If the brain thinks around 50,000 thoughts, and only 10,000 of those thoughts are positive, why are we thinking so negatively?

  1. There are a number of reasons for that imbalance, some of them purposefully miss-taught to you so that you remain easy for others to control. Fearful ones are very easy for others to control. A partial list follows:
  • Our primitive Egos developed to quickly react, unthinkingly, to possible dangers (they don’t act with accuracy; just react quickly);
  • Many Fear-driven people in society (who believe, falsely that they are ‘not enough, just as they are) try to teach us to stay in the many, weak states of Fear so that we are easier to control;
  • Many organizations and groups (including Religions, governments, Educational organizations and Corporations) believe that their power comes from keeping us as Fearful children, rather than courageous Adults; and,
  • Society, including those above, have had us quit using the process if guiding our teens into finding the courage needed for us/them to become Adults who could use that state to become positive (so, most of us are still just older, frightened, negative children at heart!). Adults are, after all, harder to control!

It is amazing, given all of that, that some of us do still choose positivity; often when we have given up doing what society tells us to do because that is too painful!


We live a mortal life in a flawed finite world where more often than not corruption stands unchecked in every way shape and form. Our media feeds our negativity in movies, music video games, TV shows and in art even. The laws of thermodynamics state that all physical things that follow those laws experience entropy throughout all of their existence. Petty political bickering is more highlighted than solutions to aid mankind. The poor often want, but cannot have much that they desire/need. The rich often succumb to cravings that they can afford but these only lead to more misery. Why are we mostly negative? If science is right it’s actually a self-preservation method, you’re a lot less likely to fall victim to something if you focus on it. And even if it is negativity, focusing on it often keeps it fresh in your mind and a lot less likely to trip you up further down your path in life. If religion is right it is due to one of many different beliefs which somewhere states we have fallen from grace from any number of deities which has either lead to us cursing ourselves or they out of anger cursed us. If politics are right than at least someone is wrong and it is usually the minority as they have the least vote in their circle due to them being a minority. All in all the truth is that any way you look at it we as a species can recognize where and when we screw up. And sadly we screw up a lot. However, believe it or not this is a benefit as it leads us to further adapt, learn and grow as a better version of mankind with every step we take. As Thomas Edison said, “I didn’t fail 99 times, I just simply learned 99 ways how not to make a light bulb.


Positive and negative thoughts are part of our life. Our thoughts are alive and active like viruses that multiply when active. They become forms and images and are electromagnetic force that attracts and repels thoughts of their own nature according to the universal law of attraction, “like attracts like”, pigeons fly with pigeons and sparrows with sparrows. Negative force seems stronger than positive one. A single negative thought, belief or emotion when exercised and imagined vividly and enjoyed will attract numerous beliefs and thoughts of their own nature relayed by other brains to pile up into a planet of negative force. This planet of negative force becomes an active hub to attract many thoughts of same nature and goes on and materializes into a negative and unwonted result as an event/events or objects in physical world. Therefore we must be very careful about each moment in life what we think and believe because that will be materialize as our experience and personal reality in physical world. Powerful positive emotions against negative thoughts to be generated for productive and positive result and atmosphere in life.

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