Why do we ignore the truth for temporary happiness?

  • Society ensures that we are not properly taught the Cosmic Truths about how to live a good Love-focused life; so that others find us easier to control.

So we follow societal falsehoods which has us avoid finding out Truth and just accept the falsehoods and lies taught as societal truths!

We are not even properly taught that a series of short-term choices doesn’t ever lead to long-term happiness! We are purposefully taught falsehoods!

This happens when you don’t love yourself.

You think that if you let that fake or temporary happiness go, you won’t find it somewhere else. And this could be the result of:

  • A continuous programming by a parent that you are not good enough, other kids/men or women are better than you, you’re lucky for having this or getting that and you didn’t get it because you deserve it. This childhood programming turns around and around like a CD in your head and you continue saying all that to yourself. You feel that anything given to you, said to you, is too much for you.
  • A continuous deception in love, over and over again, till one day you start building a strong conviction that you are not good enough in love. You accept fake love or happiness.
  • You are disconnected from yourself and you are not able to be realistic or to know our your self’s worth. You don’t know what you want exactly in life and what are the things that you call “happiness” what can make you really and completely happy. You just don’t know, so you catch temporary happiness because you feel you can’t get more.
  • Being attached to the seeking for happiness itself makes you lose your track. Just let things go like, don’t force anything.
  • Find your true happiness inside you don’t wait for others to give it to you. Your inner happiness is as eternal as your soul while external happiness ends when the one who gave it to you leaves.
  • Because a lot of times the truth causes us to change or make a decision we don’t want to, such as if we know our partner isn’t who we want to spend forever with but we don’t want to face it because that means we would have to leave the relationship, which is scary and would cause pain to both parties.

It seems easier to ignore our problems because we don’t have to face them or adjust our life and behaviors when things don’t change, however, deep down we are suffering because we ultimately know the truth.

In short, we ignore the truth out of fear and comfort.

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