Rene Descartes said “It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.” What are your tips on using your mind well?

  1. A good mind that is well cared for is a clear one, in my opinion.

And clarity demands one see oneself, the world, and others, as clearly as possible.

Unfortunately, there are these pesky things called cognitive distortions e.g., black and white thinking, fortune telling, fixed mindset, minimization, etc.

They are the smears that distort the beautiful lens of our mind.

Too many smears and one’s life becomes a real horror show.

Everything becomes distorted, you lose track of the beauty in the world, and become engulfed in negativity.

You stop growing as a person.

Maybe you give up on a passion, abandon a lover, never break out of that horrible rut and start living, ad infinitum.

To use a mind well is to respect it and just like anything else you respect and cherish: you clean it.

The mind is no exemption.

Clearing away the smudges and cleaning the lens of one’s mind, every day, is saintly and pleases the universe.

After all, one’s mind really is consciousness, and the universe is the universal consciousness, we are but a tiny part of.

To clean the mind is to clean one’s small window that interfaces one’s body, brain, thoughts and emotions with crystalline reality.

Cleaning demands mindfulness, stillness, meditation, awareness, presence, understanding.

You have to be conscious: that you are conscious, and not merely your thoughts.

If you have a good mind the true test is whether you clean it, and take care of it by staying vigilant for distortions in your thinking.

By doing this you will be consented by powers greater than you to use your mind to its fullest extent.

A good mind is a clean mind, but left to its own devices a good mind like any other becomes dirty.

Using it well means imputing thoughts of grace, gratitude, joy, creative expression, and lots of loving thoughts about oneself and others into it.

It’s the oily rag that wipes the slate clean, my friend; doing this is the great task.

Only once this is done, meticulously, can one then precede to revolutionizing human thinking in accordance with an unclouded perception of the truth.

Recall, how Descartes insights in the meditations came while he was relaxing in his chair by the fire simply being mindful.

In this state of peace, only then, was he able to think great thoughts.

A clear mind is limitless in its potential.

Or perhaps, (a touch more soberly) a mind stands the greatest chance of realizing its fullest potential, when it’s cleaned and used well.


When you learn to Think, those courses never offered, indicating that we are still experiencing the perpetuated, First Generation of man. Not one class in thinking provided. As such, when brought up to non-thinking people, not a spark shall be fired! Refuting kicks in naturally. The non-thinking don’t know what thinking is. Easy to SPOT! They admit NOT that which they do not know. They know nothing. They remember what was put into memory, not able to discern the Real from the Not real, within.

Those who understand a few acronyms can see it for what it really is! RAM (short term), CPU (Thinker), I/O (vision, hearing, feeling, tasting) Hard Drive (long-term)

Now let’s take this to show that in K-12, the process is an input through vision, hearing, interaction and the mission is to send the information into memory, WITHOUT WAKING THE CPU! Sneaking by it in a manner that DESTROYS IT. If the Thinker was awake, it would spot all non-real and Bust non-thinking people. An A+ student could be created with a programmable micro logic controller for $1.15. REPLACE THE CPU! THE CPU IS NOT REQUIRED, in a world with non-thinking people. Can you see it, or are thy blinders blinding thee?

They BELIEVE they are educated, and show letters after their names. And at no point has any of them brought up the fact that we have no Thinking classes. Not one is qualified to teach the Subject, not having reached Enlightenment. That destiny that requires Thinking. What a conundrum, eh? Would that possibly explain why we have the Hell on Earth we have? How much more must I explain?

“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.”

And realize that people don’t know what is real, nor are they even concerned by the fact that they have ZERO THINKING GRADES!

Welcome to Tribulations! Where not a shot need be fired.


I think the main thing is to use it no matter how good a mind you think you have. We are most of us not near geniuses but hopefully have some semblance of common sense.

We have hopefully been taught to know right from wrong and been socialized to help and share where we can and ought. And we are smart enough to know that good parenting can require being both tough and loving at times.

Many tips exist for using the mind well but all of those need not be applied. But some do apply generally like use it or lose it. Don t let fear itself be the only thing stopping you. Exercise your body to keep your mind healthy as well as one affects the other. Seek to know yourself. Listen first to be heard. Try to be loving – patient, tolerant, understanding.

Christianity is full of examples of better application of use of mind in practice for self and towards others as is Buddhism and their reasons for it – wisdoms are out there.

Try to develop character – longer lived values. Do not simply assume – know why you know or at least why you think it is sound. Do. Do not procrastinate. Have a purpose, contribute. Be good as you experience what it truly means – just do your best till you learn better.

Descartes contributed many quotable sayings. There is thinking and actions as well to good behavior and we know both good and not so good ways of being can come from mankind. Be careful of the seven deadly sins. Pride and arrogance can sneak up on the otherwise good mind. Narcissism is the opposite of what the quote suggests. Balance and focus are closer. So choose wisely and then act appropriately.


Rene Descartes also said ‘I think therefore I am ‘, which was not using his mind well! It’s punchy, it’s memorable, but it’s not true, that famous statement!

Remember how Oscar Wilde made witty sayings by reversing the expected, such as in ‘I can resist everything except temptation’. So maybe Rene reversed ‘I am, so I think.’ We’ll never know, but thinking is not the natural use of your mind, and certainly existence, or Being is pre- everything else. My AM is not dependent upon my thinking. Proof: I cannot think and still be. So he got it wrong. But let’s thank M. Descartes, and move on.

The prime tip on using your mind well is what Krishnamurti called ‘Choice less Awareness’. I understand this to mean observing, or watching or witnessing what is going on. That is, what is going on now, both inside my mind and everything coming in through the senses from what we call the ‘outside world’? It includes body sensations, thoughts, feelings, memories, perceptions, in a word: consciousness.

The clue is to observe non – judgmentally. My habitual reaction will be to judge everything as good or bad, safe or unsafe, useful or useless, desirable or undesirable, in other words how I imagine it affects my self-concept/image.

So I must step outside my habitual reaction, see past it, to the interpreted event. I don’t add speculation, or meaning to what I am experiencing. Don’t say ‘this means…’ See whatever is there, just as it is.

To me this is what meditation is. Being quiet, open, receptive, and non-assertive. Because I don’t know. I might think I know, but I don’t really. I look for the spaces between thoughts, and when I find thought is absent I watch, look around, and go into it. It’s completely different to a thinking experience. You can even find you are astonished, that when thinking stops, existence does not!

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