What are the difficulties in fulfilling responsibilities?

  1. First, it starts with you. Humans are trapped by themselves in all kinds of ways. We judge things for one. When you judge something as boring, you lose motivation. Your own ego may fight you and tell your mind or feeling: – Do it later, it can wait! This is what we call laziness. It takes discipline to overcome your ego. It’s also selfishness because if we don’t get something out of taking a responsibility, we tend not to attend to it.

Other things is simply that you don’t have the knowledge and you are afraid to say it. Then back to judgment. You don’t take responsibility because you don’t like a person or group. You may see something that you should inform a person/group about because it could be a bad situation, but you ignore to help because you feel that they deserve what they will get.

Yes, then the real first point is self-responsibility because it’s not possible to take responsibility for other things IF you don’t have self-responsibility within you.

So, find the solutions within you. Honesty promotes responsibility and so does love and compassion. Empathy is another good quality. So, there are ways to become responsible. Don’t become discouraged if people mock you or try to knock you down. They do so because they lack the good qualities within themselves. Stay tall and strong. Be well disciplined. Like in cleaning or cooking, they are “boring” for most but necessary. See them with a positive attitude and the good service you do by making tidy or by cooking healthy food.

  • I once ask my niece why it’s so hard for her to pick up all her toys after she play with it. She said it’s because there are so many of them. Then I ask her why it was so easy for her to take out all her toys to play even though there are so many of them. She gave me a confused look and told me that she never thought of that before.

Fact is, there are no hardship and difficulty. The universe doesn’t care if people suffer. The universe doesn’t care if people kill each other or die. That’s because the universe doesn’t have any emotions to care about anything. The only thing that does have emotions to cares about those stuff are people and living things.

To simply put it, things like value, importance, hardship, and satisfaction are all subjective social construct made by living things. Without living things, there would be no hardship. There would be no sorrow, no joy, and no meaning. Without humans, things like politics, religion, and philosophy wouldn’t exist. It is all subjective ideology created by the mind.

Which is very unlike physical things like earth and the universe. Even if humanity were to go extinct tomorrow, the earth will continue to spin and the universe will continue to exist. That is the difference between a fact and an opinion. Once only exist in the mind while the other exist in physical reality. Something that people nowadays don’t seem to understand. Which is why they keep parading their opinion and belief as though it is facts.

I hope this helps because it’s essential for the human race to have responsibility in life.

With my best wishes and Love,

One thought on “What are the difficulties in fulfilling responsibilities?

  1. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. The more responsibility you take for your life, the more freedom is afforded to you. If we refuse to take responsibility for our current reality now (ie global warming) we will severely limit our freedoms in the future. We cannot simply choose what we want to believe because it conveniently matches up with what we wish were true. This is delusion. Great post – just echoing your thoughts. Wishing you well, AP2 🙏

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