What do I do when rationalization doesn’t help anymore?

My dear readers you are welcome.

  • We are taught by society to use falsehoods and even downright lies to be just like those who head so much of our societies.

However, the universe rewards pro-life things but destroys anti-life things and processes.

This universe is nothing like it seems to be, since it is mostly ‘Pure Information’ and does not even have dimensions from Science. While we have developed Science to deal with our five physical senses, we have largely rejected the possibility of our sixth senses; but that is where our true nature and strengths are.

Our complex being appears to be made of what we think ‘matter’ would look like, but there is likely no ‘matter’ as such in this universe, just long-term-organized Energy fields which ‘look like’ what we previously thought matter would look like. Oops!

So, you are a complex being and some humans are working on better models of who we really are and how we should behave given who we really are. One useful model of who we are consists of the following ‘parts’ of the whole:

  • A physical Body made of organized Energy;
  • A human Mind which continuously interacts with the Cosmic Mind of the universe, to ‘make sense’ of our environment and selves;
  • Emotions (also referred to as our ‘heart’; and,
  • An eternal Spiritual reality often called our Soul.

So, your way out of your present reality is to start to learn a lot about who you really are and your place in the universe as a member of (likely of many) Special living species, with us calling ourselves humans.

It appears that we humans have two, sequential Destinies as humans:

First to become such Great examples of living Love that others choose to become just like us; and then:

Finally to not just do Love-focused things but Become Love Personified.

Only four humans have reached that endpoint (Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, The Christ), but many others are getting closer these days of rapid evolution of Spirit.

So, your immediate task is to find Teachers (never Preachers) to help you learn better questions to ask, to become a Great example of living Love. There are many on the Web who can help you become Love-focused.

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