question is important. It deals with an individual’s freedom and expression in this life. It’s ability to express itself and to live out the “inner” being. This creates health and balance as well as opening of the consciousness.

To respect oneself is to create self-esteem and faith in yourself. It’s to unconditionally learn to accept yourself for who you are regardless of your qualities inside or outside (in form of titles, status, money, popularity and so on). You just are what you are…… Many times we don’t like things about ourselves which may require self-examination. You change what you feel is good to change. Self-respect within you stops you from judging a lot. You are safe within your being and in balance with who you are.

Respect of others are no different. You need to first have respect for yourself because if you don’t, you can’t show respect for others. The “outside” world for you is just a reflection of yourself. You attract that which you carry inside of you. So, by accepting yourself unconditionally, is the step to accept your “outside world” the same way. KNOW YOURSELF. That’s essential in life. Be in balance, helpful to you and helpful to the world around you.

To take responsibility for your actions will make you more mindful in what you do. You’ll learn to think twice before acting. Learn to use your intuition (heart). When you feel this responsibility within you to take care of yourself and your things, you equally are on the step to do this to the world around you. It creates a sharper mind with better clarity. It learns to discern more as well as growth in awareness. Responsibility produces positive traits like honesty and reliability. It doesn’t shuffle problems “under the mat” but rather focuses on solving a problem. Good quality to have and to express in life.

Some food for you folks,

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