Many people say that truth has three versions, mine, yours and the actual truth. How does one find the actual truth?

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  • Three versions? How about 7.7+ billion versions? You and I aren’t the only ones in the room.

Truth is a convergence upon or correspondence with reality. And here’s the thing: you can spend your whole life improving your convergence by degrees, but you will never know whether it is exact, or whether something will come along later and give you cause to tighten it another degree. You can hold a thousand truths firmly and well. What if only 200 of them were exact in all respects? You could expect improvements would come on the others, as you fare forward. But which are which? You wouldn’t know. You don’t know until the improvement comes.

Who cares? Certainty’s for morons. Certainty adds no value to truth. It adds only resistance to improvement. You can’t find righter until you find wrong. If you’re impervious to finding wrong (or being found wrong), you will never find righter. So here’s what you do:

You hold truth in your hands: best available grasp and hold. Best you’ve found. Best that’s out there, so far as you know. You meet the world with it outstretched. And you look to others to knock it out of your grasp!

When that happens, you stoop and examine your truth. Pick it up, turn it over. Unscratched? And theirs…dented all to hell? You can see for yourself your truth was best – so long as you haven’t been shellacking it in layers of certainty. Certainty makes “your truth” invulnerable. But only on the outside; inside it’s busted to shards rattling in a hollow shell. Still pretty, but not much use to you. You won’t make that mistake, though, because proving your truth best was not your goal.

It never will be again.

Your goal in this process is to trade up. To find better truth by taking advantage of all the help others will gladly give you. Every time you leave the argument with a better truth than you came with, you win. By “losing” the argument you win. You leave with better than you came in with! That truth is now yours. Take that shiny new-to-you truth home with you, and see how it plugs into everything. Connections light up. You find places to investigate and correct; didn’t seem wrong before, but glaring now.

All the time, between exchanges: examine and reconcile truth. Feel for conflicts, things that stick out. Internal consistency: no truth held conflicts with any other truth held. External consistency: no truth held conflicts with known truth in observable reality. Every time you find conflict, you dial in and drill down to determine which holds, and which needs to be demoted.

Always with best available grasp. Even knowing you can’t be certain, going through the world with best available grasp is the test.

The goal is always to trade up. Always improving your convergence upon reality. Never assuming you can’t find better, just working always from available best. Confidence doesn’t derive from certainty, but from one’s ability to improve upon it.

On a one-to-one level, you’re taking advantage of mass subjectivity. Mass subjectivity occurs when multiple observers describe the same thing. As the number of observers increases, accurate observation piles up, multiplies in powerful convergence upon the truth. Defective observation? Veers off in wild and personal directions, and is averaged out to insignificance.

The point of having the best, truest grasp of reality you can is this: it governs how you interact with reality. It governs how effective your efforts are. Realistic goals and techniques yield better results. Every degree better

It’s actually victim’s version, guilt’s version and the third person version.Let’s see what they mean.

Victim’s version- A person who got lied is the victim. Generally victim’s version comes from what he heard or saw or what he thought and believed the truth is. It may or may not be true we don’t know.

Guilt’s version- person who lies is guilty. He can create a scenario where it is true and make you believe it or maybe he’s just telling the truth we don’t know that either.

Third person version- This is what decides what the truth is. These are facts, proofs, witnesses etc.,

But the problem is third person version can be manipulated, anyone could erase the feed and create a new false one, they could create false proofs or witnesses, there’s no telling which is fake or real if he’s a pro.

So, what I’m saying is there’s no such thing as actual proof. There’s just third person view, which may or may not be the actual truth. You cannot find the actual truth if the person who lied doesn’t want you to.

improves what you get.

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