If being cruel to be kind can work in reverse, then what are examples of being kind to be cruel?

  • Great paradoxical question. You have some good answers here, like the overprotection. I would however like to add some “big” ones that people didn’t mention. Things like politics and religion.

So, politicians promise so many good things and use wonderful ways to do so. Then comes the reality when people suffer from their “rule” and things are far worse than the story they gave. This is all over the world and it’s really cruel.

Second religions and sects promise and preach beautiful things but in some when you’re within their grasp, they’ll force you to things, things you may not want to do. Extreme example was the sect where people had to drink poison under gun threat. You’re being forced by intimidation, punishment threats in different forms, frozen out by people in your community. The ways are many but initially you were “lured” into this by kind words of love, forgiveness etc. Then the “hell” star.

The same goes for some jobs, where the presentation can sound fantastic in an interview of your job description but it proves to be very different than those “kind” descriptions.

All these things above are cruel and very dishonest. You simply aren’t told the truth about things. That’s a BIG cruelty to anyone. Kind words and something else afterwards. Lying to people can rob them of their life energy, lose their motivation, and even make them commit suicide. That’s really cruel stuff with no compassion for your fellow human being.

  • Being cruel to be kind can be a saying meaning “tough love”. The intent here is to not protect someone “from the consequences” of their bad choices/actions/mistakes, so they “learn from them” for their higher good, development of good character and future wellbeing.

The reverse has the reverse meaning. A person may protect someone from the consequences of their “bad choices/acts/mistakes” and they do not have to face the consequences. This leads to enabling bad behavior and the person they are protecting “never learns or grows to be better”, as protecting is condoning stating that what they did was okay – to the detriment of their character. The result of this act of misguided “kindness” is being cruel in reality. A person’s good character is everything.

Another way a person would be “kind to be cruel” is in the agenda to be deceptive in deceiving someone; – pretending to be something they are not, kind and good, with the motive to draw them into a relationship/situation/circumstance; using them for their sole benefit, that would lead to their demise that inflicts suffering on them – which is cruelty.

Just a few “important” adds to the other answers.

What are the difficulties in fulfilling responsibilities?

  1. First, it starts with you. Humans are trapped by themselves in all kinds of ways. We judge things for one. When you judge something as boring, you lose motivation. Your own ego may fight you and tell your mind or feeling: – Do it later, it can wait! This is what we call laziness. It takes discipline to overcome your ego. It’s also selfishness because if we don’t get something out of taking a responsibility, we tend not to attend to it.

Other things is simply that you don’t have the knowledge and you are afraid to say it. Then back to judgment. You don’t take responsibility because you don’t like a person or group. You may see something that you should inform a person/group about because it could be a bad situation, but you ignore to help because you feel that they deserve what they will get.

Yes, then the real first point is self-responsibility because it’s not possible to take responsibility for other things IF you don’t have self-responsibility within you.

So, find the solutions within you. Honesty promotes responsibility and so does love and compassion. Empathy is another good quality. So, there are ways to become responsible. Don’t become discouraged if people mock you or try to knock you down. They do so because they lack the good qualities within themselves. Stay tall and strong. Be well disciplined. Like in cleaning or cooking, they are “boring” for most but necessary. See them with a positive attitude and the good service you do by making tidy or by cooking healthy food.

  • I once ask my niece why it’s so hard for her to pick up all her toys after she play with it. She said it’s because there are so many of them. Then I ask her why it was so easy for her to take out all her toys to play even though there are so many of them. She gave me a confused look and told me that she never thought of that before.

Fact is, there are no hardship and difficulty. The universe doesn’t care if people suffer. The universe doesn’t care if people kill each other or die. That’s because the universe doesn’t have any emotions to care about anything. The only thing that does have emotions to cares about those stuff are people and living things.

To simply put it, things like value, importance, hardship, and satisfaction are all subjective social construct made by living things. Without living things, there would be no hardship. There would be no sorrow, no joy, and no meaning. Without humans, things like politics, religion, and philosophy wouldn’t exist. It is all subjective ideology created by the mind.

Which is very unlike physical things like earth and the universe. Even if humanity were to go extinct tomorrow, the earth will continue to spin and the universe will continue to exist. That is the difference between a fact and an opinion. Once only exist in the mind while the other exist in physical reality. Something that people nowadays don’t seem to understand. Which is why they keep parading their opinion and belief as though it is facts.

I hope this helps because it’s essential for the human race to have responsibility in life.

With my best wishes and Love,

Why does it create jealousy and even hatred when good things happen to good people?

  • Not so difficulty really. Just look at the presidential election. Some drink champagne now and laugh while others drink whiskey and cry. There will always be polarities (opposites) to beliefs and in many other things. Like love-hate, feminine-masculine, black-white, generosity-greed and the list goes on. Some are very evident but others are more subtle. There’s a balance in all, but going out of balance creates polarity. This polarity seeks balance again creating an opposite force.

So, good people create good things and this is positive. The effect will be positive to few or many. The opposite side serves the opposite. They simply don’t want good things but instead the bad things. So here we are with positive and negative. The other we can see this is: persons who serve others and again persons who serve themselves.

So, let’s see the effects: People serving others create happiness, gratitude, love, compassion and empathy to just name a few things.

People who serve themselves create greed, selfishness, anger, hate, fear and other low level energy.

So, for a normal person on this Earth we are more likely to choose the positive way. The reason why this doesn’t happen is because of inaction on our part. Most people are in a state of mix between negative and positive because we suffer from polarization. We normally choose what suits us.

So, the important point here is that the people who serve themselves don’t have the positive qualities but rather the negative ones. You cannot express something that you don’t have inside of you. Things like love and compassion to mention a few. They know how to create anger, fear, hate and the bits because that’s their life. The positive human carries qualities of the other side. That’s why they can create positive things.

The other side will see this as foolishness and it will trigger poor responses like hate, anger, jealousy, envy and so on. It’s like a coin. The humanity is the coin but the coin has two definite sides (the extremes). The thickness of the coin will just be a variety on how much polarization that exists.

To do something good on this world always triggers an opposite response. People who have stood up to truth have always been attacked or even killed. It’s like a snake pit. If you step down there’s a great possibility that you’ll be bitten. It takes courage to be a positive force on this planet. Positive humans don’t attack others but they have the right to defend themselves. Don’t forget that, folks!

I hope this will serve you well in life as a reminder on why conditions are the way they are. There’s no God out there to punish “the bad guys”. WE EXPRESS THE INFINITE INTELLIGENCE AND WE GET WHAT WE CREATE. You can argue with me on that one but to me and many others it’s an absolute truth.

With all my love to you fellow humans,

Why is it easier for us to find fault or see the truth in someone else than it is for us to see it in ourselves?

  1. Because we are outward-focused, operating largely by autopilot. How we are acting in a given moment is generally the result of past conclusions we’ve arrived at, gathered as we go. We’ll drop a way of acting if we notice it proves routinely punitive, if we can think of a better way to use instead, but otherwise we largely go on auto. Our way of response is the best way we know. Maybe the only way we can think of in most moments. In most moments, we don’t think. We’re following the course-selection and coping/thriving/defense mechanisms that have yielded every good result we ever got.

Proven, you see. We hope we’ve learned from our mistakes, because those same mechanisms also yielded every bad result we ever got. We hope we’ve pruned out the parts that caused them, or figured out how to manage and support our behaviors while avoiding the worst. Ultimately though, there’s not much inner examination or focus on improvement out there.

We’re just doing the best we can with what we’ve got. To all intents and purposes, unless the situation that confronts us is unprecedented in a way that catches our attention and forces some new reckoning, we’re on autopilot.

And outward-focused. For there are the risks, the opportunities, the chances we look for! The information we need to understand someone, or figure out some combination of factors and apply best (or only) practice. We’re looking out. That’s where everything’s coming from. Most of us, the idea of looking inward for opportunity doesn’t exactly pop.

It’s easier for us to spot a fault in another or see the truth in another than ourselves, because that’s where our attention is. Simple as that.

  • Which is probably fine! We don’t want to come around talking like one of those weird-ass new age guru types. Not a strategic option, not for anything we want.

Still, it’s surprising what a modicum of self-examination and ownership of consequence can do to ease and brighten all your consequence. Aimed intent from self to better and best self. Not as a new lifetime quest. Just step by step, taking in outcomes and taking them apart. Identify the misfit parts of what you did, and replace them with things that better fit.

Pretty cool! Every upgrade is like a new toy to kid the world with, or strengthen the way you undertake things of gravity and seriousness. Work whatever aim to more potent and chosen effect.

Most of us aren’t really looking to, but it really is surprisingly easy. A worthwhile pastime! Rewarding occupation. Especially when there’s nothing better going on.


An enormous physiological emphasis is placed on us sensing outward and processing that input.

So when we are in high sensory stimulation environments/situations or we decide to focus on those present or past stipulations (memories) we can have little is any time or resource remaining to look inward.

Plus if we look inward and see things we don’t like seeing (maybe our past animal reactions or those of others), we can choose to seek more stimulations on purpose (like a drug addict seeking cocaine) to try to erase those “dark thoughts/memories”.

So there are several reasons why we can naturally or deliberately not look inward.

Plus Jung wrote about how we tend to sense an inner problem and quickly point outward at others or situations and judge/condemn “them and that” so as to not have to address our inner issues.


Those who presently run society want to keep us just barely surviving in the many weak states of Fear so they pay handsomely to have us miss-informed about both who we really are and why we are here.

The universe, however, choose, against enormous odds, a) first tor Life to come into being, but then b) for Special species such as humans who would question everything!

So, you can choose to follow those who want you to stay ignorant and follow anti-life ways; or choose the pro-life ways of such things as Love.

I strongly recommend choosing Love because the universe is stronger than even the most powerful of those within humans society who just think they are all-powerful!