Why we ought to do that which is good?

  1. The Universe is conscious energy in motion. The Source that “created” all of what we know is inherited in everything. We (as well as everything else) are expressions of this Source. We are co-creators. All sentient beings are expressed free, with creativity and intelligence. Our condition is created by our own Source. In this dimension we see each other as separate individuals but we are NOT that. We are all connected. What separates us is the mind. You are what you believe. If you look at yourself in any which way you like, you’re creating this with your mind. You can think of yourself as a strong and intelligent human being, filled with love and compassion. Equally you can think of yourself as dumb and useless and that nobody likes you and that your life is useless. WE RECEIVE WHAT WE CREATE, NO EXCEPTIONS. The human mind is NOT the universal mind. It’s very limited but like our bodies it can grow and expand. We already are ONE and we’re surrounded by our own fog. When we clean the fog away we see what already IS. The Universe IS……. When I use the word UNIVERSE, I mean the ONENESS and unity. Everything out there is you. For dimensions or densities I prefer to use multiverse because there are endless densities out there of different levels. The Source expresses itself way beyond of human understanding. NOTHING CAN EXIST OUTSIDE OF SOURCE. So, I best understand that there are different levels of consciousness. Therefore terms like “good” and “bad” really doesn’t exist. Human mind judges this based on every individual’s belief and understanding of life. We are well programmed on this planet on how to believe in various things like religion, science, through education, society morals/ ethics and so on. There are sometimes souls who see more like Einstein, Tesla, Gandhi and some old ones like Buddha and Jesus to mention a few. They don’t fit their society because of their thinking although it can be far more advanced.

So, best is to go from where you stand in your life. Study yourself and KNOW who you truly are. That’s an individual trip for every person. Physical conditions can’t prove any of that because we don’t work with other densities in our way of thinking. There are millions of people who experience strange things but they are termed lunatics by the majority and it’s all called hallucinations by them.

All our actions have consequences, just like we see in our daily lives here on Earth but it equally happens in other densities. Feelings and thought work on different frequencies and they are indeed separate bodies from our physical body. Man is multidimensional in character. It’s worth while to ponder how you think and feel in your daily life as this will affect your life. To be in balance and stillness will make you see things more clear, just like you would have a glass of spinning water (the fog) and let it come to rest where the water will be clear and transparent. Life here’s very, very short and the choice to do the most of it lies with each individual. The diversity brings many things and it also has the intelligence to solve our problems IF we learn to be ONE humanity rather than the split we are now.

You NEVER DIE, but you transform into another density where you continue. There is always more……

Investigate yourself and trust the things that happen inside of you. They are specifically for your expression and your continued evolution.


We live in a universe which is nothing like we have been told it is like; one in which there are no matter particles, only Energy semi-permanently frozen to behave like we thought matter should behave like. The majority of the universe is information, in the form of non-dimensional ‘Pure Information’ that can be called The Cosmic Mind.

Our brains do not create our human minds, as they are created by the universe before our bodies, then brains are formed. Our humans minds do use our brains for local, simple operations; but our human minds are in constant communication with The Cosmic Mind so we can make common understanding of our environment.

All the determinations of good or bad are made in The Cosmic Mind and, to go against the pro-life processes of the universe for other than good things, results in our taking on The Universe!

No good result ever comes from taking on the Universe!

Think That Through!

The consequences of NOT doing good are total destruction; although the time frame is not a human one, but one that ‘makes sense’ to the universe.

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