Why does it create jealousy and even hatred when good things happen to good people?

  • Not so difficulty really. Just look at the presidential election. Some drink champagne now and laugh while others drink whiskey and cry. There will always be polarities (opposites) to beliefs and in many other things. Like love-hate, feminine-masculine, black-white, generosity-greed and the list goes on. Some are very evident but others are more subtle. There’s a balance in all, but going out of balance creates polarity. This polarity seeks balance again creating an opposite force.

So, good people create good things and this is positive. The effect will be positive to few or many. The opposite side serves the opposite. They simply don’t want good things but instead the bad things. So here we are with positive and negative. The other we can see this is: persons who serve others and again persons who serve themselves.

So, let’s see the effects: People serving others create happiness, gratitude, love, compassion and empathy to just name a few things.

People who serve themselves create greed, selfishness, anger, hate, fear and other low level energy.

So, for a normal person on this Earth we are more likely to choose the positive way. The reason why this doesn’t happen is because of inaction on our part. Most people are in a state of mix between negative and positive because we suffer from polarization. We normally choose what suits us.

So, the important point here is that the people who serve themselves don’t have the positive qualities but rather the negative ones. You cannot express something that you don’t have inside of you. Things like love and compassion to mention a few. They know how to create anger, fear, hate and the bits because that’s their life. The positive human carries qualities of the other side. That’s why they can create positive things.

The other side will see this as foolishness and it will trigger poor responses like hate, anger, jealousy, envy and so on. It’s like a coin. The humanity is the coin but the coin has two definite sides (the extremes). The thickness of the coin will just be a variety on how much polarization that exists.

To do something good on this world always triggers an opposite response. People who have stood up to truth have always been attacked or even killed. It’s like a snake pit. If you step down there’s a great possibility that you’ll be bitten. It takes courage to be a positive force on this planet. Positive humans don’t attack others but they have the right to defend themselves. Don’t forget that, folks!

I hope this will serve you well in life as a reminder on why conditions are the way they are. There’s no God out there to punish “the bad guys”. WE EXPRESS THE INFINITE INTELLIGENCE AND WE GET WHAT WE CREATE. You can argue with me on that one but to me and many others it’s an absolute truth.

With all my love to you fellow humans,

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